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The Anti-rant.

100_2261Over the past couple of weeks as I have been traveling around the blogosphere, I’ve noticed an increasing number of my blog buddies being presented with the "Thinking Blogger’s Award".

As usual, my name is nowhere to be found…relax, I’m not about to launch into an incoherent rant. In fact, far from it. While not knowing all the recipients, I am familiar with a good many of those who have been awarded this honour, and all I have to say is ‘Congratulations’. I agree with everyone that I recognised.

Despite my being a closet philosopher (and you were wondering why I posted this photo, see the cat?), this is one award I do not want to win. I don’t say that to diminish it in any way, quite the opposite, my being nominated would diminish it, as I am not, nor have I ever sought to write thought provoking posts. It just doesn’t work for me, the few times I have written posts that made people think, I made them think alright! I usually made them think I was a fuckwitt.

So on to something more my style; pet pics…..


Looks like I’ll be calling her Beeper (which stands for BPR or Birthday Present Rejected), it’s also the noise she made non stop for the 3 hour trip here today. Yep, that’s right, MDW flatly refused to reconsider, citing some bullshit about 12 to 14 hour days and trips away to conferences at least once, and more often twice, a month. Personally I think she’s still grieving over Tigger. Oh well, her loss is my gain.


Looking at this photo I’m almost tempted to call her Baskin (and Robbins) because it looks like she’s got 32 different cats in there. Hey do you guys know that it’s common for cats to be inseminated by multiple toms?


28 Responses

  1. Not that I’m a narcissist or egotist or anything, but Baskin-Robbins has a nice ring to it. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it sure sounds nice…!

    Looks like Beeper is making herself at home (see how smart she is? She’s already making a nest on your bed!).

    Hmmmm, and now that I think about it, it was a set-up from the beginning, wasn’t it? Kind of like when Tad gave me that lawnmower and new set of (men’s) golf clubs…

    I’m on to you, Willowtree. I think YDW is, too;).

  2. Very cute names(s)! Beeper is cute and funny. Definitely your fortune to have some a loving animal in your life!

  3. Beeper sounds like the name of a muppet, not a kitty. But…if you must, you must!

    Oh, and no matter how many toms get their stuff in the mommy kitty, there’s still only one li’l swimmer per egg. So your new li’l darlin’ is just colorful!!

    Oh, and I’m so totally not a thinker. I’m just a sleep-deprived mommy who sometimes pretends to be a nurse. But only if you’re very, very good. Or bad. Whatever.

    Um, are Booey and Buzz going to be angry?

    My dad’s got a cat named Honey who likes high places, too!

  4. Oh, and if I’m not making sense, Bethany got a new tooth last week (her first) and is working feverishly (literally) on the rest.

    So, yep, I’m nutters.

    But if Buzz and Booey don’t like the new fuzzy baby, I’ll take her, M’kay!!

  5. And did you know it’s very rare to have a male calico? I can’t remember what the official explanation is, but for some reason most calicoes are female.

  6. Genetic programming requires two X chromosomes to produce the color oddity in calicos…a male calico would require 2 X’s and a Y…about 1 in 3000 calicos are male. And most of those males are sterile.

    I had a calico (Maggie)…she was the sweetest cat. I miss her.

    And I *did* know that cat pregnancies can have multiple fathers in the same litter. Weird, huh? mk

    p.s. Love the closet pic.

  7. Beauty! I like Beeper AND Baskin. I like when a gift goes wrong like that 😉 Out of curiosity, why do your animals name’s all start with the same letter? Is it an OCD thing, because I’m SO there with you on that! I’m just wondering because my neighbors have 6 kids and they all start with an “S”. I would’ve had to stop having kids at 2, because I’m just not that creative!

  8. I was bestowed the Thinking Award (what the hell is she thinking?) is more like it and as soon as I get my post together, was going to award you with that honor. I’ve just not had the time. I’m sure someone will be me to the punch, but I’ll do it anyway.

  9. I still think “Butthead” would have been a more amusing name. She has very pretty eyes.

  10. Butterbutt
    Brewsky (I like this one)
    Balico (Calico. Get it?)

    I think the same thing goes for dogs…different daddies.

  11. OK those of us who have ye tto do these memes can take a hint- promise

    swampy- drat I see you’re already tagged and you are on my list but never mind you only have to do it once!!

  12. OK those of us who have yet to do these memes can take a hint- promise

    swampy- drat I see you’re already tagged and you are on my list but never mind you only have to do it once!!

  13. cool name for a cool cat!!!

    I have yet to post my thinking blogger and you were one I was going to pass it on to

    Now I have to say
    … (Father Forgive me for what I am about to say)
    One of the blogs that makes me think is written by that Fuckwitt (oh my mouth taste awful) Willowtree in the down under.


    Thats supposed to be tears in my eyes not boobs .. but I can’t seem to make tham run down instead of up.


    How’s that?? Worse?


    No better? Looks like little tassels doesn’t it.

    Well, I was planning on posting by the end of the week. Send me an Email if you REALLY don’t want to be mentioned. Heck, I may not even post now that I’m so distraught with booby tears.

    I give up.

  14. Poor thing, she’ll be reminded of her rejection every time you call her name 😉

    LOL, I had to enlarge that first photo to find her.
    I better not get a cat–my boys are already climbers, so imagine where they’ll end up chasing after a cat.

    (Great closet potential; I’m so jealous.)

    She really is a beautiful cat.

  15. Yes, I do believe that a female feline can be inseminated more than once – she drops a lot of eggs at a time…therefore, her litter can have a mix of different male progeny. However, Beeper only has 1 daddy – and that’s YOU!!!

  16. Beeper is quite a pretty calico! I like her name! I like Baskin, too, so… whichever you prefer.

  17. Well, WT, I’m with you – I don’t want to be a Thinking Blogger either. Hope Beeper is liking home out in the country.

  18. Personally, I’ve been waiting to receive my Fuckwit award too…

    …I strongly believe we noodle-heads will get the recognition we deserve one day.

  19. OK, DubYaT…go check out my latest post.

  20. Karmyn nominated me, I was on my way to post about it for tomorrow and nomiate you.. then I seen your comment on her nominations and I thought perhaps I should read here before nominating…….

    long story short.

    ptttss.. keep it on the downlow.. you were about to be nominated. The point you made about Americans thinking the world revolves around them has opened my eyes and how I educate my children. I think about it at least once a week.

  21. I am definitely not a thinking blogger. I try to think as little as possible.

    She is so beautiful, I think whatever you name her, she will like.

  22. I have just come here as a result of you being nominated for a Thinking Blog Award…
    It’s up to you to find out who nominated you!!!!

  23. I don’t make anybody think either. Although Jenny thinks I’m perfect.

    I heart Beeper. She can come visit my Sammy anytime.

  24. okay I did it anyway.. Suck it up and accept the award. =)

    btw i googled inseminated giggle.

  25. Marnie, you have a Fuckwit Award waiting for you at my place, but it’s named something else…

  26. Pamela your comment just made me choke with laughter.

  27. Dear willowtree. I got tagged on that one by beccy, but I’m just going to list my favourite bloggers and you were going to be on there. (You’re right, if it’s worth reading, then it makes you think.) Are you going to refuse moi?

  28. Now that is an interesting and odd fact.. i wonder if I can work it into a story sometime? hmm we shall see…

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