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Exclusive first photo!

Meet the new kitty. Her Name is Rosy, but it won’t be for long. And yes, the new name must start with ‘B’. This is a really crappy picture, but as I can’t get pix off the good camera onto MDW’s computer, I’ve had to use the spy camera and it’s a piece of shit.

I took the dogs to get some coffee this morning, and when we came back I couldn’t find here anywhere! I thought she must have got out somehow, but after about 10 minutes of searching and calling, I discovered where she had taken up residence…


This picture is a bit deceptive as she is a tiny little thing, we had another one that looked just like her but she was huge! She’s three years old and she ended up in the shelter because her owner died and none of the family wanted her take, which is sad because she has the sweetest nature. Anyway she was getting close to the departure lounge so the people at the shelter were really pleased when I took her.


41 Responses

  1. Aww she is adorable 🙂

  2. She is very pretty.

    Small cat – a good B name would be Bitsy.

  3. Name her Barbie. Come on. Do it.

  4. SHE LOOKS LIKE MY CALLIE! Name her Ballie. Except Barbie IS pretty funny :). Booey’s short for something, but I can’t remember what right now….is it another Toy Story character?

  5. I like marnie’s name suggestion, but I’ll add Barbarella to the list.

  6. Oh, I love calicos! She is a beauty.

  7. beauty (as in and the beast)
    blessing (as in what happened for her when you walked into the animal shelter)

  8. ps. thats how we got the Contessa, too. But she was 8 years old. I was worried abou t her age.

    It has taken her over a year to bond to us… and yet sometimes still acts like we will kick her on the way out the door.

    She waits for me to crawl into bed and then sits on my face. whats a cat owner to do!!!

  9. Pamela – that’s what’s really strange about the whole thing. The cats that I’ve had since birth don’t trust me, but this one is super friendly.

    So far the frontrunners in the name stakes are Bessy, Bolo and Blanche. And maybe Barbie.

    PS. I once had a girlfriend that liked to sit on my face, what’s a guy to do?

  10. She’s gorgeous, I’m glad you saved her.

    How about Blotto?

  11. Beth, of course!

  12. RE: your comment to Pamela…The ones you had since birth know you, this one doesn’t.

  13. LOL to Swampy…

    Ummmm………Blanche? Peeee-ter, I cannot believe you said that! And you think I’ve put out TMI??????

  14. How about…
    Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    BattleAx (oh, that’s me)
    I’m just getting started.

  15. She looks very sweet and comfortably fitting in. I wish we could get a cat, but my husband’s allergies would go haywire, and I do love him more than any animal we would get.
    Boy George?

  16. Isn’t she lucky. And beautiful.

  17. Must start with “B”, huh??!!
    Hmmm?? How about “Bloody Cat!”??

  18. I assume that the name must also END with a “y.”






    You should have a “name your cat” contest!

  19. Beatrice?

    Let’s see how many names I can come up with that start with butt…….

  20. Becca
    Bri or Bree

    I’d have said Bella but I named by puppy that. She is a beautiful cat!

  21. Bazzi




  22. Dear willowtree. Welcome to the new addition to your family. So I guess she’s sort of an Aries like moi? If you count her birthday as when you got her…

  23. ooooh!! She’s such a cutie!! I think my cat knows I’m having cat envy…she’s sitting with her back to me…

  24. What a beatiful calico… I’m so glad you brought her into your home.

    My vote is for Brie…

  25. Oh, here’s a cool name.


  26. When I read Pamelas comment I knew you had a good one coming back at her.

    My vote is for Barbie.

    Julie? Karmyn did you see that? He said “spy camera”.

  27. Okay, first she’s a BEAUTY!!

    And you know my vote is for Bethany. Of course!

    So, there’s a Testicle Sorority and now…

    A spy club? Julie, Karmyn, Vicki, WT…

    Dang!! I gotta get in on this!!

  28. I’m with Vicki… whoever suggested Barbie should be showered with champagne and hot guys.

  29. She is a “beauty’

  30. My best friend had a cat that looked just like that. I’m with whomever it was that reccommended Barbie. Also that person should get the aforementioned champagne and hot guys. I’m guessing you have some hot guys you can send her?

  31. It’s gotta be something good and aussie, like barbie or billy.

  32. Aww, she’s so pretty.

    I’d go with Beauty. Or Bashful Bouffant Bronze Babe.

    Your picture is clearer than mine turn out.

  33. i’m adding my 3cents…

  34. I wanna be in the Spy Club and be showered with champagne in hot guys…
    Bethany (I like this one a lot)
    Bingo – oh that was a dog
    Blackbeard – oh that was a pirate- well, maybe since someone else we know was a pirate
    Blackey – oh wait, she’s not all black
    Bojangles – as is Mrs.

  35. Oops…showered with champagne AND hot guys…

  36. Swampy – you could go with you first choice “I wanna…be showered with champagne in hot guys…” I think that’s normally referred to as Golden Shower.

  37. I think Swampy made a great freudian slip there… just sayin’.

    How’s Barbie adjusting to her new home?

  38. I’m totally confused. What does a Spy Club (I want in, I can be VERY discreet when I wanna) have to do with showering in champagne and hot guys??? or with? or on? I do prefer champagne in a glass out of a bottle or from a fountain, but DEFINITELY not a man! s.c.a.r.y.!!!!

    Wait a second, I don’t even like champagne!

  39. OMG…Golden Shower? I was just combining a couple of comments together (Marnie & Stephanie) to be profound and ended up with a Freudian slip about a Golden Shower. Where’s the champagne? OH, it’s only 8:00 in the morning. Where’s the orange juice to go in the champagne.

  40. Hee hee…he did say Spy Camera…hee hee!

    Okay, Stephanie hurry up and get a spy camera. You must join us!

    I am voting for Barbie! Marnie is so clever!

    Swampy – you keep me rolling!

    WT – Barbie is beautiful!!

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