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I just wrote a long (for me) post filled with wit and wisdom, but when I hit ‘Save’ the session abended (that’s a computing term). Dammit, it was one of my better efforts too, no pictures or anything, just literary brilliance. Shit! It just crashed again, but this time I didn’t lose this one measly paragraph that I’m typing, unlike before when the screen blanked and I lost a page of pure gold.

So I’m going back to pictures!

What are these dogs doing?…..

Here’s different angle….

So by now you get the picture, but here’s what they’re after….

Yes that’s right, they are waiting for a free meal, which incidentally was what I was doing when I took these pictures, except I was waiting for a roast beef dinner and they were after hoof clippings. And I was an invited guest, not a moocher. Well I guess I was an invited moocher.

It just crashed AGAIN, but I have been saving to draft so I didn’t lose everything! I think it’s my ISP.



24 Responses

  1. Why does it always happen to long posts full of wit and wisdom?

    Not sure I’d like a meal of hoof clippings but roast beef sounds good.

  2. Beccy – I was just looking at your photos. Yeah, why did it have to be words, if it was pix I could have just reloaded them!

  3. Dear willowtree. It’s happened to the best of us. It’s the interweb black hole that steals our wisdom, and i’m sure will use it to take over the world one day.

  4. Oh Mia does the same thing. Hoss could care less, but Mia loves them. I read somewhere that it isn’t good for their stomachs though.

  5. I trim my horses hooves. Sometimes if the dogs are around they grab piece to chew on . I need to trim my horses soon actually.. on my next day off.

    They sell pig ears. Rawhide bones. My dogs like anything chewy!

  6. I have lost lots of comments. I type my posts fist in word, so it those I can just copy and paste. I don’t recall losing any posts. (could be lost memory ??) Blogger has started dropping off old posts at 252 instead of the 300 that I was expecting.

    Your ‘Beepa’ brings back fond memories of our “Kitty Babe” when I was very small. It was b4 the days of neuter and spade (well at least my parents the farmers didnt do it), so we always had a spring litter of sweet smelling little fuzzy kittens that I adored. And then the torture of having to give them all away.

  7. “first” in word so those I can just copy and paste

    I should put my bifoculs on — darn!!!!!

  8. hoof meal? gag Bring on the roast beef.

    Before I saw what those dogs were REALLY doing – I was going to answer “Eating horse manure”. So, I suppose the hoof meal was better.

  9. It sounds to me this was a day for roast beef that’s what we had on Easter day.
    I think your comupter must be in sympathy with mine as this has happened to me a few times lately and as you say you can never write it the same the second time around.

  10. One of the many reasons I prefer to write long post on word programs then just copy and paste;) that and my spelling sucks gotta love spell check…cute pics!!

  11. Willow…I thought you did write things on Word?? Or did you stop that when you switched to typepad?
    And yes, those dogs are having a horsepoop feast. The guy has to clean out the hooves before giving giving them new shoes, no?

  12. Hoof clippings? I am sure that you had a better meal. I thought that the dogs were after horse poop too. Maybe hoof clippings is not so bad after all.

  13. oh yes! My dogs love the ferrier. When his truck pulls up they get so excited. However not only does he show up to shoe horses he also comes over for dinner, and to go hunting or fishing so sometimes the pooches are dissapointed.

    Good post.

  14. They’re apprentices. Training to take over the biz one day. Just you wait… 😉

  15. So did the dogs roll in the horse poop, too? Didn’t know they liked hoof clippings. . .Crashing sucks. It’s always the good posts.

  16. I tried to comment this morning, but TypePad wouldn’t let me on your blog…another black webhole. No idea what I was gonna say then, it was half a day ago.

    Literary brilliance…pure gold…waiting with baited breath for your next post :).

  17. That post made me gag. That is GROSS!!!!!

    And Pamela? When I read your comment I thought “Hmm, post fists must be what the cool people call the mapping out of their posts before publishing”. I have not had any caffeine yet today and I think you can tell.

  18. So immigrating from Blogger will not save me from all my problems?

    I knew right away what those dogs were doing. My girls like to bring the hoof trimmings up for the dogs. I’m fine with that now that the dogs are staying outside and I don’t have slobbery, gnawed horse hooves in the house.

  19. Eww, gross. I’d rather see them eat horse manure.

    Next time write it in Word and then transfer it to your blog when it’s complete. Not that I ever do that, but it’s a good idea. I’m dying to know what your lost post was about. Bummer.

  20. I used to do all my posts in Word when I used Blogger as there is an add-on that lets you publish directly from Word, but TP doesn’t have that (and doesn’t need it because its stable), so I don’t bother. It was actually the ISPs router that was the problem.

  21. Sorry, forgot…Occasionally I use ScribeFire to write my posts, or even Quama, but that’s only if I am offline.

  22. Interesting! I had no idea they would eat hoof trimmings. but then, I never even knew – really – that hooves needed trimming. I mean if I thought really hard I might have come up with it, but – I doubt it.

    ahh, no waste!

  23. Oh barf. I am completely grossed out. I expect nothing less from you, however. 😉

  24. Um, yeah, I guess those doggies’ll eat anything!!

    Oh, and I can SO relate to losing a post!! My sympathies!

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