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We have our winners!

Sorry folks, the contest is now closed on account of I’ve got three correct answers and that’s all the postage I can afford. The winners are Marnie, Karmyn and Katie. And the answer of course is….


Yep, it don’t get no better than when you combine the world’s best food with the world’s best delivery mechanism! With this combination and some of the other astronaut food I’ve shown you, you can have breakfast without ever having to use crockery or cutlery.

In case you’re wondering how Marnie won without even giving the answer, she actually did give the correct answer yesterday, but it was before the question was asked, so I edited it out make it fair, and not spoil the fun. But since she was banned from the first contest, I’m awarding her a consolation prize for accidental brilliance. Sorry if you didn’t win anything, but there’s always next time.

I’ll be posting my Fun Monday post on my Monday (your Sunday) as a reminder that it’s on. Don’t forget, the list is in the sidebar on the right (I put it at the top).


9 Responses

  1. ps
    I hope I get home to take a picture of my blog spot — before everyone moves on to Tuesday.

  2. There was a contest? Wow, where the hell have I been. My condolences to the winners. Winning Vegemite is worse than getting coal from Santa. My Fun Monday post is ready and waiting. T-minus twenty-five hours and forty-five minutes.

  3. I’m with Mark…there was a contest? Huh?? wha??
    do they get some Vegemite???

  4. Mark and Claudia – It was just a quickie in the last post, you had to pay attention to see it.

    Yes, Vegemite is the prize, 1st prize gets a tube, 2nd prize gets two tubes. Nah, I’ve got better crap than that.

  5. Accidental brilliance. That’s how it usually happens!

  6. Dear willowtree. Mu tube of vegemite is out of date. It’s starting to taste funny.

  7. Hi i don’t seem to be on your list for fun monday I did ask to be included honest (I think it was coffee in a tube comment) if its too late not to worry I’ll do it anyway. thanks

  8. lol.. better than Vegemite?

  9. Holy Crap – and I was just kidding that it came in a tube!!!!

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