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A change of plans.

I had written a rather riveting post about the time I stubbed my toe, but unfortunately Jenny over at Mama Drama (no not that Mama Drama, the other one) had a major dummy spit about my blogging style so I had to delete it and start again.

Now I know some of you will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it was just a generalised rant brought about by the final stages of her bout with depression (you know, the bitchy stage). But I know better, not only did she list all my faults in the order that I do them the most (that bit is fairly obvious), but what’s more covert is that she used code as well! If you record yourself reading her post out loud, and then play it backwards, you’ll find that she is alternatively saying "Willowtree is a fuckwitt" and "that Aussie pisses me off". I don’t think we need any more proof that she hates me.

If I had the capacity to arrange my thoughts, as well as a command of the English language, I’d make this a reeaally long post just to piss her off even more, but really, what does that prove other than me being even more stupid than she gives me credit for.

There was one other thing that I’ve been planning on writing about, after visiting a number of blogs about blogging over the past few weeks, but part of the underlying premise of the post was that I would purposely not give links to those dumbasses, and yes you guessed it, that pisses her off too. Actually I think I will write that one.

I’m pretty sure that I’m safe from a Jenny attack because it seems she’s having trouble commenting, and this one I’m certain is directed at me, as TypePad seems to arbitrarily decide people are robots (I know this for a fact because it’s happened to me on my own blog!). So despite being royally pissed off by this post, she won’t even be able to say so! Muwahahahah! Seriously I don’t know what the deal with commenting is. However, for some time now I have suspected her of being a Cylon.

PS. Bob is just a good friend I met in a bar one lonely night.


23 Responses

  1. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

  2. One thing Jenny obviously hasn’t figured out yet – is if you try to comment on too many Typepad blogs in sequential order – they assume you are a Cylon. To avoid that robotics W.V. – you have to ALTERNATE b/n Blogger, Wordpess, and Typepad. See – I’ve learned something. (and it’s gotten me no where)

  3. I thought Bob’s your Uncle

  4. YoU sTuBbEd YoUr ToE, tOo?

    I hAtE iT wHeN tHaT hApPeNs.

  5. I so understand your pain. My shin re-introduces itself to my coffee-table on a weekly basis. And I’ve had that damn coffee-table for eight years. You’d think I’d have learned by now…

    You should see the incredibly childish temper tantrum I dissolve into whenever it happens. The first time The Husband saw it, I think he actually questioned keeping me.

    Stuff like that HURTS! I think because it’s so unexpected. Also, I think it hurts our pride. We’re adults, we learned how to watch where we were going DECADES ago! Why did we do this? Must we return to pre-school and start all over again?

    Nothing like kicking the bed frame early in the morning while making up the bed, either.

  6. I cAnT believe YOU stubbed YOUR tOe. That would have been a wicked kewl post. Damn Jenny.

  7. *ahem*

    Just because I’ve been too depressed to comment doesn’t mean I’m too depressed to still visit.

    I don’t remember you ever writing toe stubbing posts before but I guess the one where the guy got his arms ripped off was pretty comparable. This one was more than acceptable though.

    PS. The Statesman link? Fried gold, my friend. Very nice.

  8. Hah, so much keeps happening over at Willowtree central. I take a couple weeks away from blogs (not by my choice, mind you) and there’s pictures of a new cat, lots of other posts, and Willowtree making like he cares what other bloggers have to say about him 😀

  9. WTF??? Jenny, you said you couldn’t comment!!!! I swear I didn’t write this post.

  10. ahhh…. it’s the family feud!


  11. Karmyn – Anther problem is if you comment from work (like Stephanie) and the Work IP has been banned (like Steph’s). At least that’s the story she’s been telling.

  12. Love it! I hope Bob is well.

  13. Sorry I’m late. I had to clean up the pudding from the front of my house. I hear yours is in the mail, by the way.

    Oh, and, yeah, Typepad has banned me from work, and at home it thinks I’m a Cylon. Stupid Typepad!! There’s only one of me, and I have no plan!!

    Stephanie, from the REAL Mama Drama

  14. When is it considered a *long* post? I have a feeling all of my posts are long. Or maybe it’s just my page layout makes them look that way. Either way, I’m not sure I care whether or not people with absolutely no attention span frequent my blog.

    All my comments on other people’s blogs seem to be extra long, too. I bet you haven’t even read this far. That’s fine. I didn’t want you to read it anyway. I’m typing to keep my fingers limber.

  15. Not that Bob. The other one.

  16. Dear willowtree. Can you summarise your post in three bullet points please? I don’t have the concentration span to read it.

  17. DARN it WT! I thought you were going to put your big girl pants on. I bet if your big girl pants are purple with pink polka dotted ruffle thongs people (me) would pay money for those pics. It does NOT count if you put them on your animals, and don’t put them on over clothes. That is cheating. By the way, speaking of pink polka dotted thongs…. ah, never mind.

  18. I so heart little miss moi.

  19. Come on, do a really long one to make her happy.

  20. You have this amazing ability to take almost nothing and make it into a post that is interesting and funny.

    Okay well at least funny.

    snort laugh snort

    I know who Bob is.

  21. Okay, first Robin calls me “Sanjaya”, then Vicki implies that my post is “almost nothing”? Harumph.

    I’d complain more but apparently my attention span is too short to even finish this comme

  22. Jenny I heart you. Even if you were Sanjaya, I’d vote for ya.

    ‘Til the end my friend.

  23. Laughin my ass off..

    thats all

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