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A Bridge.

Too lazy to write Wednesday….



25 Responses

  1. I bet this breaks a record for comments…

    A kangaroo river? Ours just have fish.

    Seriously, it’s a beautiful view…do tell where :).

  2. That bridge looks like an accident waiting to happen. You just know it makes kids want to play castle right there in the middle of the road.

  3. Me thinks this picture belongs on Min’s post today. She seems to be posting “residences” that are castles as possible new homes for Ginny. Or, perhaps, her pictures belong on your post.
    Nevertheless, maybe they should make a movie, “The Bridge to Kangaroo River.”

  4. pretty…I know there’s a story there somewhere….

  5. well i, for one, am glad about your laziness cuz that is one beautiful shot.

  6. What’s next? Too drunk to write Thursdays?

  7. The gate
    to your estate.

  8. Beautiful!

    I hope it’s not named Kangaroo River because it’s the kangaroos’ favorite place to jump off a bridge.

  9. Preetty. I notice some cars parked on the side…and picnic tables? Is it a park? do tell please.

  10. Ohhh a fairy princess bridge! Are you a fairy princess?

  11. I like fairy princesses.

  12. The sign “kangaroo river” looks completely out of place next to that bridge.

  13. Wow! You’re too lazy to write, and I finally got off my lazy rear and wrote something. Oh, the irony.

    Beautiful picture – it really doesn’t need words.

  14. Nice bridge. We finally got into the library and are totally wireless. Maegan finished her myspace update and I went to your blog when she finally finished. That’s how I saw your posse, with buddy’s schwantz prominently displayed for inspection by visitors to your blog. Has he no shame? I will be able to see your posts easier now that I know the process here. So get to writing again. And enough of this meal in a tube stuff, if you catch my drift. Dredge up some new fresh material, I’ll be waiting.
    Earl and Maegan

  15. Works for me;)

    nice pic!

  16. Magnificient, well thought out post..you just keep amazing me with your talent.

  17. You’re ignoring me, aren’t you. Fairy princesses always ignore me eventually. *sigh*

  18. Seems to be a castle missing from behind it. Or are you photographing from the castle, perhaps?

  19. I love the this photo of the Bridge! Such a wondrous shot of moods!

  20. “Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.”

  21. Okay, pal. Where did you go?

  22. yeah….where are you??? did a dingo getcha?

  23. Too lazy to comment.


  24. I love the Twin Tower bridge as well. I wish they did more “work” like this. Sometimes I still see it in the old buildings up North.

  25. Too stalker-y to stop commenting Friday!

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