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Fun Monday #9


This Fun Monday is brought to you by Enidd.

Sorry folks, I tried to be part of this Fun Monday, but I failed. I did write something but when I read it back, even I got bored, and this is what happened to the cat…


Just in case you don’t believe me here’s a summary: I got up and made coffee, read some blogs (still not ready to comment), watched a video, washed the dogs (three days in a row they’ve rolled in cow shit), made dinner, watched TV and went to bed (I haven’t gone to bed yet, but I know nothing is going to happen between now and when I do).


This is the Video I watched. I thought I’d try this Urban Legend (hey you can see my hands in the CD case), I think they’re full of shit!(full of drugs is more likely, maybe that would have worked! Sometimes I miss being permanently stoned, but mostly I don’t). After 30 minutes I got bored and just watched the movie.


And this is a picture of the guys in jail after their bath, they were banished to their room until they dried off a bit (actually, they are still in there!).

That thing on the floor is a 4" x 2" length of wood covered in carpet for the cats to scratch. It used to be on a base that allowed it to stand up, but Buzz kept putting it in a headlock and slamming it to the floor and eventually he managed to break it, so I left it like that (it lasted 12 years before Buzz came along).

I hope you all have a really Fun Monday.


30 Responses

  1. glad you made it! enidd loves the guys in jail – they look as keen on having had a bath as stalin and fluffy do. stalin gets all miserable and sulks until he’s dry.

  2. OH!! Love the babies in jail!!

    And I’d love to watch Buzz put his scratching post into a headlock.

    Man, too bad you weren’t able to prove/disprove that old urban legend!

    Now I’ll have to wait until Bethany grows up so I’ll have time to try it out myself!

  3. Sure looks like a comfy jail to me!

  4. Your day woulda been a heckuva lot more exciting if you had actually drank the coffee (drunk? crap, I can’t remember all of a sudden…) and eaten the dinner you made. How could you go to all that trouble and not done either?

    Never heard of this Urban Legend…funny how those things have staying power, though.

  5. We have the CD somewhere in the house, but not the movie. I remember watching The Wizard of Oz every year about this time when they’d air it on TV. Danny is still scared of those flying monkeys, though, so it’s not a tradition with our kids.

  6. Fun Monday is a contradiction.

    Like all the fun pictures though. 🙂

  7. I love seeing pictures of Booey, Bentley and Buddy. Thank you!

    I need to give my B pups a bath too and dip them. But I’m going for an interview today so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Yesterday I cut hair and cut grass. How exciting is that? lol .. Still is was fun.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  8. Any post with the furbabies is a great post. Keep ’em coming! I’ll have more live shots of our dogs as soon as I get back from vacation and they come to live with us again!!!

  9. Love the cute animal pics, we don’t have any due to allergies by my husband and kids – not me :(.

  10. Some of fun monday participants schedules have nearly caused me to have heat exhuastion.

    I think you need to open a bed and breakfast on tuesdays…. unless there are no tourists besides wandering dogs. (never came back?)

    You could name the Inn — The 3B’s !!

    You could serve that lovely pavlova. I would come and visit.. and help you wash poo-dogs. I miss my dog.

  11. Ok I am having a hard time typing as my daughter is all over the pics of the crittes on your blog… puppy dogs puppy dogs LOL and OMG kitty *grin* she loves the critters.. how cute;) like the others said comfy jail!!! i hate it when they roll in the dookie.. my dogs used to do tht whne we lived next to a farm ugh ugh ugh… turkeys!!

  12. So – did the Urban legend work?

    I know two people who have done it – one sais “yes” the other said, “NO”….but I suspect the “yes” guy was very much altered at the time.

  13. We are surrounded by chicken houses. My dogs used to roll in that sh*t and come home with stinking rotting chickens in their mouths. No more dogs for me. When the last one went I said “enough”. Bathing dogs is exhausting. They look so angelic all clean and imprisoned.

  14. How get wine? In jail?

    Lock me up. Please.

  15. Ugh, that first question should be:

    They get wine?

  16. Hey hey, you’re back from your trip to the magical fairyland, or wherever it was you went. Maybe if I go back a post I’ll see 🙂

    I’d heard of that urban legend before, probably from stoner buddies back in college, but never checked it out myself. I have neither the album not the movie in my possession though so I guess I won’t be finding out anytime soon.

    As for the pooches, my old beagle used to go absolutely blitzkrieg insane after a bath. He’s run up and down stairs, dive-bomb into towels, blankets, and couch covers, and roll everywhere accessible, all to try and get that clean smell off.

  17. Enidd – Yep, they aren’t too happy about the whole bath thing, but they get over it.

    Stephanie – I almost put the pole back together just to see him do it, it was hilarious the way he body slammed it.

    Beccy – It’s comfy alright, but being dogs, they’d rather be in whatever room I’m in.

    Robin – I was summarizing, consumption was implied, it was also what killed Doc Halliday.

    Jenni – Charlie Sheen got dressed like those monkeys in Two and a Half Men, hilarious.

    Brian – Yes it is, but only if you have to go to work.

    Katie – Cutting grass is an adventure for me, rocks are always coming to the surface…hmmm there may be a post in there!

    Sabrina – Yeah, there’s just something about cute critters.

    Amy W – That’s too bad, poodles have a wool rather than fur so they’re good for allergies, but unfortunately they don’t make the best pets.

    Pamela – No, he never came back, I think they must have fixed the fence. That would be the 4B’s. I made another pavlova over the weekend.

    Wolfie – Glad the daughter enjoyed the pics. If I had realised how popular they would be, I’d have cropped them.

    Karmyn – In my opinion, ‘NO’ it didn’t work. Reading the second link, you can see a lot of co-incidences, but as for being a film score, the music didn’t match scenes.

    Mary – You’ve just got to get the right dog. I didn’t, but that’s beside the point!

    Kila – ha ha! I wondered what the hell you were talking about until I checked the picture.

    James – I think being stoned is the secret, but I still don’t think the music matches the action like a score should.

    Bentley does exactly what you described! You have to make sure there’s nothing breakable at floor level for about 15 minutes after he’s been washed. He just goes crazy! Actually I’ve read about this in Beagle books, its an attribute of the breed.

  18. Oh I have never heard that legend before. I am disappointed to hear it doesn’t work. Because for some stupid reason that would have been really cool. Maybe I’ll try it anyway 🙂

  19. That cat is all “I am much too good to associate with these animals that roll in cow shit. I refuse to debase myself by even looking at them. Now put Dorothy back on.”

  20. oh yes I remember that doggy perfume so well. My dog tolerated the baths and being dried with a hair dryer. Your pooches look reasonably contented or are they posing just for the photo!!

  21. Why is it that even “clean” dogs still smell bad till they’ve dried off?

  22. They probably get belly rubs in jail too…

  23. Oh! My baby cat was born March 13th! I should have pictures soon…

  24. Now that’s an urban legend I hadn’t heard of… now I’m afraid there might be more.

  25. That Urban legend never worked for me…but if you put on Alvin and the Chipmunks, it’ll make you laugh.

  26. When I first read Marnie’s comment, I thought it said “Oh! My baby was born March 13th…”, and I looked at the commenter and thought, “MARNIE HAD A BABY AND I MISSED T H A T!!!!” and then I re-read and saw that tiny little word I missed the first time and my heart started beating again.


  27. that urban legend must be true if it was on 90210!! hahah!!
    Love the pics, especially of your kitty on his own version of a bearskin rug!!

  28. shake shake shake shake your booty

    sing that to yourself, your dogs, your cats… stand up in the middle of the room and sing! SING! Shake your booty. It will shake off the black dog as quick as anything.

  29. I had never heard that about the Wizard of Oz before. I do know I don’t have a long enough attention span to try to figure that one out!

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