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Buddy update

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers, they seem to have had some effect as he looks like he’ll pull through ok. I’ve just come back from the Vet’s and they want to keep him under observation for another day because he is still a little but wobbly when he tries to walk (as you can see, they are keeping the catheter in for now, just in case)….


So the good news is he’s out of intensive care, and he even has a new friend…


In all likely hood it was an eastern brown snake similar to this one just outside the front gate…


or this one (I don’t know where this is, I got it from the ‘net to show scale, snake scales that is)…


Rather that one of these….


which is a Texas brown snake (and they say everything is bigger in Texas!)

Update**: Pamela, great news! You finally won something! (I just don’t know what yet) You are the 5000th comment. I actually forgot to keep an eye on it so I had to do a count back.


31 Responses

  1. He’s lookin’ good. Poor kid (and now that he’s ok…dumb ass dog going and chasing snakes!! sheeeeeesh!!)

  2. I’m really glad he’s ok…I was so worried… (last comment for now! I just had to throw that in!)

  3. I am so relieved! I’m glad Buddy is going to be okay. That was a close one.

    Buddy – woof woof, bark snarl, growl, yip (stay away from those bad snakes)

  4. So glad he looks like he’ll be ok. Did they have to give him anti venom? I gather that is really pricey. We had a cat who had a run in with an eastern brown snake. Nasty creatures.

  5. I’m so happy to hear the wonderful news Willowtree!

  6. Glad to hear Buddy is on the mend.

  7. my prize is Buddy (getting better)

    I was having anxiety about it.

  8. Buddy! Make Willowtree give you lots of love from me.

  9. So glad he is doing better – he looks MUCH happier. Less puffy, too.

  10. Oh, I’m so glad! Hope he’s back home soon!

  11. That’s probably the best thing I’ve heard all day.

  12. Thanks for the good news I needed a smile… give the puppy some hugs he’s to cute

  13. Dear willowtree. I’m glad my toe-crossing worked.

  14. Whew. Glad to hear he’s doing okay. Makes me glad I’ll have the dogs in Ireland for a few years. . .

  15. Thank the Lord your little friend is going to be fine! He is so cute!!

  16. Got home REALLY late last night, and when I tried to log on…net problems.

    Soooo, soooo glad to get “this” news, Buddy actually looks like he’s smiling for the camera…He MUST be feelin’ better :).

  17. My boy! My dog got bit by a snake and you didn’t even email me?!

    Oh, my poor little pup. If I was there I’d give him such a sqwunch.

    I’m so distraught I’m not even going to snark back with a “my snake is bigger than yours” retort.

    No more snakes, little buddy.

  18. Glad he is feelin better…

  19. Whew! So sad when pups are sick. Texas brown snakes are narrow, because we use them as dental floss.

  20. i’m so glad to hear buddy is doing well! i’m flipping off the snake for you. take care.

  21. Oh, that first picture makes me want to reach in there and pet him.

    I wonder if it drives those two dogs crazy that they can smell each other, and hear each other, but can’t see one another (or sniff each other’s butts).

    I hope he’s home soon!

  22. Wow. I can imagine that was all kinds of terrifying worry for you. I’m pleased to hear things for Buddy are looking up. Nice blog, and thanks for visiting me last week!

  23. Phew, I was hoping there’d be good news on that front when I checked in this morning. Unfortunately, I don’t expect Buddy will have learned anything from this experience :-p

  24. How did you know he was bit? Did you see it? Hear it?
    He looks so sad but I am glad he’s out of the woods.

  25. I’m so glad he’s getting better.

    The last time I was at the vet I watched him stick his arm up a Mares Bottom to check to see if she had an infection in her Uterus. Was nifty and made my sons eyes water because he was so humilated I’d want to watch something like that. … Wasn’t our horse.

  26. I’m only just catching up reading yesterday’s post and of course you are ahead in time so I’m glad I know your ‘Buddy” is recovering at the same time I got to learn about the snake bite.

  27. Man! That’s one BIG snake! YIKES!

    And, congratulations, Pamela! What an accomplishment.

  28. I’m showing off your dogs to Cory. He sends pats to Buddy too.

  29. Oh your poor dog.

    I hope he is well enough to go home soon.

  30. Phew! Snakes are NOT pretty! But glad to hear Buddy will be okay. Cheers!

  31. enid’s glad buddy’s better!

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