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On the Coast

Well here I am on the Central Coast. Not much to say (I’m sure some of you are thankful for that), but I did find some photos that are worth a look. Unfortunately the quality isn’t that good because I took them with my PDA (this was before I got a digital camera), and as this isn’t my computer, I don’t have the software to spruce them up a bit..

The first one I Buzz and Booey and the second one is Booey….



Have a nice day.

19 Responses

  1. ohhh how cute is that???

    They look so adorable and tiny!

    and I’m going to just laugh and refrain from anything too obvious!

    Have a grand time Peter!

  2. aww too cute. I love kittens.

  3. way too cute….that is until they claw up the back of your couch or bite your toes in the middle of the night.

  4. Awww, sweet:o) We have a new litter of kitties here, but the mama’s hid them well. The kids can’t wait till she brings them out of hiding.

  5. I’m always impressed with your neverending supply of adorable pet photos. Very nice.

  6. the second pic is too damn cute. love the gray cat in the black and white dish!!

  7. Oh, so cute. Have fun best-manning. 😉

  8. the second pic is too damn cute. love the gray cat in the black and white dish!!

  9. I had a cat who loved to sleep in a dish. I’ll have to post a picture of her. Booey was so cute as a kitten. Far too dignified now to be called cute, but still a handsome cat as noted in the side bar picture.

  10. I’m happy you arrived safely! The cats look so sweet and innocent (why can’t they ever stay that way?). I love kitten pictures. Sometimes I have to look at my own, to keep from making a rug out of my crazy felines.

  11. Such pretty kitties. 🙂

  12. Aww such cute babies. I haven’t received a picture of my new baby ragdoll yet, but she was born on March 13th and is a Seal Lynx Bi-color. That basically means brown and tan with maybe some stripes, and a white belly.

    How old are those babies? I bet mine still looks like a rodent.

  13. enjoy your time on the coast and cute kitties;)

  14. Oh.how.sweet!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a cat person.

    Don’t hate me for that Buddy and Bentley – you guys are great! You’re the #1 dogs in my book…make that the ONLY two dogs in my book.


  15. Ah-Choo! Hope you’re having fun.

  16. What the heck is Booey in? A bowl? Just add milk and grab a spoon?

    Cute photo.

  17. Meow, meow!! Puuurrrrrrrr!!

    Oh, sorry. Talkin’ to the fuzzy babies.

  18. Oh! So cute I’m melting.

  19. absolutely adorable. Makes me wish I had a kitty again. Maybe when Jake is a little older.

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