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Some random photos

I have a folder that I created just to keep photos (copies actually) that I may use in my blog. Once I have used them I delete them. Every now and then I put stuff in there that doesn’t end up in a post. Well, this post will be the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of them…


If that thing over my left shoulder looks a lot like a car engine mounted on a pivot stand with the tail shaft sticking out the back, that’s because it is. These things are called long boats, and this is what they look like…

If that rock looks familiar, it’s because it was in James Bond film, I don’t know which one but somebody probably does.


The shower facilities aren’t the best, but the views are pretty good.



15 Responses

  1. Wow some beatiful views you got there;)

  2. Wow, that’s gorgeous scenery. Are those engines loud?

  3. Whew. For a moment there when you mentioned the shower facilities, I got a little aprehensive.

    I think that rock was also in Pirates of the Carribean? I don’t know which James Bond Movie it was in.

  4. OH. Did I mention I’m envious.

  5. It was The Man with Golden Gun. I love the area near that rock – Phang Nga Bay has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Although I didn’t find that particular island to be the best! Did you happen to do any of the sea kayak tours? The internal caves (hongs?) hidden in the middle of islands that you can only get to through very low tunnels by lying down in a kayak were breathtaking.

  6. Neat, I love the photosets on this site. Gives the me the travel bug something fierce and makes me wish I could afford that one grand adventure per year.

  7. I enjoyed seeing these photos!

    I am a fan of 007. 🙂 Perhaps not all of them.. lol.. but still …. They gave me the phone # 7007 When I asked for it simply because I never can seem to remember numbers in the proper order.

    Who cares about the showers? The rest is fabulous!

  8. Melissa – They are quite loud, as loud as a car without an exhaust system or a hood. And sitting right next to it isn’t a good idea d’oh!

  9. p.s. loved seeing you as well!

  10. I love random photo day! Lovely, lovely pictures of adventures I will never have! I’m too jealous!

  11. When were these taken? All the pics were great, but I wish the first one was lighter.

  12. Great pictures. I’d love to be someplace exotic and tropical like that right now.

  13. Wow, that looks like some trip.

  14. I’d deal with noisy car engines for a slice of that.

    Now you’ve got me humming the 007 theme song…

  15. wonderful photos to take my dreaming mind off into never-never land! well, maybe into not-now land. fun to think of –

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