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Fun Tuesday.

Yesterday I busted my arse to make a spectacular epicurean delight, and Min posted a comment asking: "Does it come in a tube?".

I had a whole range of emotional reactions to choose from, I could have been:

  • Indignant that she made a joke about our National icon,
  • Insulted that she would suggest I cheated,
  • Amused at the funny line, or
  • Amazed at her naivety

In the end I was disappointed that after a week of intense lessons in Australiana, Min still didn’t have a good grasp on our culture. This is Australia we’re talking about, of course it comes in a tube!


Or to be more precise, it comes in a big plastic egg, a small can, a small plastic tub, and an aerosol can. You can’t beat a can of Diary Whip for whipped cream with an elegant fluted design (the bulk of the cream was real whipped cream). BTW, that thing behind the Thickened Cream is the Kiwi Fruit.

Hey I didn’t say I used the recipe (in fact I just said it was from an ex-governor of Idaho), but it is a valid recipe if you want to make one yourselves and don’t have access to food items with a 45 year shelf life.

I took the picture intending to put it in the original post, but then decided against it hoping I could get away with making you guys think I’m a Kitchen Wizard. Oh well, I’m not too proud to fess up.

19 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you can buy Pavlova magic and I WAS so impressed with you Willowtree!

  2. Oh, you cheated! (Should I admit I didn’t even believe you had made it? Oh me of little faith!)

  3. Heh-heh!! Well done, my friend! Well done!! Take all the help you can get!

  4. Well, now…I’m spectacularly delighted in an epicurean kind of way…

    …you AREN’T a Kitchen Wizard, after all!

  5. The Pavlova Magic container looks a bit like a L’eggs Pantyhose container. I hope it tastes better, although I can’t say I know for sure what pantyhose taste like. I imagine they can’t be good.

    I’m curious about the thickened cream, though. It looks like the jar shows it being spread on a biscuit or scone. Is it eaten that way? Is it like clotted cream? I was introduced to clotted cream on a British Airways flight. No little bag of peanuts for BA customers, I guess. Oh, it’s heavenly on top of scones. I’ve searched for it here without success.

    Waaaaah! I want scones and clotted cream with my coffee!

  6. liar, liar, pants on fire!

  7. Hey, Willowtree, I’ve been meaning to ask if you took the photo used for your header. I *love* that photo.

  8. I feel better so much better now. If you’d made that from scratch you couldn’t have been my long lost brother anymore.

    whew….. wipe sweat from brow… close call.

  9. Whew! I hated the thought of having to actually “cook” while cooking. What a relief!

  10. ROFL! I am laughing so hard right now. Loved how you wrote that post.

    The tube question was on my mind too, but, tube or no tube, you did create a masterpiece worth sharing, so I’ll still give you an A.

  11. I don’t think less of you, WT. Rather, I appreciate the honesty.

  12. ROLF your funny but you did put it together so technically you DID make it.:P to anyone who says otherwise tellem to mind there own busniess LOL your tooooo funny;)

  13. when I saw Min’s comment – I laughed at it, thinking – no way could Pavlova come from a tube. Boy are my eyes opened….You Australians are even lazier than us Americans. I never thought that possible.

  14. Jenni I – Yes they are scones on the label. Thickened cream contains 35% milk fats and is sometimes called whipping cream, clotted cream is a different process. Yes it’s just like the pantyhose egg, but whips much better. Hmmmm come to think of it…

    Jenni II – That’s a picture I took from my front porch.

    Kila – Thank you. The only thing I didn’t do was separate some eggs, everything else is the same.

    Karmyn – These food items have more to do with the availability of fresh food than being lazy.

    We are at the end of the world with a very small population and huge distances so we had to come up with effective storage methods.

    For the older generations it just something we’re used to.

  15. That’s perfectly okay…about the lying. For some reason I often find myself making excuses for my cooking.

  16. Yeah yeah, silent treatment is over. TWO MORE WEEKS and it’s really over. One more class and a final to survive and I am off until July. Woohoo. Watch your back.

    I’m beginning to understand that Australia values innovative packaging… more stuff should be in tubes! Like hamburgers and chicken.

  17. You forgot toothpaste and Preparation H come in a tube, also.

  18. One day we’ll all travel in tubes. Pneumatic tubes.

    Mark my words.

  19. Oh I love canned and processed foods of all nations! I long to try Koos Baked Beans from South Africa, for instance.

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