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Where’s the beef?

Remember Clara (I think that was her name), the old lady who wanted to know where the beef was? Well she has nothing to do with this post, truth is it’s a pretty boring story so I thought I’d try to distract you by trying to get you get you to remember the commercial, it was for a hamburger chain but I forget which one.

Anyway, this happened a couple of days ago. I wish is was more exciting than it is, or funnier (hell I’d settle for it being interesting!), but it kind of fizzles out at the end. But for now let’s start at the beginning. A couple of days ago (did I already mention that?) I went to get the newspaper and as I pulled out of my place I noticed a huge Hereford bull (seriously, I mean this was one big mofo) casually walking along the road near my place.

I thought to my self that someone must be missing  one somewhere, but didn’t think any more of it until I got back from buying the newspaper and saw this…


Yep, he decided that the shade provided my trees would be a nice place to spend the day. Want a closer look? Here…


You should have seen his balls, they looked like a couple of cantaloupes in a sack! Notice that the fence is behind him, that’s actually not the ideal side for it to be on for safety purposes. So I sent the dogs down to move him one, yeah right! that worked. He stayed there for a few hours and then just wandered away.

Oh yeah, I did manage to find out who he belonged to, no it wasn’t my neighbor who has five bulls in the paddock next to my place (his are all Aberdeen Angus). I went around to their place but apparently but they were at a rodeo for the weekend so I don’t really know what happened in the end but I hope they got him back, those bastards are worth a lot of money.


19 Responses

  1. Not the “wildlife” you imagine when you think of Australia, but potentially life-threatening all the same. Glad you and the dogs managed to endure the ordeal unharmed!

  2. Right. It does need a better, more exciting ending. Like he began chasing you (you were wearing a red shirt)and just in the nick of time Bentley and Buddy come to the rescue….

  3. ha ha !!Can tell you never spent a lot of time on a ranch! Beautiful bull. 🙂

    Yes, Clara Peller.. did the “Where’s the Beef?” commercials for Wendy’s. She was a kick.

  4. p.s. I’m waiting for a new picture of Buddy, please. 🙂

  5. that’s some bull!!!

    my brother used to have a yellow t-shirt in the 80’s that had “where’s the beef” written in big red block letters.

  6. you could have had some tough steaks for lunch and a freezer full of ground beef???

  7. Maybe the Dingo’s took him down for an afternoon snack…yeah right.

    and I see Katie got the answer out before I did – but Wendy’s is the chain from that commercial. They’ve gone odwnhill since.l

  8. dangnabbit – DOWNHILL

  9. I think they’ve gone odwnhill as well as downhill. Really, both terms work.

  10. Handsome looking creature- fancy sending the dogs you should have been down there now that might have made an interesting photo!!!

  11. I like Wendy’s Frosties – although I haven’t had one in about 3 years. Never tried the vanilla Frosty either.

    That’s a lot of bull to be skinning and filleting ! You could marinate the meat. Make it into chorizo… actually the possibilities appear endless.

  12. I wonder what Clara would have said at the sight of calf nuts the size of cantaloupes??

  13. My DH likely would have shot and butchered him. “He was on my property.”

    I hope the big guy found his way home again.

    That’s the kind of “wildlife” I see around here. And pheasants. Lots of pheasants and turkeys feed close to the roads each day as I drive to work. I almost ran over a dumb pheasant that walked out in front of my car today.

  14. your funny.. i don’t have to worry bout that anymore thankfully but the cows down by my dad place used to get loose all the time they would walk right into the yard.. dude and we had big dogs at the time so i was worried.. dogs that like to chase critters;P

  15. Claudia,

    “THERE’S the beef!!!!!!”

  16. A couple of cantelopes in a sack. Now THERE is a visual that I totally could have done without.


    Cheers anyway, Willowtree. Hope you are doing awesome this fine evening. (or whatever fricken time it is where you are!!!!)

  17. no, Robin, that would be too obvious no? I’m actually imagining her inspecting the bull balls like she did the hamburger…maybe something like, “that’s some beef!!”

  18. Hope he doesn’t venture close to Ree’s place…his cantaloupes will be pictured on her next post.

  19. “They were like a couple of canteloupes in a sack.”

    I will remember that phrase for always.

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