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Careful what you wish for.


I’ve had that saying ("careful what you wish for") echoing in my head for a couple of days now. For the past three years I have been griping about how my cats don’t love me. Tolerate me – yes, depend on me for food and shelter – yes, show me affection – a big no. That last one is an exaggeration, they really do show affection in their own emotionally stunted way. It’s not that they have been mistreated, I’ve had them since they were born so I know for sure, it just that they are borderline ferals born to a genuine feral mother and they have an instinctive wariness of people (some might say that’s a smart thing).

So after years of being a big grumblebum and lamenting the fact that I don’t get no lovin’, you’d think I’d be happy to finally get an affectionate cat. Well the truth is, I need my space. Ever since we got back here she has been attached to me. I don’t mean attached in an emotional way, I mean attached in a physical way. She must be some kind of mutant, because I swear she has velcro instead of cat fur.

And being so light (and I’m talking really light, she’s only a couple of kilos), you hardly notice that she has attached herself until you get up to get a drink, that’s when you realise you’re wearing a feline feather boa. It would be ok if she jumped ship when you got up, but she doesn’t! You can go and make a cup of coffee and she’s still connected when you get back to the sofa. And blogging has become even more difficult for the hunt and peck typist that I am when I can’t see the keys because of a cat wrapped around my neck, at least with Chewie all I had to do was push him off the keyboard (btw, my lack of typing skills is also why I leave short comments).

Oh, and I thought she was such a sedate little thing, ha! That was only until she felt comfortable, it now turns out that she never learned to walk, she skipped straight to mad dash (even if she’s only going a few feet). The other guys are adjusting to life with her in the house, and there have been no major hassles so far.

One last thing, see that window ledge she’s sitting on? That’s in the bathroom and is about level with my chin and she gets there from a standing jump, no run up , no jumping on the sink first. She’s a lot of fun.


25 Responses

  1. She might be wrapped around your neck, but she’s got you wrapped around her little finger. I mean paw…or claw…or something catty. You sound like a proud papa, too :).

    I have got to take some pictures of Callie and do a side by side comparison.

  2. Uh-hmm!!! You love the little fuzzy princess!! Oh yes you do!!

  3. *giggle* thats funny. She sounds like a bundle of energy.

  4. oh man…. we had a calico like that. She’d run across the room and hit your chest in the exact position she wanted to sleep. You reminded me of one of my stories about her and I”m going to blog it.

    You really made me think WT
    (giggle) and it’s coming, too……. tomorrow tomorrow …

  5. She sounds like a sweetie pie to me.

    My cat used to be a boa when he was younger. I’d be walking around outside with him as a scarf….that is until he reached 15 lbs and then I had to put a stop to it.

  6. Maybe she just needs some extra love till she gets used to you all. Besides, a cat like that sounds really sweet 🙂

  7. Dear willowtree. No fair going for the gratuitous cute pet pics (GPP) and stories. Can you photoshop a picture of me with one of your cats? I want a slice of the GPP pie….

  8. ohmigod. that is one sweet putty tat. Yes, you sound like a proud papa…and of course you’re going to grumble (but come on…you know you love it!! You know ya do!!)

  9. Your new kitty sounds a lot like my Blanco. By the way. .I was laughing so hard at your comments on my blog earlier that I almost choked on my breakfast! Thanks for the good laughs to start my day!

  10. laughing…. and she looks like such a sweet little kitty!

  11. Man! That is one good looking cat!

    Is it just me, or does she look like Sopia Loren?

  12. Susan – Now that you mention it….

    To everyone who said I’m not really mad at her and I really like her – You are totally correct.

    To everyone who said she’s pretty – Correct again.

    And to top it off, she is the sweetest little cat I’ve ever had.

  13. Screw puppy love!

    (ok….I don’t usually talk like that, but daggum it, it just fit!)(as if you care, lol)(I mean, I know that’s not really profane in your book)(why do I keep adding parenthetical statements?)(too much caffeine or not enough yet?)(I’m done now)

  14. She is a gorgeous cat. As sweet as she is, I don’t think I could have a cat like that. Wrapping herself around my neck would get her too close to my nose and mouth which would make my eyes water and have me sneezing for the rest of the day or knocked out on Benadryl. It’s so unfair.

  15. I have the same situation going on at my house, but instead of a cat I have a 87 pound dog that needs to be touching me ALL the time. Out of all my kids, only one weighs more than the dog and she’s a teen so she doesn’t even want to look at me, much less touch me. I’m not sure how to respond to such adoration. When I’m cranky it’s annoying, when I’m not it’s very sweet. She is a very pretty cat!

  16. She’s a cutie. I want to reach out a pet her (now I sound like a commercial).

  17. She’s gorgeous, you lucky guy! it’s obvious you’re thrilled with her – and she knows it.

  18. Calicos are famous for being clingy.

    Seems like you have a “cattachment.”

  19. She’s adorable. You get what you wish for.

    My cat likes balls of foil to bat around the floor, have you tried that? Very entertaining. Also one of those lazer lights, little red light you can make dance on the walls and the floor. Oh goodness now that’s fun!

  20. She’s a pretty cat with female wiles so now you’re well and truely hooked!!

  21. I love that she’s giving you the “lovey eyes” even when you’re taking her picture.

  22. Have you named this cat yet?
    Since there aren’t many names that mean clingy that begin with “B,” these will have to do for now.

  23. She’s beautiful. Makes me miss my little angel. She had velcro legs too.

  24. She is so cute, Pete. Love her!

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