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More clean up

Just posting some photos that didn’t make it into posts so I can delete them from my blog photo directory…


This is Kalgoorlie. See that banner hanging from the railing of the Exchange Hotel?  See the window behind it? That room was my home for about 4 months while working in the goldfields.

A full sized Tonka Toy.


Another full sized toy.

Well that’s it, I’m going back to bed. For those of you who noticed that I haven’t responded to comments lately, don’t worry, I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m ignoring everyone. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake the black dog soon. But at this stage, don’t count on a Fun Monday post.


16 Responses

  1. Are you comment whoring(sheilaing) again?

  2. Hmm, should I say something funny here then to cheer you up? That’s a tough one because it’s late and I should be in bed. Lost brain function some time ago. I was out late at a seafood disco. I pulled a muscle. Yeah I will try harder next time.

  3. WT, I’ll borrow my boys’ airsoft rifle and shoot that damnable beast!!

    Thotherbear–A SEAFOOD DISCO? What the heck is that? Did you pull a muscle crackin’ lobster claws or something? Doin’ a crab walk? If it wasn’t early on a Saturday I’m sure I could come up with some much more imaginative scenarios, instead, nothin’…:/

  4. Peter , I hope you shake the shadow off soon! You are always missed.

    Although – I do love your photos! A belated St Paddies to you!

    I was thinking of you and Buddy yesterday when a snake came over to me to say “Hello!”

    I think he was looking for a snack. Poor junior! I did take a few pictures though and was thankful my dogs were not with me right then.

  5. enidd loves those photos. what did you do in the goldfields? mine gold presumably?

    she hope you’re feeling better tomorrow and can join in with fun monday – you’d be missed!

  6. I got to see some of those “tonka toys” when we did a tour of a coal mining operation a few years back. I was mightily impressed.

    Had you not told me the town was in Au I would have assumed southeast asia by the looks of the building.

    cheer up.

  7. Thanks for the pics and for letting us know you’re there. Hang in there…

  8. I was begining to worry bout you. thank you for letting us know your sorta ok. I hope you get to feelin better soon. My hubs loves those giant sized tonka toys;)

  9. What is it about those big old Tonka trucks that guys love? (all ages, by the way)

  10. I hope you’re up for some fun by Monday.

  11. We need ignoring once in a while…

    …it’s character building.

    *retreats back to dark hole from where I can from*

  12. Gee, I’m sorry you’re not doing so hot. Is this my fault?

  13. Dear willowtree. I was on the Central coast on Friday and thinking about you and your old hood. I’m glad you’ve got photos to fall back on when you don’t feel like talking to us. Love the tonka toy. Take care.

  14. Oh, the black dog. It’s been spending some time at my house too.

    Get some sun, my friend.

  15. Hope your dog is less black today. Maybe black with highlights.

  16. Wow, I’m very afraid of vehicles whose tires are much taller than me. I hope the funk goes away, even though the pictures are beautiful and worth coming here in and of themselves.

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