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My blogging environment part deux.

Those of you familiar with ADGMB will know that I get some pretty exciting electrical storms up here. And this morning as I was catching up on my blog reading, a real heavy duty bastard hit. Also, as you know I’m not only an analyst programmer, I’m also a licensed electrician, but more importantly I’m an idiot, which means of course I chose to continue blogging despite the thousands of times I have told people not to connect to the internet in an electrical storm.

Do you really need me to spell it out for you? Ok then, when I was about halfway through writing a Buddy update there was a really loud crack just outside my window and simultaneously an even louder thunder clap. Those amongst you familiar with lighting will know that when you get lightning and thunder at exactly the same time, it’s darned close, so close in fact that it fried my modem…

Welcome to my new blogging environment!

I sat around the better part of the day cursing the fates, my luck, my stupidity and the the weather (it has been pissing down all day, which normally would be a good thing) before finally deciding to do something about it, so I braved the torrential rain, headed into town and bought the only internal modem for a hundred miles…


So as you can tell, I’m back up and blogging, albeit a bit bummed out. Anyway that’s all the blogging I’m doing for now, I’ve had it with computers. Apologies to all those who didn’t get a visit from ole Willowtree today.

Oh, one more thing before I forget, Buddy says "hello and thanks for all the well wishes."



23 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. I miss storms. I got caught in a real doozy the last time I drove up the NE Highway in 02 or 03 – around Glen Innes, I stopped because it was hailing so much I couldn’t see. I was scared shite-less. I’m glad Buddy’s well enough to look super cute.

  2. Sorry to hear of your storm damage. That picture of Buddy could melt a polar ice cap.

  3. What a sweet photo of Buddy!

  4. Buddy is so gorgeous, his eyes could melt a thousand hearts.

    Maybe you should practice what you preach?

  5. You should definitely enter that photo in some cutest dog contest.

  6. I happy to hear that Buddy’s doing so well! He’s definitely melting us with those eyes of his!

    Be good to yourself!

  7. Awww! Just wook at his wittle face! And (shhh, don’t tell Buddy) I don’t even like pugs usually. I’m glad he’s doing better.

  8. Lightening frying the modem.

    The EXACT same thing happened to me this week.

    Thank God for laptops.

  9. Poor Buddy. He looks so sweet and sad. We took our German Shepherd in to be spayed yesterday and she still won’t even look at me. I’m so glad Buddy is going to be okay, but he sure lets you know how he feels with his eyes, doesn’t he?

  10. i want to run all the way to aussie land and give that pooch a good scratch behind the ears and a hug.

  11. I really hope he is feelin better. Those eyes look sooooooo sad.

  12. Willow…actually i’m in awe that you were able to fix the computer yourself. I know that this is stuff you do, but it still amazes me!!
    And for Buddy…(heeeeeee!!!) He’s so adorable…give him a good belly rub from me, ok?

  13. (I’m saying this in my best William Shatner voice:)

    Can’t Look Away
    Eyes Sucking Me In
    So damn Cute
    Buddy, I must Resist
    Yes, my heart is broken.

    (regular voice again)
    In no way was that a poem – I wasn’t even trying, really.

    Okay – I would like to come and sit in your house and watch one of those storms while holding Buddy (or Bentley of course) in my lap.

    We don’t get storms like that in Oregon for some reason. But, I witnessed one in Alabama once. Spectacularly scary.

  14. Buddy is so cute that I practically kissed my own computer screen to try to have a cuddle with him. . .

  15. Totally envious that you can fix your own puter…

    and buddy

    well lets just say to cute for words… so very glad he is feeling better

  16. You are one stubborn blogger.

    Glad to see the pooch has returned home – he must have slept for HOURS after his return.

    BTW – how did you get Julie’s floor plan to look that cool? Mine is all hand-drawn and crappy – is there a program I need?

  17. Look at that FACE!!!! Usually I’m all “yeah, yeah, somebody’s dog picture, uh huh” but how can you not love that face???

    I cannot believe I am blog-commenting on the adorableness of someone’s animal. How very unlike me. But did you see the FACE?!?!?! mk

  18. To everyone…

    Yes, he certainly has a cute face (I thought it was ugly when I first got him, in fact Buddy is actually short for Butt ugly, but I’ve since changed my opinion).

    Personally I think the Beagle is a better looking dog, but Buddy has more character.

  19. Good lawd, Peter, why even talk about your fried computer when you END with Buddy-licious? No one even remembers the prose with that cute stinkin’ picture!

    Except me.

    That must’ve been one heckuva storm for you to call it “…the THE weather…” ;).

    (but getting struck must be as frustrating as having your car broken into :/)

  20. How is fried modem served with vegemite (spread very fine, of course)?

    today it snowed. The sun came out. The snow came back. The wind blew like a blizzard.
    Then the sun came back out.

    We had thunder & lightning on Sunday night.

  21. That picture of Buddy is so appealing the look in those eyes.

  22. Give that widdle puppy a kiss for me!

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