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All is revealed

No amount of soaking or scrubbing can get rid of baked on crud like the dogged determination of a beagle in search of food (Buddy always gives up after the easy stuff has gone). Oh yeah, Buddy is wearing a collar too but you just can see it.


Once the fat has been licked off, Buddy will lose interest. Bentley on the other hand will spend a long as it takes to get everything off except the telfon (which doesn’t work any more). The thing you have to rember to do is washing the pots (or in this case the frying pan) as soon as he’s finished. You have to do it immediately because he gets them so clean that if you leave it for later you can get confused and think you’ve already washed them. One more thing, they only act as a team when it’s a clean up, someone said that their bowls got pushed together…if that had happened they would be fighting right about now.

And yes, the other thing is a plastic shopping bag holder well done everyone, though unfortunately there is a push to do away with plastic shopping bags. And before you tell me this is a good thing for the environment, it’s not about the environment, it’s about profits, let me remind you that plastic shopping bags can be made bio-degradable, unlike the garbage bin bags I’m now being forced to buy.


19 Responses

  1. What are they eating? Unless you buy dog food with fat on top.

  2. I think I must have noticed that collar in another of your posts, because I actually knew what it was.

    I really just came over here to say “c2ubum”??!?!?!? Are you serious? That is unfrickingbelievably hilarious!!!!

  3. Love it that someone else lets their dogs clean the dishes. If we ever have dinner guests that we want to really impress, the dishes just go on the floor along with the pots and pans. The look on their faces is priceless.

  4. Jasper can totally lick a pan or any type of dish clean. Canine dishwasher….absolutely!

  5. Melissa – The boys are cleaning a fry pan. The fat is from steak that I cooked.

    Jenn – Yeah I know, I couldn’t believe it either, especially considering the topic of the post.

    Swampy – It takes some getting used to if you aren’t a dog person.

    Songbird – They can sure save on the elbow grease.

  6. Beep! She’s there! (I am mildly infatuated with Beep.)

  7. I missed commenting earlier – busy day. And I knew that was a bag holder because I have a piggie one.
    I wasn’t sure that was the two dogs because Bently’s color didn’t show.

    I was totally going to guess vegemite.

  8. I missed out on the last post (damn bloglines – are they a subsidiary of blogger?)

    now that Zeus has been put in confinement until his leg is 100% healed – I have come to realize who the real Pig in the house is….and no, it isn’t ZOE. My floor’s haven’t been clean for a month.

  9. dear willowtree. Why so huffy? Coles and Woolies obviously need the money.

  10. EWWWW! Doggie slobber!
    I do hope you pop the pan in the dishwasher afterwards?

  11. ha ha! Puppy Power! 🙂

  12. You make and sell plastic bag holders?

  13. We have a friend who likes to tell people that when she lived in Alaska, she didn’t have a dishwasher. All she had was Soap and Water. After dinner she’d call, “Here, Soap. Here, Water,” and her two dogs would clean everything up just as good as any dishwasher.

    When Danny and I were just married, he put his plate on the floor for our Rottweiler, Thor, to lick clean. I was disgusted, but didn’t dare say anything because, hey, we were newlyweds. He put the plate on the kitchen counter and I forgot about it. The next day I pulled a clean dish off the counter and ate my food off of it. As I got to the last bits of food, there was this awful, slimy texture to everything. I gagged as I realized I was eating off the plate Thor had licked clean and that all his dried doggy slobber had been rehydrated by the food and was giving those last bites of spaghetti their slimey texture. Not a pleasant experience for a pregnant woman who’s already having trouble keeping food down! I didn’t eat spaghetti for months afterward, and I still don’t care much for it.

  14. It’s nice to have dogs to clean up stuff like that. I have missed my Hoovers in the last couple of months. . .And you never realize how much you count on those plastic bags until they are gone. And once they are gone and you go back to a place that hands them out freely, you (or at least I) feel incredibly guilty for all the wasted plastic trees who gave their lives in the bag production.

  15. Oh well I was half correct. We don’t get fancy bag holders (or a least I haven’t seen any) the one I have looks like a sausage with elastic each end (I’m sure this is of no interest to anyone).

  16. after you are finished eating do you let them clean your plates too?

  17. I could have used them last night. I made cookies and forgot about them, took them out of the oven a minute too late (yeah, next time I’ll use the timer), and they stuck to the cookie sheet–what a mess.

    My dog ate the broken cookies, since kids won’t eat broken cookies, but he wouldn’t work too hard at cleaning off the cookie sheet.

  18. At my sisters house, it’s the doggies’ “job” to clean up the messes. Well, she has 2 boys, and they aren’t the neatest at meal times. So, she calls the doggies over and says, “Do your job!” when food gets spilled and dropped. It works out rather well, and everyone is happy.

  19. That’s a GREAT picture, whether it’s the full thing or just that original bit! I thought about the shopping bag holder thing, too, but… I listened to my doubts.

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