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Vegemite but I won’t.


Before I start, I just want to make it clear that most of these photos are not mine. I tried to takes some of Vegemite Worms but they just didn’t come out how I wanted them so I let Google do the work for me. If you own any of these photos and are unhappy about them being here  (I don’t make any money out of this), contact me and I’ll remove them, otherwise, thank you very much.

Flag_veg_1First off, I think we (the Aussies) are getting a bum rap over this whole Vegemite thing, after all it was the Pommies that invented nasty black salty spread in the first place. We just turned it into our national dish and featured it in a song. A little known fact was that ours was originally called Parwill, it’s a clever play on words but I’ll leave you to figure it out.


The real culprit for spreading salty black goo across the globe, and on your toast is actually Marmite.  The round one is the English jar, the one on the left is ours. I know there’ll be some people out there that will claim that we came up with the idea, but they are the same people who claim the Bee Gees and Split Enz are both Aussie bands.

Promite_1 If that isn’t confusing enough for you, I’d now like to introduce you to Promite. This black spread differs from the other two black spreads (hard to believe but true) as it is a vegetable extract rather than a yeast extract (yes, I see the irony that one of the yeast extracts is called Vegemite).

To be completely  honest, I prefer Promite, followed by Marmite and lastly Vegemite, yeah I know, treason! So what can you do with this nectar of the gods? Well, just let me show you (looks like you mostly spread it on stuff)…

Toast Swirl_1

Beans_1 Lettuce





  • A. Standard Veggie on toast (breakfast of champions).
  • B. Cheese and Veggie Swirls (you buy them like this).
  • C. The Pommies love this one. (if they’re not eating fried bread).
  • D. Cheese, lettuce and Vegemite (a lunchtime favourite).
  • E. Under poached eggs (my personal favourite, they skimped a bit here).
  • F. This is an Aussie brekkie. (Snags, eggs tomato and bacon)
  • G. On fresh bread (standard kids school lunch).
  • H. On Jatz crackers (the photo appears to be Ritz)

That’s a small collage of Vegemite in action, but of course there’s more to it than that, for example this girl on the right knows that the ‘mite is way ahead of pheromones when it comes to attracting men. Just a touch here and a dab there and you’re made in the shade. You can tell she’s an Aussie girl, because it obvious she’s used to dealing with us blokes, hence the arrow pointing to the action.

If you’ve ever tried it and really didn’t like it, you’re not alone. Here in Oz we’ve figured out the trick to get used to eating this crap is to start early. Hopefully this little cutie will be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher rather than a Vegemite model.

So here are a few links that you may find interesting:
The Vegemite Home Page.
What Wikipedia has to say.
A funny site that has a fascination for food experiments.
Simple Instructions for Use. 
Some Nostalgia for the Aussies.

And now one last photo for the Texafornians. I can’t say for sure, but I think this may be Jenny’s co-star in the scam than ended up with Melissa having to drink a pitcher of Beergaritas. Sorry there’s no ‘linky love’ but I’ve wasted too much time putzing around on the internet already to go looking for the right page.

Well that’s about it for the Great Grocery Extravaganza, don’t forget to make sure you are on the list for Fun Monday if you want to participate. It’s in the Sidebar.


33 Responses

  1. You can tell I’m a pommie because I love marmite on toast with baked beans. I also recommend marmite on toasted cheese or in a sandwich with cheddar cheese and salt and vinegar crisps.

    I tried getting my children young and they were all marmite babies but the Irish influences have rubbed off on them and alas they eat it no more.

    I most definitely would NOT spread it over my body, much as I love the black stuff, yuk, yuk, yuk, my husband wouldn’t thank me for it either!

    Check out the link below, marmite have teamed up with guiness:

  2. Beccy – I just checked it out. That looks really good, too bad it’s only a promotional thing, you better get out and buy a couple.

  3. What, dare I ask, is a Pommie?

  4. Dear willowtree. The worms don’t work so well anymore on Vita Weat because production of that crispbread moved from burwood in vic (I think) to huntingwood in sydney. Using different water in a different city affected the holes so they don’t squirt out the worms as regularly as they used to. This is also why Salada ceased to break along the perforation, although I believe that’s now been fixed. Interesting, to say the very least (I’m sure no one really cares).

    I am a particular fan of exhibit B, the cheesymite scroll from one of those breadshops. MmmmMMmm

  5. Unfortunately you can’t get the guiness marmite here, it’s hard enough to get the normal stuff. However my Mum is on the case so hopefully…in the not too distant future…I’ll get my paws on a jar of the limited stuff!

  6. PS although a Pommie I don’t eat fried bread and don’t know any Pommies who do, however I do eat eggy bread!

  7. We have vegemite on the store shelves here in the foreign food section. Had to use some for an Aussie director on a movie set who insisted we get her the vile stuff while she worked on the film. Okay…..I’ll ask; What or who is a “pommie”?

  8. I’ve been waiting on this post since the 80s, when “Men at Work” introduced me to vegemite. Someone in college actually had a jar of the stuff and all I remember is thinking, “People actually EAT that???”

    As educational as this is, you STILL didn’t list the ingredients…can you take a picture of the label and post it? I mean, yeah, I could google it (I already did for Pommies :/), but a label is much more fun and allows you to do the work for me. Beyond yeast, I have no idea what’s in it.

    Ai yi yi, sex is used to sell EVERYTHING! 😡 Gimme a break!

  9. AARRGGH! I remember the first (and last) time (both the same), that I tried Vegemite. Reminded me of spreading a gooey, salty vitamin on a piece of cracker. Just the color was nauseating.
    PLEASE include me for Fun Monday. I have my Blogging Environment ready to be “automatically” posted as I’m off on my broom again.
    Also, I don’t know who you plan to tag, but please let them know I’m in for the March 5 Fun Monday. I have no idea what the “assignment” will be but just for fun, I’ve created a post for it. Mine are never relevant anyway, so why start now?

  10. I can see all of you Aussies aren’t going to tell me so………

    pom·my or pom·mie (pm)
    n. pl. pom·mies Australian & New Zealand Offensive Slang

  11. Yucky.
    I think I will do fun Monday. What do I do?

  12. Wow, I’m usually game for trying new things, but nothing in this post made Vegemite/Marmite (or anything else ending in “-mite”) any more appealing. . .Does this stuff have any nutritional value or is it just more weird astronaut food like your tubed goo?

  13. I think I’ll stick with eggs and grits thank yo very much!

  14. Pommie is offensive slang for what? I’m thinking shit eating or shit peddling bastards? The only similar words I can think of are pomegranate and pomme d’terre. Someone said something about fried bread and eggy bread. That makes me think of French toast. Are pommies French? Tell me. Tell me now!

    If I hadn’t read your previous posts this week, I’d think you got the idea for this one from Ree’s post. Or maybe *she* got the idea from you. It all looks about the same to me.

  15. Never mind. Couldn’t wait. It looks like I was closer with pomegranate than pomme de terre. http://www.snopes.com/language/acronyms/pommy.htm

  16. “The taste is difficult to describe but is…similar to the taste of beef bouillon. The texture is smooth, resembling margarine.”

    I had a friend from New Zealand whose mom sent her care packages of Vegemite. For some reason I was never tempted to try it…can’t imagine why.

  17. yeah, looks like shit on crackers to me!

  18. “If you own any of these photos and are unhappy about them being here (I don’t make any money out of this), contact me and I’ll remove them, otherwise, thank you very much.”

    In this odd world of typepad, as I was reading those exact words, two of the pictures went poof. However, there was a little link left which I clicked and was able to see them. Is it a vegemite Poulterguist?

    I think you called someone British a pommy once before. ?

    Brewers yeast is the base for vegemite? Does it keep mosquito’s from biting you?

    Last question.
    Are you the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby?

  19. Pommy isn’t offensive, it’s a term of… endearment. It’s how Australians refer to British people.

  20. Okay – a Yeast biproduct.

    Do you know what else they use yeat biproduct for? Alcohol baby – particularly beer. So, even thought I’ve never tried Vegemite, I’m thinking it can’t be that bad if its related to beer. (I know – that part is all in my mind. I’m thinking positively)

    and I believe a Pomme is a Brit – or a Limey.

  21. Let me try that again –

    Yeast biproduct

    and So, even THOUGH I’ve never tried Vegemite.

    Sheesh – I can’t spell this morning

  22. Last night while watching Oprah Russel Crowe was on. Okay now listen, do you talk like him? Could you please make a little video with you talking about your dogs or vegamite. Talk about anything you like but talk talk talk talk talk .

    If you could say, “Vicki I think Russel Crowe loves you.” that would just be wonderful.

    I’m off to order some Vegemite.

  23. would you eat it at night? would you eat it in my sight? would you eat it with deligth?
    No, I will not eat it at night. I will not eat it in your sight. I will not eat it with delight. I do not like it with all my might.

    I actually would try it with something else, like the sandwich or eggs…but then again, I’ve even had haggis…

  24. I have never heard of Vegemite before.

    I’ll hunt some down, serve it to my kids without any prewarning, and see what happens.

    The photos awakened my appetite. I’ll take a Cheese and Veggie Swirl, please.

  25. it reminds me of caviar …

    I’m off to make sweet and sour
    sauce with cherries and pineapples, etc.. that sounds much better….

    then banana bread for my neighbors….

    Catch up with you by and by ! Have a great weekend!


    And I’m culinarily adventurous.

    It’s NOTHING like beef boullion. It’s very strong and very disturbing.

    Thanks, WT! This was fun!

  27. Getting caught up on my reading…

    Why does Australia package so much stuff in tubes? I can’t imagine condensed milk in a tube. It just seems wrong… I don’t know why.

  28. So…are there really mites in it?

  29. I’ve seen several definitions of Pommie and all have said that it is an offensive slang term. It’s not offensive, these definitions have obviously not been written by an Aussie, we are very close to our British cousins and will always remain so. It’s no more offensive than the term ‘Aussie’.

    LMM – Yeah the holes seem to have gotten smaller.

    Beccy – Have you never had breakfast off the Motorway?

    Mary -You’re in, Just post about your ‘blogging environment’.

    Nikki – I wouldn’t know what that looked like, we tend to prefer Vegemite, so I’ve never really seen shit on a cracker. It must be an American thing.

    Karmyn – they don’t use yeast byproduct for beer making, they use actual yeast, it’s the byproduct of this process that is used to make both Marmite and Vegemite. I know this because I have worked in a brewery.

    Claudia – It’s nice with eggs, you don’t need any salt.

    Kila – It may take a while to regain their trust.

    Katie – Caviar is a pretty good example.

    Ree – Bonox looks like Vegemite but tastes like beef boullion.

    Min – There mite be.

  30. No willowtree nor on the motorway for that matter.

    I make my own marmite sandwiches to bring me, have you seen the prices in those places!

  31. I think you need to write to wickopedia or whomever writes those slang deals and correct them…seriously.

  32. Whenever something particularly bad goes down in my world I have a clever little phrase for it. “Crap on a crap cracker.”

    Somehow this reminds me so much of that little phrase. Now I’m going to vomit.

    Also, in honor of your f’ed-up Australian time zones I’m posting my Fun Monday thing on Sunday. So there.

  33. Can’t believe you prefer Promite. Sacreligious. I love Vegemite. Most people who try it and don’t like it just spread it too thick. You only need a reasonably light scrape of it.

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