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What is this?

I was going to write a uplifting and inspiring post, but then I thought "Nah, fuck it."

So instead I’m going to have a little game of "what’s that photo?" So put you thinking caps on and give it your best shot in the comments. There are no prizes, just the thrill of being clever.


I’ll post the answer first thing tomorrow (that would be about 10:00am Zulu). Hey Melissa, for some reason I can’t get your blog to load.

Update** This whole thing is obviously pretty lame, so here’s another one, what is this?…



21 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. It’s pure, unadulterated puppy passion. The dogs are on top of each other. One has a collar on. BTW your photo of Beepa in the sidebar looks different as is the only official pet pic with a light background. What colour are her(?) eyes? They’re so light!

  2. Puppy Pillow! Either that or it’s dinner time!

    Although they could be kangaroos with puppy collars! 😉

    Looking so warm and cuddly!

  3. Dear willowtree. Ummm… a teddy bear living on a wall and begging for honey?

  4. Okay, the puppy one was pretty easy, but the second one…

    I’ll say it’s one of those things designed to hold and dispense those plastic grocery bags.

    I’ll let you know later if I come up with anything else.

    Oh, nevermind, I won’t. I’ve been banned at work. Bugger!

  5. I’m not so sure about the first one, but I’m certain the bear is a bag holder–a very cutesy bag holder.
    I like fluff posts. They’re easier on my brain early in the morning:o)

  6. I think it is a photo of a drop bear you caught on your property and hung out on a rope as a warning to other drop bears.

  7. I’ll guess that it’s a close up picture of Buddy’s neck. And that little blue thing with the bone and paws is the collar.

  8. Those are your ferocious beasts Buddy and Bentley but I can’t tell what they’re doing. At first I thought feeding time, but now I’m not so sure?

  9. First one: looks like the pooches are eating and their bowls got crossed so they are tangled. That, or they are sleeping. Or it’s a good, fast shot of them wrestlin’. Second one. . .one of those bag geenie thingies that holds your plastic bags from the grocery (if you live in a part of the world that dispenses bags so freely).

  10. I was going to sign-on and wow you all with my brilliance at knowing that the teddy bear was a baggie-holder. Sigh.

  11. I need to check your site earlier — I just knew it was a plastic bag holder!

    I was scared to guess about the pup parts in the first photo!

  12. I was just going to say doggies intertwined and that looks like a collar.

    My first thought was a pyjama case so I’ll stick with that even though I’ve seen what is probably the correct answer from everyone elase. Well I’m a bit dim at these quiz things!!

  13. I agree, closeup of Buddy and his collar.

  14. I think that girl in the top photo needs to shave her legs.

    The second one is a rare cross between a teddy and a roo.

  15. Oh, I know (raising my hand)! Is it a toilet paper roll holder?

  16. I see Beep is now an official Posse member, but what happened to Bobby?

  17. 1) Puppy love

    2) Bagged teddy

  18. here I was, all proud of myself, confident that it is a plastic bag holder, only to find that I’m the zillionth person to think so!

  19. here I was, all proud of myself, confident that it is a plastic bag holder, only to find that I’m the zillionth person to think so!

  20. Kila – I’m glad you noticed Beep, I haven’t seen Bobby for ages.

  21. 1. I can’t believe I missed the chance to guess “dog thong”

    2. I can’t believe no one else did it in my place.

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