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Dog Pics.

I let the boys out for a run today and they found some new perfume, I think it’s called Fiction but to me it just smells like bullshit…


Just a few dabs behind the ears and I’m away…


Now all I have to do is lay here and wait for the girls to show up….



15 Responses

  1. oh pugh

  2. That is so funny and so not funny all at the same time;P My dogs have a love of cow shit. My dads house just happened to be next to a field of horses and cattle. never failed everday those little buggers would go roll in it. grrrr.

  3. Well that is just a shitty picture.

  4. Good to know it’s not just MY dogs who douse themselces in Eau de Poop before a special event. Well, not in bull caca (even though they are in TX, cattle just don’t roam the suburbs) but they’ll roll on any dead snake/critter who has the audacity to expire in their space. Love the pics and post. Will have more pup pics for you soon!

  5. haha Thank you Peter! Great to see your guys again!

    My neighbor’s poodle ( Fifi) comes over to roll in my horse manure. It drives Nan crazy!

    On the other hand my dogs seem to ignore it… although Bella has yet to spend a lot of time with the horses. She appears to me a very mouthy puppy. Yesterday it was my linen off the line. Still.. she’s so dang cute!

  6. you never know what attracts the opposite sex.

  7. Nasty…Growing up the neighbor would fertilize his garden with (I SWEAR IT) fresh manure and my dogs would have a heyday.

  8. So, when are you guys going to bathe…this weekend or next? Hopefully, they didn’t eat any of what they rolled in. Makes for some sweet-smellin’ puppy kisses.

  9. LOL at Swampy comment…just wot I was tinkin’ bout the sweet smells.

  10. I remember when my Uncle Bruce still lived in town–well, out in the country really. And he had this dog named Toco, and he would eat anything (and I do mean anything).

    And one day while visiting my Uncle I walked across the front lawn and went by Taco and I looked at what he was chewing on–(I think you know were this one is heading?) He was chewing on (gag) a dried out cow pie.



  11. ha ha Janice! The dogs at the stables were always running off with hoof peels…. good chewies !

  12. This sounds like the dating philosophy my painter might’ve used…he kept sayin’ “he couldn’t keep a woman”….

    Ummm, yeah….that was before he died :/.

  13. Wow, the boys struck gold! I can imagine their glee.

    Growing up out in the country, our dogs often found a good variety of droppings to delve into. They especially enjoyed this activity right after getting a bath, so they would smell good again 😉

    At least your dogs have short hair. We had to clean an Irish Setter and a Golden Retriever.

    Thanks for your comments at my place. I appreciate your insight.

  14. Hi there WT! Cute dog pics, but I’m ever so glad that “smell-o-vision” never really happened because “smell-o-internet” would be EXTREMELY nasty! And all I can say is WOW to the rabid GA fan who made it to your blog, how can anyone take a TV show that seriously?

  15. Oh, that’s quite lovely.

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