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Grey’s a nut to me.

Rant alert!!…

Before I start I’d like to make two things clear. 1) I’m not a prude and 2) I don’t watch Gr@y’s An@t*my. Having cleared that up, I’d just like to make the point that the writer’s of Gr@y’s have totally lost touch with reality and are doing no-one any great service by putting out the crap that should be called High School Hospital. Why do I think this? Read on McDuff….

I don’t have a problem with all the Interns being catwalk ready, I don’t even have a problem with there being a seemingly disproportionate number of trainee women surgeons (I thought I might be imagining it, so I got the stats for you to see for yourself). Hell it’s not even the fact that they all seem to spend more time getting drunk and screwing than caring for the patients.

No, it’s none of the above (almost), its the fact that these moron writers insist on insulting my intelligence by staffing this particular hospital with possibly the last 50 knuckleheads in America who haven’t heard of Safe Sex. I watched the first episode because it had such a huge build up and what did I see? Two people who don’t even know each other’s names waking up next to each other after a night of hide the sausage. And surprise! surprise! It’s the chief neurosurgeon and the brilliant but flawed intern, Mer*d!th Gr@y. I just hope they scrubbed properly before their first operation.

As I said, I’m no prude, in fact I’ve needed a shot of penicillin a couple of times myself over the years, but that was well before AIDS. But what these fuckwitt writers are spewing forth is unbelievable! I don’t even watch it and I know that the valedictorian Asian intern got pregnant, the gay in real life doctor got an STD from a nurse who got it from the not gay in real life doctor, all of the staff thought they might have it so they all got a shot, and now the title character is pregnant but doesn’t know which of two guys she’s had unprotected sex with in the past week is the father, it’s either the one who is also having unprotected sex with his wife or the vet who in a future episode is probably going to have unprotected sex with one of his patients.

Give me a fucking break! This show would put forward a better health message if all the doctors smoked during surgery.

Update** I deleted any reference to Gr@y’s An*t@my in the hopes of preventing any more morons from finding this blog through Google.


32 Responses

  1. WT: Even though I love watching Grey’s (or I did before we moved to Ireland, where they are still on season two), I enjoyed your analysis very much. And. . .you’re right.
    It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Some of us just. can’t. turn. away. It is so. . .not real. . . and everyone is such a dirty, dirty whore that it is funny/sad/just twisted. The over-the-top drama totally sucks me in! Or it did. I can’t say my quality of life has improved or suffered since I pulled the plug on Grey’s. . but certainly my general level of exasperation over the stupid, weird sideline medical cases has gone away. (Like when the 38-week pregnant woman lost her baby from falling the shower (no medical explanation provided) and I was 6 weeks pregnant and it totally put me in a tailspin–yeah, that’s great TV!) Sorry to be wordy, but I had some coffee this morning and am wired!

  2. Grey’s Anatomy, what am I missing out on? Never heard of it myself, does that make me sad or highly intellectual?

  3. Thanks for summing it up for me so I don’t have to watch for a while, you have saved my intelligence.

  4. Personally, I watch it for the commercials.

  5. giggling… commercials, eh?

  6. This just confirms what I always suspected and why I have never had any desire to watch even five minutes of Grey’s Anatomy. It sounds like ER on Viagra. My SIL watches all the time and has already informed us that she would like the DVD set of all the seasons of both Grey’s Anatomy and Sex in the City. She also insists on talking about it. A lot. And insisting that I watch it. That’s when I launch into descriptions of gory CSI scenes to shut her up. Oh, I like my SIL even if she is a total girly-girl, but good Lord, how much Grey’s Anatomy talk must I bear?

  7. Hmmm…that’s funny. It made me wish I’d gone to Med school.

  8. my mom’s a nurse and corrects all of their medical mistakes while watching it. i myself watch it for patrick dempsey. (anyone got a drippy bib for me?)

  9. Haven’t been able to visit here in a long time and WHAT?…no pictures or anything? Just a Gene Shalit critique of a show I never watch. Oh, I admit, as I surf through the channels I’ve feasted my eyes on Mr.Dempsey, but have never watched it for longer than an quiver. So, with that said, I’ll try to take the time to read what I’ve missed here the last two weeks.

  10. Okay – I’m assuming you’re watching the first season, right?

    Well, it DOES get kinda soap-opera-ish. When “ER” first came out, it was nitty and gritty and hard-hitting action – then it degenerated into a soap opera. “Grey’s” is more complex, mostly due to the flawed characters – but does get very silly.

    At least they have a main character who is a REGULAR-SIZED WOMAN as a doctor – which I think is awesome. And my husband nurse says they get things wrong on there ALL THE TIME. I prefer “House.” And it is more your style!

  11. Whaaaa? Meredith is pregnant,

    I wonder if they left that episode out in the states.

  12. Not being a GA watcher, I am clueless – HOWEVER –

    There are TONS of shows that have everyone jumping around bedrooms…every time I watch a movie and the couple have sex I cringe at the lack of safeness.

    Somehow – the whole “Doomsday AIDS” campaign has disappeared. People forget it is still out there – causing death and destruction where ever it goes.

    You should write a letter to the writers and complain (or make them aware)

  13. I sometimes watch GA. It’s kind of like rubbernecking at an accident site. I cringe to think that the next time I’m in a hospital the doctors might be more concerned with who they’re currently screwing than about me. I must be the only woman in America who doesn’t think McDreamy is dreamy. He looks like a scumbag to me.

  14. Hi WT! You know I started watching Grey’s anatomy while I was still waitlisted at a medical school. I had worked in hospitals for five years and a LOT of the “medical” things they do on that show are just wrong. Wrong as in a real hospital with real doctors would never do half of the crazy stuff they do. I really thought I loved this show but it’s an assault on my senses. EVERY single freaking week something happens that triggers an almost depressive state in me. Someone always dies and real, true hospital life is not nearly that filled with dramatic deaths. It has now gotten to the point that I don’t want to watch this show because I know I will end up unbearably sad as I remember my own personal miscarriages, car wrecks, loss of friends, etc. When you watch something and every single week it is a punch in the nose you quit wanting to subject yourself to it. Life is sad enough, why add to it with fictional sadness? And I agree with you, that is the most crazy horny hospital staff I’ve ever heard of in my life!
    Oh! I also can not stand Patrick Dempsey. To me he will always be the guy with a boombox on a lawnmower, the guy who taught everyone a mating ritual dance at their senior prom. To me he will always be “that” geek!

  15. let me get this straight – people are taking your advice on a show you admit in the first paragraph of your post you don’t watch.
    its TV people, it not real life its not supposed to be real life. Ever spent an hour in an emergency room, its not entertaining. i wouldn’t watch it as tv.
    Mer was never pregnant on the show – which again goes to show you don’t watch it.
    this post is like voting after just watching ad commercials.

  16. Your elitist anti-Grey’s attitude has no effect on me.

    And Mer thought she was pregnant – but really she had appendicitis.

    Also? Patrick Dempsey? Hawt.

  17. Melissa – I’m not being elitist, I like a lot of Medical dramas, this just doesn’t happen to be one of them. What I’m saying, is that a lot of people do watch it and the main theme seems to be unprotected sex, which in this day and age isn’t the best idea. And if you don’t think the show is influential, just read Raquita’s comment.

    Raquita – Let me get this straight, you come out of nowhere to comment on a blog you’ve never read before to criticize its readers and defend a TV show. Interesting.

    I’ve never seen you before so I assume you must have come here via a GA search or something. If you like GA that’s fine by me, not everyone has to be a thinker. I’ve said nothing about those who watch it, unlike you who have passed judgment on those who read this blog.

    “Mer was never pregnant on the show – which again goes to show you don’t watch it.”…No shit Sherlock! Did you figure that out yourself or did you read where I said I didn’t watch it. But actually it doesn’t show that at all, what it shows is that at the time of writing the post, that episode has not been aired here. The reason I thought she was pregnant is because that’s what all the teasers have been saying for the past week in an effort to get me to watch the show.

    “Ever spent an hour in an emergency room, its not entertaining”. Yes I have, quite a few in fact, on numerous occasions, but that’s irrelevant because a) that’s not what the post was about, and b) ER is about emergency rooms, GA is about idiots who think a condom is a form of housing tenure. I didn’t say anything about being entertaining, I said it was being irresponsible by promoting unprotected sex when everyone else is trying to curb the practice, but then some demographics just don’t get it.

    “this post is like voting after just watching ad commercials.” And your comment is like voting for Bush, again.

    Oh, I think your show has started.

  18. WT – that was my dry wit making a joke at your expense. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be having such a serious discussion. 😉

  19. Oh, and the main theme isn’t unprotected sex. It’s unprotected sex with hotties.

  20. The bits I have seen of it consistently annoy the hell out of me because it’s a freakin’ soap opera! OH the drama of a neurotic skin and bones intern! Puhleeze.

  21. Melissa – My apologies, it wasn’t supposed to be a serious discussion (it’s a TV show for crying out loud!). Your comment was next to one that seemed to take a stand against my post, and it looked like you were continuing the theme, so I guess it was guilt by association. Plus you have been known to speak your mind in response to something I’ve said (numerous times, both with and without winks ;).

    I’m a Scrubs guy myself, much more realistic.

  22. LOL! This is precisely why I stopped watching it during season two! It ceased to leave me going “NO WAY!” at the end of every show, and the discovery of the writers’ blogs about why they wrote the scripts they wrote and realizing they’d based it all on their own experiences really turned me off to the show. I watch t.v. to escape reality, not relive someone else’s.

  23. Oh don’t worry about it – I’m not. I love Scrubs. If Zach Braff didn’t have those weird purple lips? Also Hawt.

  24. I am *so* glad I came back to read the rest of the comments today! I was beginning to think *I* was the only woman alive who wasn’t drooling over Patrick Dempsey. I remember him from way back when, too. Though he’s gotten a little better with age, he’s still just not right. He’s still both little sleezy and a little geeky to me. He just *looks* like a weasel. I cringed when I watched “Sweet Home Alabama” and saw Reese Witherspoon trying to trade in that hunk with the southern drawl for (eww) *him*. Can we start an anti-fan club for Mr. Dempsey? I’m sorry this comment got so long, but as you can see, I am quite passionate about my dislike for McBarfy.

  25. Raquita – I case you’re wondering…No I didn’t read your comment before I deleted it. But thanks for writing, now go and wobl somewhere else.

  26. Your funny WT dude really funny LOL I can’t believe someone got serious on this? for real?

  27. Oh… I remember the appendix episode.

    … Hey! the hubby and I watch it and rip it apart episode to episode. Stuff happens and we say “no way…. that is so wrong.” But we keep watching it. What can I say. We need some mindless entertainment until Dancing With the Stars returns in two weeks.
    We only watch those two and Desp. Housewives on network. BUT, we do watch dirty jobs and Mystbusters on cable.
    (: and Paul McCartney’s Ex is going to be dancing with her wooden leg. Okay, it isn’t wooden. I’m sure it is a state of the art prosthetic…. but I thought wooden sounded kinda funny.

  28. LOL, WT, your blog comments are more entertaining than that show.

    I don’t watch GA. Doesn’t interest me at all.

  29. Hey willow…. glad you enjoyed my blog on the tunnels. 🙂

    As far as Grey’s is concerned. I watch Grey’s for the same reason I watch General Hospital or One Life to Live. Soap operas help me to escape the mondane in my own life, even if only for an hour.

    But you are right. It’s not just Grey’s, but pretty much everything on TV sucks.

  30. “High School Hospital” HA! Love it!

    I totally agree. I wondered for a long time (before watching it) what the big hype was. Then I watched a few episodes and discovered, it really is all about what it’s called, Grey’s ANATOMY. But then again… it’s not as if it’s sunk to an all time low compared to everything else that is on t.v. I’d rather watch American Cheese… er… I mean American Idol.

  31. You are getting the silent treatment for THREE WHOLE MINUTES for speaking like this about the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!1

    You did this just to provoke me, didn’t you? You obviously wouldn’t know good TV if it slapped you upside the head. Go back to your Three’s Company reruns and leave the ground-breaking and riveting TV to the rest of us.

    Ladies, did you see the episode of McDreamy and Meredith in the bubble bath? My god, I had hot dreams for weeks. If that’s not brilliant use of my television time I don’t know what is. Who cares what they say or do, as long as I can look at Dreamy McDreamerson I’m happy.

    I also hope they add a show featuring sharing hypodermic needles along with the unsafe sex practices… I think it would kick it up a notch. Or maybe they should all get coked up and perform brain surgery. They should try that for sweeps week.

    Nothing will turn me off of this show… despite knowing all to well that the show has absolutely nothing to do with working in a “real” hospital. If it were a real hospital, Meredith would have had herself a toe tag by the second special episode and we would have had to watch that totally predictable episode of her in “heaven”.

    There WT, I’ve spoiled it for you… you need not watch any more. But I will let you know when all the docs are shooting up so you can write a letter to the network. Heheh.

  32. *silent treatment starts now*

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