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I’m exhausted

Phew, I’m pooped! I’ve just spent the last 2 hours reading all the Fun Monday posts, and it would have been longer if there weren’t a half dozen that were posted yesterday.

It did exactly what I hoped it would, it gave me a small insight into the world of the bloggers I read. It also gives me a nice little mental image of where the blog came from when I read it (probably works better for me than most, because I have an almost photographic memory with virtually total recall, I’m not kidding).

But now I’m knackered and I can’t decide whether I should have a shower to wake up properly or if I should just go back to sleep. Hey maybe I could do both…..


Thanks to everyone who participated, you all made it a really Fun Monday. And don’t forget to check out Mindy for next weeks assignment, although now I’m a little concerned having seen where she blogs, I sure hope it’s not a crappy one.


12 Responses

  1. It was exhausting wasn’t it? I vote for shower and nap!

  2. LOL, too cute. He’s not afraid of getting showered?

    Come on back to my site, and tell all your friends! I updated my Fun Monday post with photos!

  3. Kila – We’re in the middle of the worst drought in Australia’s history, the shower is the safest place for him to be. It’s also the coolest, which is why he’s lying there.

  4. Awww Bentley!! I’m going to have to post about my blogging environment tomorrow! sorry…

  5. Is “knackered” really a word? Cause if it isn’t, it should be, and if it is, I’m introducing it into my vocabulary.

    I’m doin’ a little rain dance in your honor 🙂 (and to freak out Bentley 🙂 ).

  6. Bentley sleeps in the workspace? Oh, that’s right, you have a desk. Sleep well Bentley…and Willow.

  7. our dog liked the cool bathroom floor — and then in the winter the bathroom floor is heated.. and he liked it then, too.
    Have I mentioned that I miss my dog.

    I’ll snuggle up there with Bently .. just to get my fix.

  8. Your dogs are super. I have not been having a super Monday, however. I probably missed half the posts with all my commenting problems. Hope this comment gets through.

  9. Dear willowtree. I feel the same. Seeing as some cheeky buggers posted on Sunday, the adrenaline of fun Monday has been coursing through my veins for almost 48 hours now. And I’m sure we’ll just keep talking about it today too. I’m tired and I only just got up.

  10. When you got the dog and they told you tha you should “shower him with love” . . I don’t think you’ve got the right idea! LOL
    P.S.: We ALL hope hat Mindy’s Fun Monday suggestion is not crappy!

  11. enid loved that fun monday, thanks! and stalin and fluffy send woofs to bentley. well, they would if they were any more awake that he is.

  12. min’s fun monday choice is a good one, if not a bit difficult.

    sometimes i like to lay on the bottom of the shower too. granted i’m usually drunk and can;t remember how i got there in the first place……

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