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You must be crackers!

I’m getting bored (and lazy) so this is just going to be a photo collage, but seeing as I said I’d post groceries all week (what a fuckwitt) I’ll start with one but then it will be a mixed bag.



The one on the left is the kangaroo and kookaburra pie that I’ll be bringing next week when Jenny and I get together for pie (it’s not really, it’s just a meat pie but I don’t want to crush her fantasy). And on the right (thanks Robin) we have the serviettes that she’ll need while she barfs. And that’s why we call them serviettes and not napkins, even barfing is classy when you do it into a serviette!

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Black and Gold isn’t actually a brand as such, it’s the no-name equivalent for IGA stores (the A is for Australia, otherwise it’s the same as in the States).


Sailing boats. Have you ever wondered where sailboats come from? Well this is you lucky day because I know the answer, and better still, I’m going to let you in  on it too.


You are among the select few who have ever been given the opportunity to get a glimpse of a sailboat farm. This is next years crop , and it seems to be coming along just nicely.

Sorry this was such a lame post, but I feel pretty lame today.

**Update: Damn! Damn! Damn! Somehow I managed to leave out the photo that is refered to in the title, so here it is…


Some of these will feature in tomorrow’s post.


16 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. Ahh memories. I used to work at Arnott’s. All the bikkies I could eat. All the chips I could eat. Always kept clear of the crackers though (bah boring!). Except for Country Cheese. Can you have a Jatz with coon cheese, cabanossi and picked onion for me?

  2. Gingernuts? Is that anything like calf fries? (I read the Texas book, Steph!)

  3. Ginger nuts! I recall some chap named Bartleby who used to enjoy those, but frankly,I prefer not to…

  4. I had some ginger snaps after dinner tonight.

    anything like that?

    Yes… we must be crackers.
    I’m thinking about linking back to that horrible picture of my fridge last fall that you found so disgusting.

  5. Maybe there’s just a boatload of sleep in my eyes, but I’m totally confused by the mystery meat pie being “on the left”…and then the serviettes also being “on the left”, except they’re on my right…which makes me wonder if you have two left feet or hands or something freakish.

    Pretty funny that you left off the title picture.

    Your sailboat crop reminded me of Mark’s vacuum cleaner post today. Strange things going on out there…I think I’ll just go back to bed.

  6. Love the sailboat crop. How long do they take to grow? Is there a luxury motorboat crop nearby?

  7. MMM Ginger nuts sound great!

    Willowtree, my package of prizes arrived ! So fabulous!! Thank you a zillion times! Hugs!

    Off to the vets!

  8. so would that be a sailboat orgy?

    and the meat pie? how in the world can you folks eat that crap?

  9. Mmm…pie.

    Also, if Ginger has nuts I’m switching to Mary Anne.

    Sorry. Your lame joke sickness is catching.

  10. I think gingernuts refers to how you feel after eating that meatpie and squeezing milk out of a tube.

  11. ooh, a sailboat farm! I’ve always wondered about that.

  12. Did you know that no one has put in lyrics to a song yet? and I was looking for to some singing;) ok so your funny, we know this… the pics and commmentary to much dude LOL boat farm ROLF don’t mind me I shouldn’t comment when I first wake up i am so not a morning person…

  13. You do like your pre-packaged food items, don’t you? I imagine if ever the end of the world came about you’d be set for rations for a good while to come.

  14. So THAT’S how boats are made.

    Next can you dedicate a whole week on how babies are made? =)

  15. Sailboat sex, vacuum orgies, milk in a tube, where is this world headed to?

    And not to diss Vicki – but, I could do without a whole week on how babies are made. Thanks WT – the meat pie is scary enough.

  16. …I gotchur backside ;)…

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