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Finally it’s over!

"Thank God he’s finally gotten tired of those food posts!" I hear you all exclaim with relief. Shit! I was tired of them four days ago, but I opened my big mouth and said I would post all week, and I’m an idiot of my word.

So now you’ve all seen how utterly, wonderfully delicious and brimming with wholesome goodness this family of magical black spreads are. And of course Vegemite, being an Aussie icon, stands head and shoulders above the rest  (except in the picture below, d’oh). Having been the backbone of the Aussie diet since, well a long time that’s for sure, and staying true to a time honored taste formula with more vitamins and minerals than you can poke a stick at, how can it get any better than this?

Seriously, I’m not waxing lyrical and that’s not a rhetorical question. I’m asking, "How can it get any better?" There are prizes if you guess (or even know) the answer I’m looking for.

And now to finally finish off the Fabulous Food Fiesta, here’s a few more pictures…


To prove that I really am non-discriminatory and do actually eat all of them, here’s one of my pictures. These are all out of my cupboard. I get tons of Marmite for free from a friend who works where they make it.


Ah, Coon cheese, there’s no better accompaniment for Vegemite (or cabanosi, or gherkins or pickled onions either, for that matter). And you cannot have cheese and tomato on a SAO without Coon cheese (or without a tomato for that matter).


These are the eggs I like to use when I make poached eggs on Vegemite toast. This carton was an unusual one, as every egg in it was a double yolker. Must be all that free ranging.


I’ll just leave you with some salmonella lobster on a slice of bread…y-u-u-m-m-m-i-e!


21 Responses

  1. I guess there really isnt any accounting for taste. Some people here eat yogurt(a live culture) and now the new fad is live bacteria sold in health food stores….and making it’s way to the supermarkets….then there’s sushi…..so maybe vegemite aint that bad.
    Looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes face forward and I have incisors which makes me a predator and carnivore so I eat meat which some people find disgusting…go figure
    My guess is; vegemite rolled into a doughball and baked like a filled doughnut?

  2. Dear willowtree. Aw it came to an end. I wanted to see some dead horse tomato sauce – even the poms use ‘ketchup’. Gotta love the coon cheese. I think the only thing better than vegemite is the vegemite flavoured coon cheese slices. Mmm mmm mm.

  3. phew, there are only so many comments about shit on toast and crackers i can make!

  4. Darn I mean, Kraft vegemite cheese singles, not coon. And vegemite in-a-biskit (sic)

  5. Vegemite still delivered a solid 0.48°C/W result in the thermal transfer compound comparison.

    ***Vegemite is responsible for giving us a second national song – the “Happy Little Vegemites” jingle -it puts a rose in every cheek…

    It can also be used as an engine grease and fuel for a lawn mower.

    In 1999 Vegemite became available in a plastic tube, making it ideal for travelers and campers. The tube was so popular that it was relaunched in 2002.

    The stuff stays good for years!

    Surprisingly good in EGGNOG

    Anyway, those all all the tidbits I have time to share today.

  6. How can it get any better? By making me yack all over my keys? Is that the answer you were looking for?

    And you must stop showing that salmonella lobster. I have to eat sometime today, you know.

  7. i’m sorry but the COLOR of the salmon lobster is quite gross. It better taste better than it looks!!

  8. HAHAHA! Melissa’s comment made me LOL!!!

    I’ve never heard of ANY of these products! And “Coon” cheese? In my neck of the woods, “Coon” is a very derogatory term for persons of a certain ethnicity, so when I saw the name blown up in GIANT letters….EEK!

    And I’m sure it’s delicious, but the salmonella lobster looks….how can I put this?…..icky. Blech. To each his own.

  9. I think something that would top vegemite would be peanut butter, the kind without the salmonella, is best. And there is no way in Hades that I would go into a store in this country and ask for Coon cheese. Couln’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t!!

    (got here via willowtree, just so you know I’m not some weird random poster who googled vegemite)

  10. Ew, that last picture is just gross.

  11. Nothing better? You’ve got to be kidding me. I can only imagine that maybe it could only get better if Vegemite came in a tube – so just jam it down your throat and get all that vitamin goodiness in one full sqeeze.

  12. Neither salmonella or lobster are supposed to be grey. I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.

  13. Frank – They actually do that doughball thing.

    LMM – AH yes! Dog’s eye and dead horse. I had that yesterday as a matter of fact.

    Nikki – I know what you mean.

    Katie – All quite unusual tidbits, is one of them your answer?

    Melissa – That’s not the one I was looking for, but it was pretty good nonetheless.

    Claudia – Sadly, it doesn’t.

    Susan – We know about the derisive term, but as a nation known for it’s political incorrectness, we don’t seem to care. As a kid the same term was used over here for our indigenous people, but its not any more.
    Sorry, but your assumption that the lobster paste is delicious is totally wrong.

    Justme – Most people get here by googling ‘pirates in panties’. And anyway who are you calling weird? How do you think I got all the stuff for yesterday’s post?

    Kila – Says a lady who has changed diapers.

    Karmyn – Bingo!!!!

  14. but ummmm is it supposed to be that color? does it taste better then it looks?

  15. I thought you were going to do some posts on food…when does that start?

  16. Wolfbaby – Yes. No.

    Min – What are you talking about? Apart from the salmonella lobster, the vegemite, the artificial milk products, the weird crackers, the meat pies and most of the other stuff, these posts have all been about food.

  17. There are tubes of vegemite… which of course ARE better if one wants to have vegemite “shooters”.

    That can be my answer! 🙂

    lol.. I learn the oddest things from you Willowtree ~ thanks…. 🙂

  18. I’m going to kick Karmyn.
    We are at Amanda’s. I’m reading your blog — she says I’ve already read it an commented. I say.. “NO” this is a new one.
    She says you are right.
    She kicks me out of the chair and says Tube.. and gives a winning response.

    Meanwhile I’m playing on the floor with Jammin, Buttercup and CurlyMop.

    Karmyn’s covered with hives – and is miserable.

    Amanda is off galavanting with her dad.

    so, NOw later I finally get back to see you and the contest is over before I even knew there was a contest.

    I give up. I quit. I’m going back to being a grandma.

    But, I am going to see if I can find some vegemite to taste. Somehow I think I might like it.

  19. ps. Is that stuff on the bread supposed to be blue?

  20. Quit having contests on weekends I’m out of town! So what that you’re trying to generate traffic during typically slow blogging weekends…? I can’t win if I’m not here!

    (as if I could win if I WAS here–ha!).

  21. Oooooo, I thought the same thing Susan did, but I had the simultaneous thought about raccoons, too…Raccoon cheese…ick! Can they be milked??

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