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Time for a break.

Yep, it’s time for a break alright, a coffee break that is! What with all this intensive grocery posting and precious objects and so forth, I’m plum tuckered out, in a word ‘pooped’, too tired in fact to even do a proper post. So I’m just going to have a short coffee break instead.

And if you don’t believe I’m pooped, well I am, in fact I’m so pooped that this coffee is all that I’ve got the energy to make (man, I just love that word ‘pooped’, especially as this time it doesn’t refer to what I did in church one time when I was a kid)…


Yep, white coffee in a tube, if you follow the instructions correctly (it says just add boiling water) you’ll get a steaming cup of java in no time at all. How easy is that?  Y-u-m-m-i-e. There’s nothing like real coffee to pick you up, and that’s where this stuff comes in, it’s nothing like real coffee.

I might even have some of these with it…


Fun Monday Update: Yesterdays Fun Monday was fun, and for some it was even monday. If you look at the sidebar you’ll see the sign-up sheet for next week. I know there are a few who will be participating that aren’t on it yet, but that’s because I didn’t want to make assumptions (unless you said for sure you are in, I didn’t put you down), so if you’re not on the list and you want to be in it, just let me know.


30 Responses

  1. Mmmmm Profiteroles. I’m coming over for some. Keep your astronaut coffee away from me though.

  2. Dear Willowtree. Dear oh dear. Coffee from a tube? That almost beats the premier chain of cafes over here – NesCafes. At least the service is quick cause the coffee doesn’t take too long to brew.

  3. I’ll do the Fun Monday.. Not sure how to get my name added to the list. If not- i won’t cry about it. .. I do hope you like coffe- just hope ya won’t happen to brush ya teeth with it… Yummy!!!

  4. I’ll do the Fun Monday.. Not sure how to get my name added to the list. If not- i won’t cry about it. .. I do hope you like coffe- just hope ya won’t happen to brush ya teeth with it… Yummy!!!

  5. I’ll do the Fun Monday.. Not sure how to get my name added to the list. If not- i won’t cry about it. .. I do hope you like coffe- just hope ya won’t happen to brush ya teeth with it… Yummy!!!

  6. I’ve never seen coffee in a tube, I have to say it looks gross but I would still like to try it just to see. I guess it would be useful in some circumstances. Now profiteroles look tempting.

    Please add me to the list for next Fun Monday thank you

  7. I am officially freaked out by the contents of your pantry. Is there in fact anything that resembles food in anyway?

  8. This reminds me of the caviar-stuff in a tube that they sell in IKEA. Things in a tube-other than toothpaste and sometimes hair gel–are really pretty freaky. Oh, and I’m new to Fun Monday but would like to be added.

  9. Good googlie-mooglie, I’m here early with REAL coffee, thank yew, and you have all kinds of newbies posting BEFORE ME??? You must’ve been off trollin’ the blogosphere to look for new peeps for your harem, you two-timin’, panty-wearin’ pirate! OH! the injustice!!

    Apparently Ree’s advice is paying off and before long we will be seeing constipation and diarrhea ads popping up (not to be confused with “pooping up”) your sidebar (although I thank the latter may be more accurate).

    Oh, yes…your post (lol). These things look antiquated, like something my grandmother would’ve had in the 60s, not present day snacks! While the Profiteroles actually look yummalicious, I can’t help but read it like this: Profit eroles, kind of like some cyber way to make money. Which will happen if you add ads to your sidebar.

    You’re three shades of cute this morning, Peter……ummm, make that last night or yesterday or something ;).

  10. Fun Monday is exhausting…like going to an amusement park. FAX me over some of that coffee, I’ll just suck it straight from the tube (why waste time with water?)

  11. If you’re really tired you could just skip the boiling water and just brush your teeth with the coffee paste each morning. Two birds, one stone.

  12. Yeah, your tube of coffee slightly resembles Aaron’s tube of diaper rash cream. Hope you don’t get the 2 confused!

  13. Truly interesting! I already have my French pressed coffee here, but perhaps one of those Profiteroles would be tasty!

  14. So, the big question is: If you really need a caffeine fix badly, can you just drink it straight from the tube? like a hit of espresso?

  15. Coffee in a tube is just WRONG. And something tells me you have sucked it straight from the tube at least once.

    And interesting that there are ‘vegetarian’ sweets.

  16. Um, barf. I don’t drink coffee at all, and I know that’s a bad idea.

    I’m with min, fun monday is exhausting.

  17. There goes my appetite.

  18. The tube thing must be easy to pack when you are out on a walkabout.


    I knew I’d get to use that phrase sometime in a sentence on one of your posts.

    I’d like to try it. So, make sure you have it on hand when I come to visit.

    Since that is probably not going to happen then maybe have it as a prize for your next contest. Then I can cheat again and win.

  19. Wondering much the same as Karmyn. Ever give it a shot? Straight from the tub. Maybe on toast?

  20. Voglio anch’io di quella Bontà Divina!!!!

  21. Am I the only one who finds the coffee-in-a-tube very alluring? I want some. Is it sweet?

    Do you call “coffee with cream” “white coffee?” I’ve never heart that.

    I’d be the type to squeeze a little on my fingers and rub it on my gums, just to get a quick hit.

  22. And suddenly I visualize Ree as the coffee junkie in a Tarantino film, rubbing coffee from a tube on her gums before going out on a job.

  23. James Cooper, you and I both made typos in our comments. We’re typo brothers. Buddies. You said tub, I said heart.


  24. First off, I’m either getting illiterate or lazy (or both) because I didn’t see either of the typos Ree’s talking about, and I’m usually pretty picky about that.

    Second, only about five of these comments showed up in my email, I was stunned to see all the comments here. Damn you TP!

    Now for the replies…

    Mark – Astronaut coffee, very good.

    Dayna – You’re in, you’re in, you’re in.

    ChrisB – Looks are not always deceiving, go with your gut on this one.

    Brian – You leave my pantries out of this.

    Sabrina – do you have to put the caviar together yourself?

    Robin – O-k-a-y….you haven’t got a tube of this yourself have you?

    Min – I agree! In fact I noticed it the first Fun Monday, it really is exhausting.

    Jenny – That would work, if you prefer the dark brown teeth option over the radiation emitting white that Americans tend to like.

    Nikki – Thanks, just one more reason not to drink this shit. Oh hey, did you like the word association?

    Katie – the Profiteroles are nice, but they are better fresh, which we also get.

    Karmyn – You can, but that’s a bit like trying to get drunk eating a box of liqueur chocolates.

    Tiff – Ok so what of it, everyone has been suggesting it anyway! Yessir, no meat in these babies!

    Pamela – Don’t worry, there’s always some in the cupboard, this stuff has a half life longer than plutonium.

    Ree – First off let me take back all those unkind remarks I made about you. You really did want to see this crap, amazing! This is the most I’ve seen you comment since I’ve been blogging!

    Now, the answers…
    Yes you are.
    Yes it is.
    Yes we do.
    It’s been done before.

    James – I just see her as a crazed cowgirl with a tingling hiney.

    Ree – Step away from the keyboard.

  25. Claudia – Poi andare alla chiesa!

  26. What is the “assignment for Fun Monday?” I certainly want to be a part of it, but don’t know if I’ll be able to post something that is relevant to what has been asked. Not sure that I’ve have wireless, so I have some posts automatically ready to go. How much sense does this make?
    Not much time for visiting lately.

  27. You can put me down for fun Monday.

    I just got caught up on the last couple days of posts. Loved the photo of you 3 boys!

    And the coffee in a tube? There ought to be a law…

  28. Bontà, not torture Willow!!

  29. lol, glad I came back to the comments again…funny stuff.

    Can readers fix their own typos? Or maybe Ree was responding to James for a comment he left on her blog…maybe she forgot where she was. Or maybe, they live so far out she’s just really, really hungry and all these food pics are “feeding” her in some convoluted way.

    I think she’s hitting on you, btw…all that hiney cringin’ talk about MM is just a facade ;).

  30. enid’s back in molvania, so she’s up for a fun monday. it’s not like the rest of the week is any good, usually.

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