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Socially aware graffiti

While I was cruising the old haunts the other day I came across this at a baseball park where I used to play. It’s on a water tank that collects rainwater off the amenities building (Oh, and for those who read Little Miss Moi, this is about a five minute walk from where she was staying at one point during her recent visit to Oz).

I was a bit confused as I didn’t realise the tank was oval shaped until I looked at the pictures at home…


I think this is a great idea, give the artists a chance to show their work and at the same time provide a public service.


(I can’t wait to get back to Willow Tree and my own computer, I’ve got no editor here so I have to upload full sized files, sheesh!).  I wonder what the etiquette amongst graffiti artists is, is it polite to tag the crap out of something like this, or is that just done on freshly painted private property and public transport vehicles?


In other news…I got a new cat from the RSPCA (humane society to the Americans readers) today, I got it for MDW today (but if she doesn’t want her, I’ll take her back to the property with me). Photos to follow.

One last item…Hey Marnie, do you think Kobe could do this?

One final last item…Robin, it means fancy.


20 Responses

  1. We totally need those here!! We either have monsoon or drought!

    And as for graffiti, I wish the artists were so talented and socially conscious here.

    We have some of this: http://www.graffiti.org/houston/houston_1.html

    …but we have an awful lot of this:

  2. That’s some fabulous graffiti!
    I am amazed at the talent I see in some of the places I visit!

    lol@ new kitty!!! 🙂 You will have to get another dog then if you keep the kitty or your numbers will be out of balance!

  3. What’s the “R” for? I know SPCA is Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals. The kiddos and I worked at the Humane Society shelter as volunteers for a while–until kitten season hit and my allergies would no longer allow it. That was several glorious months of washing all the bowls and toys the dogs had rolled in their own poo and doing loads of the nastiest laundry you can imagine. At least we got to visit with and walk the animals. These are the kind of things you get into when you’ve got a kid that wants to be a vet.

  4. Great art! My fave graffiti is the one on the sidewalk outside my office that says,

    “Jesus hates your mowhawk.”

    It makes me giggle.

  5. The “R” is for Royal.

    Congrats on the new kitty, does she do tagging? That’s American for graffiti.

  6. I told the hubby that the dog was not performing h. manuever. It was either after her bite of apple, or trying to hump her leg. Well.. I’ll give the dog credit, I guess. It probably got excited and upset when she became distressed. Dogs do that.

    Lovely graffiti. Mostly gang graffiti around town.

    A N.E.W. CAT. OH BOY!
    This calls for a picture, a little personality description, and then a cat naming contest

  7. That graffiti looks more like hired artists did it than nasty gang stuff.

    The dog was amazing. I believe he performed the Heimlich – or else the woman just wanted to get herself into the paper.

  8. Wow thats a pretty amazing artist..

  9. ohh and the wolfden eppie is up

  10. French kissin’ a DOG? I’m sorry people, that’s six shades of GROSS! Heimlichin’ is one thing…frenchin’ is another…!

    Cool graffiti (is that an oxymoron?).

    Looking forward to pictures of your new kitty. Yes, I mean YOUR ;).

    Thanks for the fancy flash explanation.

  11. I’m not a fan of graffiti but this isn’t too bad. Banksy who is very famous for his high profile graffiti comes from the city I live in.
    Its nice to know where Miss Moi has been visiting.

  12. I wish I was that talented! Looks great!

    Good luck with new cat, and with the reactions of the others. Can’t wait to “meet” her.

  13. it’s nice to go back to where we played as kids isn’t it?

  14. that’s way to nice and themed to be “graffiti.” Nice pictures of it though. I do appreciate the artistic graffiti – Check out Transit. It may be over, but it sure was a cool project.

  15. I’ll just clump all the responses into on big one.

    I agree that a)it’s not really graffiti, b)it’s not gang related and c)it was probably commissioned. But it was done by local youth.

    I haven’t decided whether I’d rather have died than get mouth to mouth from a dog. I agree that it was probably just after the apple.

    There will be a cat naming contest, and it looks like I’ll be taking her back to the bush with me after MDW rejected her last night (long story). I’m staying an extra couple of days to see if I can wear her down.

  16. Mark – the stuff in your link showed a good mix of talent, anarchy and moronic behaviour. Some I really liked, some were just vandalism (well, I mean they were all vandalism).

  17. I’m looking forward to pictures of the new cat. I have graffiti in my neighborhood – just not the commissioned kind.

  18. Do you intend to start this kitten’s name with a “B” as well? I think you simply want to hang out in town for a bit!

  19. Kobe wouldn’t stop chewing his paws long enough to save my life. I may trade him in for a more intelligent, less itchy model.

    Kidding.. but the thought does cross my mind from time to time.

  20. Dear willowtree. Is that at wyoming? Is that where you can cut through the bush over the creek from one soccer field to the other? I vaguely remember doing that as a kidlet… PS Brisbane is on level FIVE water restrictions at the moment and toowoomba is about to go to level six – no more building will be approved. scary.

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