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Jumping the Cats.

It’s been said numerous times that if you don’t have anything to say, then post a picture. It’s also been said that if you start posting cat pictures you’re getting desperate. So with that in mind I’d like to present my "Jumping the Cat" post.

It was inspired by a few comments about Buzz over the past couple of days. He doesn’t figure in many posts because he likes to keep to himself, but he’s been here all the time. So without any further words (for the entire post) here are the cats….








So there you have it, if it seems like they don’t do much except sleep, that’s because these pictures were all taken during the day. They hunt all night.

Just one more thing, my apologies for not replying to comments lately, my normal blogging schedule has been out of whack, and by the time I get to the comments, everyone else has probably moved on already.


18 Responses

  1. I’m so jealous that your cats seem to love each other so much. I have 2 cats and they despise each other.

  2. Aww, they look so cuddly. My boys very much want “pet kitties”.

    The one that’s mostly gray looks much like a cat my grandma had when I was a kid. Seeing him/her brought back some fun memories 🙂

  3. Awwww.. they are so cute. If you were so far I’d insist on a kitty play date.

    I love that they hug each other.. they are adorable.

  4. Lovely looking kitties! The calico momma looks like Splash a kitten I saved and adopted out.

    Had a old cat that looked like Booey named Meera but she passed on last year.

    Lots of kitties in the neighborhood though. 🙂

  5. Cutie poos.

  6. ToBear – I know what you mean, we’ve had cats that don’t get along too.

    Kila – Pets are a good thing. It’s surprising how many stripey cats there are.

    Marnie – Nice to see you taking a break from your homework.

    Katie – The mother was a stray that I eventually found a home for. There was one other kitten,and it went with the mother.

    Melissa – And guaranteed hypo-allergenic.

  7. I love tortoise shell calico’s.

    she was enjoying that photo shoot.. see her claws stretched out

  8. I’m a sucker for the cat pics. They always give me the “I wannna squeeze ’em and love ’em and rub my face with their face” feelings.

  9. Cats MUST be smarter than dogs…THEY know how to keep their legs crossed!!

    (or is it they’re dumber than dogs because they can’t be trained to “strike a pose”? 😉 ).

    You’re missed when you’re occupied and discombobulated.

  10. BTW, that first picture is how a new mom feels when she’s nursing…and that feeling continues until your children can tie their own shoes, dress and feed themselves, and wipe their own behinds…

    It’s known as having the ever-lovin’ breath of life sucked outta you…:/. It’s why you thrive on weekend getaways :).

  11. I found your blog through Pamela and what else did I find …. cats !! lol ! I must be attracted by a invisible force ! If that is true that people are getting “desperate” then I should commit suicide immediately ! I love cat pictures and even had to make up a cat blog, because it took too much space in my writercramps blog ! Your pictures speak of themselves of course and are very funny ! BTW do you know “CATS ON TUESDAY” ? It is a group of cat lovers who write about their cats once a week on tuesdays. I founded this group about two months ago, and now we are a bunch of funny (not desperated) people who write about their cats on tuesdays. There are also people with cat blogs or even blogging cats. You should read the stories ! So funny ! If you want to join the group just let me know !

  12. So are you working on a Kitty Porn site too? Looks like they’re makin’ out in that 5th pic.

  13. I think it’s only desperate if you start dressing them up for the photo shoots. That’s when you know you’ve really got a problem.

    I can’t believe you gave away the tortoise shell kitty. She’s beautiful.

  14. The cats are adorable…

    I’ve got some info for you. I had to take Michael to airport ridiculously early this morning and listened to a lot of talk radio. There was a vet on who said that the cure for dogs or pets with storm phobias is to rub a fabric softner sheet on their coats. It releases the static or electric charge that is building up in their coats. Something like that. Had to tell you.

  15. Kiiiittiiies!! 🙂

  16. Hypoallergenic is my favorite kind! I loved your comment, btw. Thanks for sharing that.

  17. You’ve been blogging for so long…we’re really going to miss you.

  18. I’m more a dog person but seeing these photos I think I could be converted.

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