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Vegemite but I won’t.


Before I start, I just want to make it clear that most of these photos are not mine. I tried to takes some of Vegemite Worms but they just didn’t come out how I wanted them so I let Google do the work for me. If you own any of these photos and are unhappy about them being here  (I don’t make any money out of this), contact me and I’ll remove them, otherwise, thank you very much.

Flag_veg_1First off, I think we (the Aussies) are getting a bum rap over this whole Vegemite thing, after all it was the Pommies that invented nasty black salty spread in the first place. We just turned it into our national dish and featured it in a song. A little known fact was that ours was originally called Parwill, it’s a clever play on words but I’ll leave you to figure it out.


The real culprit for spreading salty black goo across the globe, and on your toast is actually Marmite.  The round one is the English jar, the one on the left is ours. I know there’ll be some people out there that will claim that we came up with the idea, but they are the same people who claim the Bee Gees and Split Enz are both Aussie bands.

Promite_1 If that isn’t confusing enough for you, I’d now like to introduce you to Promite. This black spread differs from the other two black spreads (hard to believe but true) as it is a vegetable extract rather than a yeast extract (yes, I see the irony that one of the yeast extracts is called Vegemite).

To be completely  honest, I prefer Promite, followed by Marmite and lastly Vegemite, yeah I know, treason! So what can you do with this nectar of the gods? Well, just let me show you (looks like you mostly spread it on stuff)…

Toast Swirl_1

Beans_1 Lettuce





  • A. Standard Veggie on toast (breakfast of champions).
  • B. Cheese and Veggie Swirls (you buy them like this).
  • C. The Pommies love this one. (if they’re not eating fried bread).
  • D. Cheese, lettuce and Vegemite (a lunchtime favourite).
  • E. Under poached eggs (my personal favourite, they skimped a bit here).
  • F. This is an Aussie brekkie. (Snags, eggs tomato and bacon)
  • G. On fresh bread (standard kids school lunch).
  • H. On Jatz crackers (the photo appears to be Ritz)

That’s a small collage of Vegemite in action, but of course there’s more to it than that, for example this girl on the right knows that the ‘mite is way ahead of pheromones when it comes to attracting men. Just a touch here and a dab there and you’re made in the shade. You can tell she’s an Aussie girl, because it obvious she’s used to dealing with us blokes, hence the arrow pointing to the action.

If you’ve ever tried it and really didn’t like it, you’re not alone. Here in Oz we’ve figured out the trick to get used to eating this crap is to start early. Hopefully this little cutie will be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher rather than a Vegemite model.

So here are a few links that you may find interesting:
The Vegemite Home Page.
What Wikipedia has to say.
A funny site that has a fascination for food experiments.
Simple Instructions for Use. 
Some Nostalgia for the Aussies.

And now one last photo for the Texafornians. I can’t say for sure, but I think this may be Jenny’s co-star in the scam than ended up with Melissa having to drink a pitcher of Beergaritas. Sorry there’s no ‘linky love’ but I’ve wasted too much time putzing around on the internet already to go looking for the right page.

Well that’s about it for the Great Grocery Extravaganza, don’t forget to make sure you are on the list for Fun Monday if you want to participate. It’s in the Sidebar.