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Fun Monday #6

Fun_monday_2_1Well here it is, Monday again and time for some Fun. The full list of participants is in the sidebar on the right.  I’ve listed them in reverse alphabetical order so that the ones who are normally listed at the end aren’t disadvantaged by Fun Mondayitis, and only get those tired, perfunctory one line comments caused by the comment burnout that is common when you’re at the end of the list. It’s been said that Fun Monday can be exhausting, and I agree.

This Monday it is "My Blogging Environment", this can mean any number of things, such as which group of bloggers you hang out with, what weekly events you participate in (like this), what the general tone of the discussions are (no comment), even what platform you use, or in my case, "what does your desk look like?" 

It would be remiss of me to write a post about my Blogging Environment and not include at least something about my ISP (Internet Service Provider), so here’s a picture of their main communications center in Tamworth.

Now back to my little piece of the blogosphere. Standing at the door to my computer room I took these four pics in a clockwise rotation, you’ll notice that I have made no attempt to tidy things up…

Comp_rm1 Comp_rm2

Update**: It just occurred to me that you might be interested to know that if you click on the second picture above, you can get a better look at the ‘big picture’ of my blogging environment, as the big picture the hanging on the wall is two aerial photographs of  my place.


The keen eyed among you will notice that the dogs are doing a "now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t" deal in the basket. Actually, in the first picture I took of the wall with the window I had the blinds open, but that made it seem very dark inside room due to the bright light on the automatic camera sensor (if you want to see what I mean, the last picture in this post shows what I’m talking about, plus it shows the view from the window). The picture I ended up using (blinds closed), which I just now took, is actually more representative as there is always at least one dog in the basket while I blog.

If you look closely at the four pics of the room, you’ll see a bag
with kangaroos on it and a green and yellow hat (actually there are four hats
there but they’re stacked up), these are all prizes for the Vegemite competition.

Now, the desk itself…


I thought it would be a buzz to take a picture of my Fun Monday Post while I was writing it, so that’s it on the screen. I have been asked before if I was left handed because my mouse is on the left side, the answer is ‘No, I’m right handed’. When I was a programmer, I worked with a guy who lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident. He was probably the most brilliant programmer I ever met, and he helped me out on occasion (I’m an average programmer, I’m a better as an analyst), so to make it easier for him to help me, I switched to my left hand, I’ve just never gone back.

While the room is mostly for my use, it can be used for other things if I move a few things around, for example, this…


Becomes this…


Now that’s versatile, don’t you think?


I added this photo as an afterthought when I was just about to publish the post. If you aren’t familiar with these sewing cabinets, the two previous pictures don’t make much sense.

And a couple of lame pictures to finish off with…



Nothing special here, I just like toys.

Oh, Geez I almost forgot, this is what the desk looked like when I bought it, and that’s the computer room before I filled it up with crap….


So there you go, a bit excessive on my part, I know, but after all, this one was my idea so I had to make a decent fist of it.

Now for next week’s Fun Monday, I think it’s about time we stepped out of our comfort zones and took a walk on the wild side, and what better way to invite the unexpected is there than to appoint Mindy as the boss of next week’s Assignment. So Min, it’s over to you…..


33 Responses

  1. Nice setup! I like seeing all the creative sorts of things setting on and around your desk. Um, my post isn’t nearly as thorough as yours, and I’m not rewriting it. Maybe No soup for me?

  2. Mark – Hahahaha! I’m interested in seeing you main post for the day, very intriguing.

  3. dang willowtree, it’s not even midday on Sunday! I don’t think California has woken up! Super super early, you little busy bee. I think your whole computer room is bigger than my apartment…

  4. What a surprise to see a fun monday post on a sunday morning, one less for me to read tomorrow.

    Oh the bliss of having a room soley for the computer (and sewing machine)!

  5. OMG(oodness) if this desk has not been tidied you are obviously very neat, when I publish mine tomorrow you will really see what a messy desk looks like!!

  6. Wow. That freaked me out for a minute. Thanks to Ree’s short post this morning, I’m only halfway through my coffee. It’s easy to mess with my mind before the caffeine’s taken effect. I thought it might actually be Monday for a sec. Then I sat here trying to figure just how far ahead Australia is. Don’t screw with me like that man!

  7. ok…first…wow your desk is clean!

    then…is that tweety peeking out behind Sylvester and the Pink Panther? cute. It makes me miss my toys back in FL. 😦

    Final question…how do you like the iSound? does it work well? I’m thinking of getting something to play the iPod on but I am not sure yet.

  8. You are so neat WillowTree! I ended up putting my sewing machine in my spare bedroom as I put this computer on my desk ( table ). This room is torn apart right now though as I’m sorting and shifting so I can get rid of everything I do not need/want by next weekend.

    Love the set-up you have there!

  9. I have the exact same kind of sewing cabinet in storage somewhere in Houston, Texas. Love how you are using it–much more useful than mine in storage. Enjoyed seeing your space. I guess it’s the case of “you show me yours; I’ll show you mine” this Monday. I’m encouraged to tidy up a bit after seeing your office. Thanks!

  10. wow…you are so organized. i envy that. katie sent me over to play…but i’m not sure how and feeling a little shy…it looks like fun though and you are a great host!

  11. I have a blog again..can I play?

  12. My husband is addicted to the computer so I put the computers in the loungeroom otherwise I would never see him. Some days I think about moving it back into the spare room.

  13. I love your post but what in the hell were you thinking?! Mindy is in charge of next week?! She’ll have us all eating calf brains and soot and taking pictures of testicles.

    Have you been drinking?

  14. Beth – You could play, if I could get you to understand the rules. Aww heck, just post your effort and if it comes close to what we’re doing, I’ll add you to the list.

    Jenny – I thought we could all use some excitement.

  15. well at least I wasn’t the only one who thought your desk was really neat LOL.. mine is a total disaster.. so not taken a pic of that;P

  16. I just have to say that your blogging environment is a heck of a lot cleaner than mine. It must be all that tubed coffee you’ve been squirting.

  17. I’m up.

    Hey… I recognize the sewing machine.
    I haven’t seen mine for years. It’s hidden much better than that.

    You’ve got yourself a very efficient set up.

    I can picture you with your Marmite, cheese and crackers….AND TEA (?) enjoying a few moments.

    (ps. I ate crackers, marmite and cream cheese. I liked it.)

  18. oh ps.
    the hubby did Laugh out Loud when he saw your ISP

    You nerdy types are brothers in humor.

  19. So . . you do blogging AND sewing??!! That’s just WRONG!!

  20. As long as it doesn’t involve eating vegamite, I think I’m up to the task.

  21. So glad someone had the same idea about “blogging environment” and I did. Love the Wyoming license plate, your ISP provider, aerial views, especially the pups, and the versatility of the room. When I saw the assignment, it occured to me that with my idea, I would have to tidy up a bit…I thought about it for a few seconds, then said, “Nay.”

  22. So what happened to Pokey?

  23. Thanks for the tour. Made me even more tired. 🙂

  24. You are detailed.

    I’m green with envy over the Sewing Machine Desk. LOVE IT! I’ve seen one in a catalog before but never went ahead and got one.

    This Monday Funday is just what the doctor ordered! Thanks

  25. Love the aerial shot.

  26. Great…one of my “enumerated” comments….here goes…something…

    1) I LOVE the hardwood floors, I’ve never noticed them before, and didn’t this time until the last shot. Are they heart of pine?

    2) I also noticed the kanga bag before you mentioned it. Can I have it? I was eating great food or having great sex (or both) when you were having your little vegemite contest and didn’t get to play. Hmmmm, maybe I DID win…;).

    3) Ya know? We all must be literalists. I haven’t seen anyone “do” this post in any manner other than posting pictures of their computer desk/area. Never even occurred to me to write about those with whom I blog or general topics…

    4) Thanks for reversing the alpha order of participants…you really are a thoughtful guy, I don’t care what ANYBODY else says about you ;).

    5) This looks exactly like I thought your area would look; I guess we’ve gotten snippits here and there, so it was in keeping. I still want Gumby. And now Sylvester and the Pink Panther. You can put them all in the kanga bag when you send it (also, some food samples from last week).

    6) Leave it to Buddy to pose, and Bentley not to care.

    7) Cool sewing cabinet, versatility is a GOOD thing!

    8) WTH does “so I had to make a decent fist of it” mean? Decent FIST???

  27. Nice setup – my post is finally up. . .This morning was quite crazy!

  28. I read over at mamadrama all the time, and this one looked like fun, so I joined in. Thanks for the idea

  29. Very interesting about your mouse being on the different side…

  30. Very useful space WT. And you were much more thorough than I. This is an all day affair isn’t it. It’s afternoon and I am just getting to the King of Fun Monday.

  31. Wonderful idea! I enjoyed seeing your space. I wonder what Mindy has in mind for next week!

  32. You filled your computer room with crap? That’s what’s nice about mine…it flushes!
    You did a great job with Fun Monday Willowtree and thanks for passing the torch. I’m afraid my topic might be disappointingly dull for what everyone is expecting, but we’ll give it a go anyway. Check out mamadrama in the morning–I guess that will be late afternoon for you (?) for the details.

  33. enid’s very disappointed that there were no dingoes or barbies in these photos 🙂

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