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I’m sitting this one out.

I know you guys will be busy trying to catch up on all the Fun Monday posts, so I won’t hold you up. Fact is for the past few weeks I’ve had a hard time differentiating between my reality and alternate reality anyway. So here’s a non-sequitur picture…


This is a Funeral Home in the main street of Gosford. The owner was a friend of mine, until he committed suicide. The building to the right is my lawyer’s offices, which is where I was going at the time. (don’t worry I wasn’t in trouble, he was handling the purchase the Willow Tree property).


23 Responses

  1. That is definitely NOT what funeral homes look like in these parts…

    Glad you had reason to visit your lawyer and not the other establishment!

  2. That is an interesting building. I am sorry to hear about your friend though. I think it would be a really difficult life.

    The trees are beautiful. Are those apartments behind the building? I like the use of brick throughout.

  3. As long as both the reality and alternate reality are good ones, don’t worry about it. Spend your time in whichever suits you at the moment. If only one of the two is a happy reality, pick that one. If neither is, get yourself an alternate alternate reality that is:o)

  4. I’m realty (ME2 is …well you know who she is)

    so whichever way you’re leaning….. one of us gets it.

    what neither of us get is the two yellow signs. I clicked and made the pix larger, and still they look like broken twix candy bars

  5. great list. love it.
    by the way, several times i’ve tried to leave comments in the past, and typepad had problems.
    not my fault!

  6. Fantastic picture! I also am fascinated by the dog with GI Joe (or the scuba diver doll) Kill! Kill!

  7. Pamela, those look like giant legs. Are there giant, disembodied legs walking around Gosford, WT? Don’t lie. I know the aliens have a home base in Australia.

  8. LOL–as usual, I ditto what Robin said.

    What is reality?

    *”The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” ~ Winston Churchill

    *You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. – Ray Bradbury

    *Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol.

    *Depression is merely anger without the enthusiasm.

    *Reality is a nice place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

    *When it’s dark enough you can see the stars.

  9. I’d like to hear more about both of your realities. It sounds like fun. Sad about the funeral director killing himself, he must have seen too much death in his life.

  10. Being a funeral home director would probably drive me to suicide too.

  11. I kind of sat this one out as well.

    Intersting picture. I’d like to know your friends story. Suicide is such a loss. A great loss.

  12. I’d like to know what the signs are for, too. What a beautiful building and how sad that your former friend committed suicide.

  13. Posting as my alternate reality personality…you’ll just have to guess who it is. Nice picture even if it is of a funeral home. I’m sorry about your friend. I’ve also been affected by the empty feeling suicide brings.

  14. WOW! You actually had a friend that owned a funeral home and committed suicide? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me :\

  15. Let me apologize for my comment. I really meant no disrespect, WT. I’m really wishing I could delete that comment right about now.

    Sheesh. My day just keeps getting worse and worse. Now I’m an insensitive…jerk.

    (*sigh*) I’m sorry. 😦

  16. I certainly wimped out on the fun monday thing didn’t I? Monday is a bad day for me.

  17. Robin – Unfortunately I had to visit the establishment twice in four months when my parents died.

    Katie – Yes they are apartments, and they have one of the most spectaculars views I’ve ever seen.

    Jenni – Hmmmm, I get the feeling I might run across you in the alternate alternate.

    Pamela – Melisa got it right, they are disembodied legs. Where I’m standing is just outside a huge club that has heaps of slot machines and plenty of bars, so there are always plenty of legless people around there. (you might need to look up legless in an Aussie slang dictionary)

    Heather – I was wondering if you were pissed at me for not leaving comments at L’chaim. I have tried to leave comments recently, but they have been so lame I gave up, so I guess that would be my fault. You need to write about farts and other stuff that I understand, you know I don’t read anything that can’t be folded and put in my back pocket!

    The artist formerly known as Purpleworms – You had me wondering for a bit. I think you must mean the picture of the dingo with the Barbie.

    Kila – Have you been using wine in the recipe tonight?

    My favourite Churchill quote was when a woman accused him of being drunk, to which he replied “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly”.

    S.Jenn – Maybe one day I’ll tell all.

    Diesel – I agree. They are among the few who really understand that there’s no other way out of here, and everyone ends up there anyway.

    Vicki – He had been sick for a while, and we believe that he was recently diagnosed with cancer. (And if Little Miss Moi is reading this, he stepped off the Mooney Mooney Bridge).

    Songbird – They are for a pedestrian crossing. Yes it is sad, I’ve now lost 3 friends to suicide over the years.

    Swampy – It’s too bad that the state of mind that a person on the brink of suicide is in, prevents then from considering the effect it will have on others, but ultimately I guess it’s their decision.
    Unfortunately statistics prove that if the suicide can be prevented, the person generally regains equilibrium and leads a full life. Although in this case I don’t think that was an option.

    Susan – Shame on you!! How could you be so insensitive! However, at the time, we all thought it was a pretty lame attempt to increase business.

  18. :(…of course, you know I was speaking of you, but it always makes me sad to think of you (or anyone) losing their parents so close together. Great, I just trumped Susan :/.

    At my dad’s funeral, it was held in the chapel of the funeral home that bears our family name (owned by my grandfather and great uncle, but sold before I was born). Yeah, that raised some questions, especially by friends who knew me after I was married. As kids we used to say stuff like “you kill ’em, we’ll chill ’em”…

  19. Thank you for your comment over at my place. I actually thought you would have a wonderful, unique perspective on the topic – and I was right. Really…who better to understand why not to send young boys into a men’s restroom than a man?

    Also, thank you for putting my mind at ease about my “insensitive” comment. I’ve been having a really bad down-in-the-dumps sort of day (you know how that feels, right?) and when I thought that I might have offended you….well, it put me deeper in the dumps. You just made me feel 99% better 🙂


  20. If we are honest, we all spend a good deal of time in alternate reality. We either think things are better or worse than they really are. Furthermore, maybe we spend way too much time thinking that we are either better or worse than we are. Or, maybe that is just me.

    I do know a little about suicide. You are right; many times a person needs help getting past a difficult time and can live a full productive life. I like the way that you put it “regains equilibrium.” May we all have equilibrium in our both reality and our alternate reality.

  21. with the palm tree – I immediately thought of California. The building also has a somewhat “Spanish mission” feel to it. But the weird signs give it away as being quite foreign.

  22. testing 123

  23. Thanks for letting me comment again, WT!

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