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A few more pics.

Props to Robin for noticing the ‘Heather Goodman’ influence in yesterday’s second photo, I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it. However the reason lies elsewhere. Newcastle is a working port, it’s a major coal loading facility, and the reason everyone was looking out the window was because of this…


They end up getting pretty close…


Which makes a change from what I see on a day to day basis where I live. I took these next two pics on Wednesday as I was leaving to come to the Coast. If you are driving up here, and you yell "you stupid cow" from the window, you’re not necessarily abusing another driver…


They drive slow around here, due in part to the very low horsepower engines, I believe this one is only about one Hp…


This is my neighbor Bernadette, she is feeding some cows along the side of the road, a practice that is common in times of drought and which is referred to as ‘ grazing the long paddock’. Her and Brett breed horses as well as cattle, one of which she is sitting on. The horse is an ASH, or Australian Stock Horse. And in the interests of full detail, the cows are Australian Angus and Hereford crosses.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the ships come in to get loaded with coal for export to Japan (mostly), which is why you see so much of that red anti-foul in the pictures, when loaded they sit much lower in the water, the blue paint is actually the water line.


17 Responses

  1. Indeed, your pictures show quite a contrast. That is a very big ship. We see ships on Lake Michigan carrying supplies to the Steel Yards in Gary, but they are not that big.

  2. Love the horses!!! yippee!
    Ships are cool too!

  3. I’ve never heard of the anti-foul line.

    however, I think I may raise it in the bathtub.

  4. Dammit. Now I have to go google a bunch of ship terminology.

    Where are the pictures of you? Don’t you ever graze the long paddock with Buddy and Bentley in tow? Or something? -ish? Please train your dogs to take photos of you. Thankyouverymuch.

  5. I think I like your regular view better. I once had dreams of living near the ocean. Can’t imagine it now.

  6. Something to learn everyday at your site WT. My brain hurts.

  7. All very interesting.

    I love watching the large ships coming in and out of the Lake Michigan harbors here in Wisconsin, such as in Sheboygan.

    Neighbors feeding cows along the road, hmmm. Doesn’t that lead to more travel problems?

  8. What a startling comparison b/n the blue of the sea and the brown of the land. From that picture of Bernadette – I’d say she’s a Ree look-a-like

  9. I somehow think your neighbour has the right sort of life. A leisurely ride in the sun minding the cows (sigh I would love it)

  10. More cows!! Except next time could you separate the hereford from the angusi, please.

  11. We should go back to the environmentally friendly “one horse power” mode of transportation.

    But I worry about all the poo.

  12. I thought it was funny to read your sentence as if Bernadette were riding a cow…;).

    What’s she feeding them? Where’s the “beef”?

    And I still don’t know what a flash restaurant is. People? Anyone???

  13. Dude!! Are you sure you’re not in Galveston?

  14. The blue on the ships is the water line?

  15. Tsunami hit you yet? Put on your floaty arms.

  16. Karmyn – Unlike Ree, Bernadette actually works the stock, not just take pictures of them (sorry Ree, but you know it’s true)

    Min – It’s a bit late for that, their parents needed to be separated.

    Stephanie – I’m not, but I think Glen Campbell is in a bar there somewhere.

    Janice – Yep, that’s right, they get loaded with thousands of tons of coal and sit much lower in the water.

    Marnie – Don’t need to, I’m so fucking fat that I’m buoyant to the point of being able to walk on water.

  17. Dear willowtree. I drove from BrisVegas to Gunnedah once (for the field day in August) and the cows were grazing the long paddock or whatever practically along the whole newell h’way. Bloody cows.

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