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See! I wasn’t lying

Some of you may think that I embellish the truth about living in the bush, shame on you. I totally have to wrestle crocs every time I want to get to my camel (which I have to catch) so I can take the five day trip into town for supplies of dried beans and rice.

And you laugh when I tell you that I have to write my posts long hand on tree bark and leave them out for the Aborigines to take to the mission so they can be put on Commodore 64 computer for you to read.

And of course there are Kangaroos, Wallabies, Echidnas (ha, spell check never even heard of them echidna critters), Wombats and Tasmanian Devils lying all around the living room. Well ok, I may have stretched the truth a little, in everything I’ve said so far.

But I’m not bullshitting when I say there are some pretty nasty snakes around here. And just to prove it to you, if Buddy is still alive tomorrow, I’ll take a picture of him in intensive care at the Vets when I go to check up on him.



20 Responses

  1. What? Something happened to Buddy? Are you just trying to capitalize on my snakes? You’re being coy, WT, tell us more. Do not do the calculation to see what time it is here. You don’t want to know. I sure hope Buddy’s okay.

  2. WHAT????!!! 😦

    I cannot believe you dropped a bomb like that, like “that”.

    Sending cyberhugs (and yep, prayers) Buddy’s way…and yours.

  3. I hope Buddy’s okay. My grandmother had a collie that was bit in the throat by a rattlesnake and survived. I know you’ve got some nasty snakes there, though. When I would teach the kids’ Young Marines or Scout groups about venomous snakes and poisonous plants found in Kansas, I’d always tell them to be glad they don’t live in Australia just to cheer them up a bit.

  4. No,no, no, say it isn’t so!

  5. Does your camel spit, too?
    Lots of love and thoughts for Buddy.

  6. hope buddy is okay! i think mark might have some asorbine jr. that might help……

  7. this post has me totally confused.’

    Did buddy get bitten??

  8. Ach! poor Buddy. This is exactly why all snakes everywhere should be exterminated.

  9. Dear willowtree. I hope your puppy is ok. He’s a tough aussie dog. My toes are crossed for buddy. Fingers too.

  10. Ack, time to delurk to send well wishes for the puggy. Be okay Buddy!

  11. Thinking of you and Buddy! I hope he’s Going to be ok!

  12. What?! A snake got our beloved Buddy? Oh, I’m so mad and ready to kick some reptile butt.

    I’ll say a prayer for Buddy.

    Too bad the Croc Hunter wasn’t here.

  13. Aw, poor buddy. I hope he’s okay. He’s way too adorable not to be.

  14. oh man. He’ll be okay. Yes. He will be okay.

    Gracie is still gone. How do we do this? It stinks

  15. hope buddy is doing ok. You did that obscure thing on purpose didn’t you? really really hope the puppy is ok.

  16. Poor Buddy, hope he’s OK.

  17. OH NO BUDDY!!!!!! Hang in there little guy –

    Sending prayers and best wishes your way, Pete.

    and I agree with Robin – way to slap that horrible news on us. Crikey.

  18. What??? OHNO!! Poor Buddy!! I hope he makes it!! I’ll be keeping thinking of you two!!!

  19. What was it – brown snake? We used to live out bush just outside of Tamworth and the brown snakes were brutal.

    Hope Buddy is ok.

  20. OMG! Is it that spot on his right hind leg? He looks swollen! And sad!

    Better keep us posted. This is almost as bad as Marnie feeding her dog razor blades.

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