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Fun Monday #8

Fun_monday_2_4This week’s Fun Monday is brought to you by Beccy at Peppermint Tea, we are "to post a recipe that would inspire me to get into the kitchen to chop, cut, grate, boil, steam, roast, chill, freeze and eat, eat, eat."

Well, I don’t know if mine inspire any of that but what the heck, here goes. Oh by the way, the few I’ve seen so far have been for several courses, I’m just doing dessert.

I’ve chosen that famous Aussie institution, The Pavlova. I’m not certain, but I think Pavlova is strine for "a gooey lump of cooked egg whites and sugar, topped with a bigger lump of whipped cream and some sort of fruit".

Don’t listen to the Kiwi bullshit, this was invented in Oz and named after the famous Russian dancer, Anna Pavlova. If you grew up in Oz in the fifties and sixties, they were impossible to avoid, because every 21st Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Milestone Anniversary (or any gathering of three or more people come to think of it) was accompanied by a Pavlova.

Don’t if you live in America, you can get all the ingredients required to make this monument to calorific intake, in fact the recipe I’ve chosen is from the ex-governor of Idaho.

So let’s have at it……

    4 egg whites at room temperature
    1 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon white vinegar
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/2 Tablespoon cornstarch

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Beat egg whites until they start to form soft peaks. Gradually add sugar, beating constantly. Continue beating until mixture forms stiff peaks. Fold in vinegar, vanilla, and cornstarch. Mound meringue on cookie sheet. Indent with back of spoon to form a bowl shape. Bake for 1-1/2 hours. Turn oven off and allow meringue to dry in cooling oven. Place meringue on serving plate. Fill with whipped cream and top with fresh fruit.

If all goes well you should get something like this….

If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you could probably just go out and buy a Lemon Meringue pie, scrape the top onto a cookie dish, bake it unit it gets a slightly crunchy crust and then throw your cream on top with the fruit. You can then call what’s left of the pie a Lemon Boston or something.


25 Responses

  1. I am so impressed willowtree, that looks one good pavlova, posh cream as well. I have to ask did you make this? If so can I come to dinner, (well I’ll make the dessert course anyway)!

  2. When visiting my in-laws in Toronto, Canada, I decided to cook my sister in law and her family an Aussie meal. Forget that I had never made a pav before, I decided to make one. Hint to you all: Don’t ever get Celsius and Farenheit mixed up. And you cook pavs in a SLOW not in a VERY HOT oven. I filled the whole house with lots of smoke. There was no dessert that night.

  3. Wow…what for a delicious cake!I´m hungry…

  4. When do you add the kukaburras and kangaroo parts?

  5. As a dancer in the first third of my life, of course I knew of Anna Pavlova….and every time I saw or heard of someone making a Pavlova I thought of her. But until today, I didn’t know it was named after her. Something elegant, beautiful, colorful…seems about right.

    If they were naming a dessert after me, it’d definitely have to have chocolate, caffeine (I know, redundant), and cayenne.

    Your work is impressive, did you eat the whole thing? Or invite the neighbors for coffee and dessert? (yep…rofl)

  6. pavlovas were part of enidd’s past too – think the whole thing came over to the uk from oz, like dame edna everage and kylie, but better. it’s time they had a revival, yum. yours looks fab, too.

  7. So what does the rest of an Australian meal look like? I’m figuring it’s somewhere between the Vegemite on crackers and a meal at Outback Steak House. Or maybe it’s wallaby stew? The dessert portion looks pretty good anyway.

    I have to ask, why does everyone call Australia Oz? Living in Kansas, there are lots of references to Oz. My dd goes to a gymnastics meet every year that’s called The Land of Oz Invitational. I suppose people think Dorothy just didn’t go very far when she got whisked up in that tornado.

  8. Does it come in a tube?

  9. I never get the egg whites right. Something about me makes them never get stiff (ha ha double entendre not meant but left in anyhow).

  10. I am so impressed and SURPRISED. I was totally bracing myself for something like ‘roo dumplins’ or ‘Vegemite on a koala’ being whipped up by someone in a pirate outfit. But you have outdone yourself here. This looks wonderful. I’ve only had one of these and when I say ONE I mean the whole thing. Not at ONE sitting, but I did myself proud.

  11. Very impressive, WT. This is a recipe I could turn into a disaster for sure!!! When I come visit with my dogs, this will be my request.

  12. mmmm Your pictures make me want one today!!!!!
    Lovely post!

  13. I want some NOW. Yummy recipe.

  14. Very pretty dessert. My mom made a few meringue cookies when I was a kid. She made lemon meringue pie often. I’ve made few meringue pies.

    WT? Are you fond of this dessert? What do you prefer on the whipped cream???

  15. My mom used to make these! She would divide the stuff into six small lumps, and called them “meringue shells.” I haven’t had one in years…she never put any fruit on top. We just ate the shells. GREAT recipe! I never had a copy of Mom’s, so now I can modify yours and enjoy my youth again!

  16. just give me the fruit!!!!!

  17. Man, I love Pavlova and this one just jumps out off the page!
    Great one!

  18. Mmm, looks delicious! Very appealing. I’m impressed.

  19. That looks…good. Are you sure you aren’t hiding kangaroo parts in there?

  20. That looks good.. cept im supposed to lay off the sweets… grrr but the fruit yum;)

  21. Am I the only American who has never heard of a Pavlova? I think something like that was just called: Fruit and Merengue. How clever?

  22. That looks absofruitly lucious. I might have to eat my computer.

    Oh and I love your header tag. HA!! Hilarious!


  23. OhmysweetbabyJesus, that looks INCREDIBLE!!

    Okay, somehow I have to come up with those ingredients and try this!!

  24. I expect you will have forgotten about this post, but I’m just catching up. Pavlova is a firm favourite in our family and this one looks sooo delicious. Beccy is the pavlova queen and hers never fails -mine can be hit or miss that’s my excuse to get beccy doing the cooking when we’re all together.

  25. That looks really good, did you actually make the one with the fresh fruit? Because, if so… I am totally impressed. Very pretty, almost too pretty to eat. Almost 😉

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