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When all else fails.

There’s no way I could top yesterday’s post (unless they were giving away free samples), so I’ll just go to my fall back position and post cute critter pics…


Hey what about some hats?…


But wait, there’s more…


And there’s even some here…


Then of course there’s this kind…


One day I’ll show you my coffee mug and shot glass collections.

19 Responses

  1. Me thinks you like hats.

  2. I’m very impressed with how neatly you store your hats!

  3. Wow! I never understood the hat “thing” ! Although to me it is all the same – my older daughter does it with shoes, my younger with purses. 🙂

    I like your bed. Perfect for handcuffs… ha ha! Actually, I love your wooden floor too…
    I love wood used in houses.. beautiful furniture.

  4. What is with all the ball caps? Dh has a gazillion, too. I can never figure out what to do with them. His are all over the place. I’m planning to post about some of my own collections soon. Mine are worse than the hats and threatening to take over the whole house. (The stacks of papers don’t count.)

  5. “Hello my name is Willowtree and I’m addicted to buying hats.”

  6. I know – you should get more hats.

  7. you have a pink bedroom!! cool.

  8. Methinks you have a bit of the packrat disorder. What other museum-like collections of items lurk about Willowtree-manor?

  9. I like the first and last pictures best.

  10. Do your dogs always sleep? Haven’t we discussed this once before? Love the cap/hat collections. In case you didn’t notice, I left a thank you on that X-rated post of yours. I’m so interested in knowing what search words are ending up on your site meter.

  11. Wow, it must really be sunny down there.

    I’d like to see photos of you wearing the hats featured the last photo.

  12. A general response- I come from the land of melanoma and have (had) red hair and freckles, as you would know these don’t go well together. I’ve already had several carcinomas removed so I never leave the house without a hat.

    About a third of the collection were given to me, a sixth come from various teams I’ve played with and the rest I bought.

    Janice – ah, yep.

    Beccy – there’s nothing worse than an untidy hat. (specially if you’re slightly OCD)

    Katie – It’s a guy thing. Thanks for the wood compliment.

    Kenni – Put up some hat racks, then hide anything that doesn’t get hung up, he’ll get the hint.

    Nikki – Hey my name is Willowtree, and I’m addicted to buying hats too! What a coincidence!

    Melissa – I’m always on the lookout for more.

    Claudia – Well one wall at least.

    James – There are a few, some museum like, some sanitarium like.

    Jen – Okay…

    Swampy – They do seem to sleep a lot.

    Kila – It’s very sunny where I am. I don’t usually post recent pictures of me, it’s too depressing.

  13. I’m quite intrigued by the odd assortment of books:

    DaVinci Code
    72 toughest golf holes
    and a random cookbook.

  14. Can you put this in perspective for me? Is this a lifetime worth of hats, or just hats that have been collected in the last month? What time frame are we looking at here? Do you keep all of the ones you have ever had, even when they become dirty and beyond saving? Have you worn every single hat at least once, or are there still some “virgin” hats in your collection? I’m SO impressed! My 7 year old has been playing baseball for 3 years and manages to lose at least one hat per season! It’s the same with his brother although it’s not a big deal this year since he’s not playing. Great collection. The only things I collect are dust and kids.

  15. Karmyn – You blasphemer! That’s not a random cookbook, that’s “The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook” by Margaret Fulton!

    Jenn – There’s about 30 years worth of hats in those photos. All have been worn at least once, although obviously there are favorites. The only hat I’ve ever gotten rid of was one of my more treasured ones that Bentley chewed up when he was a puppy, otherwise I have every one that has come into my possession.

    PS You never get to the point where they are beyond saving (that only happens if you only own one hat), and as for getting dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine.

  16. Nikki stole my line!

    Oh, and email me your address. You NEED a Houston Astros hat. Yep. Sure do.

  17. Am I dreaming or did I see some of these hats on a previous post. Anyway good collection and I thought my mother had a lot of hats!!
    I have recently been in a restaurant in Spain where they have a collection of hats around the room. Some belong to regulars who return each yr. others are just donated at the end of the hol.

  18. Chris – No, you’re not dreaming, but you haven’t seen these hats in a previous post either. You are thinking of the picture of me in a baseball uniform. They were another bunch of hats hats.

  19. your critters are cute as always!!! and wow thats some collection of hats… LOL it looks like my dads collections;)

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