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Commenting problems.

Some of you may be experiencing problems commenting (I know I am). Plus there are also a lot of duplicate comments showing up, and I’m, pretty sure that you aren’t writing your comment twice.

Anyway, I raised a ticket over the issue and here’s what they suggested so far. This relates more to when you have trouble enterig a comment, and especially of you have been made to enter a WV, which TypePad calls CAPTCHA

What kinds of comments trigger the CAPTCHA?

Comments that meet the following criteria will trigger the CAPTCHA:

  • If the comment is posted to a weblog post that is more than 30 days old
  • If the comment was submitted too quickly after a previous comment from the same IP address and triggers a throttle
  • If the comment contains more than three URLs in the comment body
  • If information submitted with the comment matches TypePad’s comment spam blacklist
  • If the comment is posted in a definitely different language from that set for the weblog
  • If the comment was submitted from an open proxy

Not sure if this helps anyone, but I’ll pass it along anyway.

This has nothing to do with all the duplicate comments (which is what I raised the ticket about), that’s another issue that they are trying to sort out. TP seems to be hanging when you hit ‘publish’ for a comment, and those of you with broadband tend to hit it again, so it publishes it twice. I’m not singling the broadband users out, it’s just that we dial up people are used to delays so we don’t notice it so much and just sit and wait until it finishes(the story of our lives).

Update*** I just got this from the TypePad Status site (you can subscribe just like a normal blog)

Six Apart Status February 20, 2007 10:58 AM

By Six Apart

TypePad Service – TypePad Service is up.
Users may experience slowness while commenting due to high load. We’re
working to alleviate this problem currently. We apologize for any
inconvenience. TypePad Blogs – Blogs are up. TypeKey – TypeKey is up.

Time for a break.

Yep, it’s time for a break alright, a coffee break that is! What with all this intensive grocery posting and precious objects and so forth, I’m plum tuckered out, in a word ‘pooped’, too tired in fact to even do a proper post. So I’m just going to have a short coffee break instead.

And if you don’t believe I’m pooped, well I am, in fact I’m so pooped that this coffee is all that I’ve got the energy to make (man, I just love that word ‘pooped’, especially as this time it doesn’t refer to what I did in church one time when I was a kid)…


Yep, white coffee in a tube, if you follow the instructions correctly (it says just add boiling water) you’ll get a steaming cup of java in no time at all. How easy is that?  Y-u-m-m-i-e. There’s nothing like real coffee to pick you up, and that’s where this stuff comes in, it’s nothing like real coffee.

I might even have some of these with it…


Fun Monday Update: Yesterdays Fun Monday was fun, and for some it was even monday. If you look at the sidebar you’ll see the sign-up sheet for next week. I know there are a few who will be participating that aren’t on it yet, but that’s because I didn’t want to make assumptions (unless you said for sure you are in, I didn’t put you down), so if you’re not on the list and you want to be in it, just let me know.