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Happy Easter

~~Happy Chocolate Day Everyone!~~

Choc_bilby_2 If this little guy looks a little strange it’s because he’s not a chocolate Easter Bunny, he’s a chocolate Easter Bilby. I know how you all love interesting little tidbits from downunder so I thought I would tell you about the Easter Bilby, but when I went to look for pictures, I found that someone had already written a good little piece on them. So instead of listening to me rabbit on (ha! I kill me), just click the little chocolate rat for the full story.

Update** I don’t know if those who have commented have a sense of humour like mine, or they just speed read the post, but I’ll say it slowly and give you a picture. It’s a Bilby, (ok I know it looks like a rat, but it’s not). They are endangered and they do hop like rabbits, actually more like kangaroos…..


Geez it’s hard to find a photo that makes them look cute (there aren’t any), which is probably why the whole idea is meeting with such resistance. This next photo will give an idea of their size…


If you are at all interested, I urge you to click on the picture of the chocolate bilby for a link to the story behind all this.


26 Responses

  1. “…listening to me rabbit on…” You are just too clever. I want that chocolate Easter Bilby.
    Off the subject: I will continue to try to get my side bar up and running someday when I have enough time to efficiently make it worse that it already is.

  2. OK, so I should have read the link before I posted first. I enjoyed watching the movie”The Rabbit Proof Fence.” I’m sure you’ve seen it. What is your critique of it? Have you named that cat yet?

  3. That’s a rat? Well, he’s sooo cute!! 🙂

  4. I thought it was a fox!

    You know, Snoopy is the Easter Beagle.

    In case you didn’t know…

  5. I kept reading “bilbies” as “bibles” – made for a whole different interpretation.

    Are you sending me a chocolate bilby? I could use a few extra pounds.

  6. Swampy – Yes, her name is Beeper. Actually the story of the making of Rabbit proof fence is much more interesting.

    Katie – I called it a rat but it’s a Bilby which is a member of the Bandicoot family.

    Susan – Yes I did know that.

    Melissa – Don’t worry, I kept typing bibles instead of bilbies, there was a lot of re-typing.

  7. hey, as long as its chocolate who cares what shape it comes in?

    Chocolate bilbies is a new one on me….

  8. chocolate is chocolate no matter what form it takes…wait, that’s kind of what Hayden said.

    Who’s Hayden?

    But, durn……this looks suspiciously rat-like to me, even with the rabbit ears. That might disqualify me. You know Samuel Jackon’s line about “snakes.on.a.plane”? That’s how I feel about “mice.in.my.house”.

    Now I’m talkin’ like this is a contest…are you giving it away?

  9. So they want the Easter Rat??? I mean really…where’s the cute and fuzzy? There’s got to be a cute and fuzzy critter down that boinks like bunnies, no?

  10. As long as it doesn’t show up uninvited in my apartment, I’m all for it. I think the locusts are on their way. Happy Easter to you too, WT.

  11. Do they have pouches? Those would be good for hiding Easter eggs.

  12. dear willowtree. Happy easter bilby to you too.

  13. ha ha .. I knew it wasn’t really a rat! I thought he looked a bit like a opossum myself… with a skinny nose!

    I was surprised you referred to it as a rat! Much too cute!

  14. I’m sorry. I don’t think he’s very cute. I’m not a big fan of rodents of any kind. It looks like a cross between a bat, rat, kangaroo and opossum.

    I’d much rather see pictures of that pretty new cat of yours.

  15. Susan, that sounds like a Dr. Seuss book in the making.

    But what rhymes with opossum???

  16. grumpy much? the link you provided clearly calls it a small rodent….hence the Easter Rat comment…yes, it was a joke.

  17. *singing*
    Here comes Peter Long Rat Tail,
    Run-nin’ dooowwwn the bil-by trail!
    Sur-ryin’! Sur-ryin’!
    Eas-ter’s on its waaayyyyy!!

    Sorry. It just doesn’t work.

  18. Well, I’d much rather have an Easter Bilby – despite its rat-like appeareance I think it is pretty cute….and maybe it wouldn’t eat my tulip tops to the ground.

    So sad about them being endangered – just another check mark on the list. makes me sad.

    Check this out – I came across it today and had to share. Has nothing to do with bunnies or bilbies but pisses me off anyway….

    Iraqi Seed Law

  19. I’m going to be one of the few who find it quite cute because its so unusual looking (and yes I did read the link).

  20. Great post WT! Introducing new species into an area never works out. I love the idea of an Easter Bilby, although eating the animal that is overtaking your country does have some poetic justice.

  21. Karmyn – If you really want to get pissed off, why don’t you have a look at the court cases Monsanto has brought against American farmers over the past 5 years

  22. You done learned me good this morning, WT. The bilby is incredibly cute and cuddy! Except for that cudgel tail it has. Happy Bilby to you!

  23. Happy Chocolate Day Willow.

  24. Cute!

    I love it! A down under twist on an old favorite!

  25. I love it! I want one!

    …going to take the time to click the chocolate on and read about it now…

  26. Pardon me while I morph into a stupid girl for a minute. I have to.

    Omigosh! There really ARE bandicoots? Not just the one in that video game I still haven’t finished playing? Can you do a post on them so I don’t have to research it myself?(kidding about that last part.) 😉

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