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Looking for Fun Monday?


Yep , that’s me.

17 Responses

  1. Love the comment bubble!! cutiepie…

  2. You were born cute! I noticed your eyes and smile in the other photo.. so fabulously alive!

  3. very cute. I think I had a shirt like that at the same age 😉

  4. You already have that mischievous twinkle in your eye! Do you remember exactly what you were pointing to anyway?

  5. Have you posted this stinkin’ cute picture before? Or have I simply seen enough baby pictures of you by now that I could pick that face out of a crowd?

    I think you meant to be pointing with your middle finger….

  6. awwwwwww what a cutie

  7. You were quite handsome…then.

  8. that is so cute what happened-(joke)

  9. Wow, so you were born in the days when photos were in black and white and your speech showed up in comic bubbles above your head, huh? Awesome.

  10. Figures you’d be pointing down under.

  11. I thought everything everybody “up there” _/ thought.
    Plus, I thought about how sweet it was for your family to take so many pictures.

    I know my mom loved me, but as was number 8, she must have thrown the camera away.

  12. Dear willowtree. Bahhh gratuitous baby pic.

  13. Cutiepie or what!

  14. Very clever.

  15. Karmyn just took the words right out of my mouth…was going to say how clever of you. It’s too late to come up with something else. Haven’t had the time to be visiting blogs for a long time and just thought I’d see if you were still here.

  16. How’s Buddy doing ?

  17. LOL, very cute!

    Did your mom tell you what you were pointing at?

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