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Multi dimensional person.

I was watching the news today and there was an item about some Mega Lottery in the States being worth over $350mil. They were interviewing people buying tickets and asking them what they would do if they won, most said go shopping, one said buy a house. Btw, studies show that those from low socio-economic environments who win will invariably end up back on the public because they are given money but not financial advice (but that’s another issue).

What got my attention however, was the paradox of person that answered "Well first of all I’m going to tithe to my church, then I’m going to hire the best divorce lawyer in New York". I have an opinion on this response, but I’d rather hear yours first.

(if you need the demographic in order to formulate your opinion, although you shouldn’t, its: middle aged, well dressed, African American woman) what are your thoughts?


30 Responses

  1. Thought #1: Glad you’re in the land of the living.

    Thought #2: :/…shakin’ my head, sad about how professing Christians “look” sometimes…. me included.

  2. Hey! That’s here in NY – I saw signs for it today. Why didn’t I buy a ticket?

    The “paradox” doesn’t surprise me, because it’s the tithe that will get her into heaven – the divorce is forgiven if she gives enough. You know, like a modern sale of indulgences – it’s just not framed in those clearly defined terms anymore.

  3. I’ve heard that most lottery winners end up bankrupt….but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take the chance and win.

    I wholeheartedly agree that she should tithe (except I would be giving money to the Arts, Schools of Learning, and other charitable organizations of my choosing)….best divorce attorney? Hmmm….nope, considering I’m getting the oil money. I guess he can have some of the lottery money.

    Oh – that last part is all about my post for tomorrow! (yes, I’m pimping).

  4. She’s already separated and doesn’t have the money to file divorce papers.

    I was talking with my middle daughter tonight about that money because I didn’t go buy tickets, she did. We discussed the probabilities of a person ending up worse than before. One couple had their grandaughter murdered during botched ransom ordeal. No money is worth losing family.

    People who tithe and/or give to charity usually have a better idea of their budget than those who don’t. Maybe she thought He was listening. (God, not her husband)

  5. ps. no Mark. Tithe is works. It won’t get you anything but a tax write off.

  6. I guess Im silly cause the first darn thing I’d do is pay of my current stuff ya know like finish paying off my house and school loans;P HUH Sad that the divorce thing. and mentioning that with the tithe thing is just odd. Im probably the wrong person to ask on this one.

  7. My thoughts? Typical. Does not surprise me at all. Actually, I thought it was a punchline to some joke I forgot long ago.
    At least she had “giving to a charitable organization” on top of her list of MegaMillions to-dos. But it’s just so wrong in so many ways. Why not hire New York’s best marriage counselor?

  8. Without knowing the whole story ( what IS her husband really like?) who can say ?

    On face value it would appear that the church gives her the support needed to endure her marriage. Or that she does not want to share. Or lose most of the money through her marriage. Appearances are not everything. However, since most winners go broke one might simply say, “Enjoy the ride! ”

  9. So if she doesn’t win the lottery is she going to stay married to the guy? I think her thinking is a bit confused. She should probably be saving the money she is spending on lottery tickets to get a good divorce lawyer, and then worry about winning the lottery.

  10. Dear willowtree. Me thoughts are… that she’s a sinner.

  11. I wonder if Pamela’s right because otherwise it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Either way it’s sad. I like the comment about hiring the best marriage counselor instead.

    If I won the lottery I would 1) tithe/give to charity, 2) pay off debt, 3) make some wise investments so I wouldn’t end up like so many of the lottery winners I’ve heard about, 4) buy things for my family and friends (and myself) that they’ve always wanted–in that order. That’s a pretty big if, though, since I’d have to have an angel speaking to me from a burning bush or something to actually buy the lottery ticket in the first place.

  12. I’m not sure what to say. It seems so sad and wrong. I can’t imagine money being the only thing that would prevent you from getting divorced. If the situation were that dismal she should (would?) already have done everything she could to leave. Maybe she was joking? I like to think she was joking.

  13. enid thinks she had a registry office wedding, then became a born-again christian, so now if she’s rich, she wants to divorce so she can have a big church wedding and wear a meringue dress. she needs a good lawyer because the marriage is in really good shape.

  14. i got 4 easy picks and only had one number correct. dude, that 350 million was meant for me! (and no, i am not the above mentioned woman thankyouverymuch)

    (love enid’s answer!)

  15. aren’t we jumping to conclusions here?? I mean, what if the lawyer is for her sister or someone (hehe)…either way, she’d be better off to get the divorce before winning cause the hubby would still be entitled to his share!

  16. Oh, god. That madness made the news all the way across the planet to where you are? And I thought I was tired of hearing about it over here! I’m so sorry you had to listen to that!

    I’d pay off debts, invest some $ amount with something and use that interest as monthly donations to an animal shelter or two; save the rest.

    Tithing is not what gets you into heaven, neither is works. The “sad” (depending on which side of it you are) truth is that all you have to do is believe you’re a sinner and that your saviour was sent to antone for your sins. Doesn’t matter how rich you are, whether or not you’re a criminal or how many good deeds you’ve done. If we believe, we’re all going. We might not all have the same “treasures in heaven” when we get there, based on who we were, but we’ll still be there.

    If that lady finds the “best” divorce lawyer, I hope she’s prepared to pay the steep fee he’s going to require from her winnings.

  17. She wants to get rid of a dead beat husband and right now can’t afford to.

    I never play the lottery. It’s new here to Oklahoma. I always say that if one day I do play and I win I will tithe 20 % instead of 10% to make for the fact that I had a windfall profit from gambeling. You can make deals with God right?

  18. I work in one of those places that sells mega-millions, which I still agree with Jeff Foxworthy’s observation that it is the poor man’s retirement fund, and I hate the blasted things. I mean what are the odds of winning? A brazillian, as bush would say?

    All this lady is saying she is thanking God for giving her the money to get a divorce from the idiot she’s married to. However, If I were her, I would get the divorce first, then move to the Cayman Islands.

  19. Wow, am I the only one who read that and just laughed? My only response was “Haha – what a loser”.

  20. I ditto Jen’s 3rd paragraph.

    I don’t know the lady’s whole story, so I can’t really comment on what she said. Maybe she has the world’s worst lying, cheating husband, and has been wanting to leave him for a long time, but hasn’t been able to afford to.

    I’m an oddball–I would rather earn my own money the hard way than have it given to me or win it.

    If I ended up with a lot I’d probably give most of it away to church, school, programs that actually help people, and I’d help out family members and close friends, etc. And I’d buy an oceanside home in Maui 🙂

  21. Wow. Wouldn’t get a divorce tho, cuz then the guy gets HALF. I’d use it to my advantage for a few years…make him beg.

    We had this discussion at the office today – what would we do with the money? Well, only two of us would still work (me included). We’d all pay our debt. I would donate a large portion to fund another “Center for the Intrepid” like the one in San Antonio, TX, to help care for our wounded soldiers.

  22. I’m not gettin’ that one AT ALL! Bizarre! The term “double standard” was the first thing that popped into my mind. STRANGE.

    She must not be living in a community property state.

  23. Thanks everyone, looks like I’m not so strange after all. I don’t think there’s one comment here that didn’t pass through my mind when I saw this on TV.

    All I can say is that is sad that even when talking about winning mega-bucks, her thoughts are tainted by the obvious dislike she has for her spouse (for whatever reason).

  24. A great line from some old movie …this old lady says (speaking about marrying the man she loved) “And over the past 50 years, every day our love has blossomed–into hate.” hahahah!

  25. I have come here a few times today, thinking about leaving a comment, and then leaving because I can’t come up with anything interesting to say about lotto lady. Ah, the great state of confusion…

  26. Look, I left Old Crone from when I was at Marnie’s blog. I’m all over it today! Woo!

  27. Maybe my being agnostic lends itself well to this situation. I completely get it.

    If I were in this woman’s shoes (i.e. unhappily married), I’d divorce my husband because I know I want to be rid of him (good and rid, hence the “best” lawyer bit). and then I’d tithe the church as well…just in case. 😉

  28. There are some great comments here and I can think of nothing original to add.

  29. I would buy a new front toof.

  30. I’d buy Tahiti. And live there.

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