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…Me and My Computer

Just when you run out of things to blog, someone always seems to post a meme or a quiz of some sort. In this case it was ChrisB, thanks Chris.

1. PC or Mac? (You must choose one or the other.)

This one’s easy, PC of course! Who would want to be an elitist,  narcissistic, fashion following, zombie-like MacEvangelist when you could own a piece of shit instead.

2. How much do you like one over the other, and what’s the main reason?

A computer does things, that’s it! But PC’s do it much cheaper and without all the "we are part of a community" bullshit.

3. What would be easier to do without for a week: your cell phone, your television, or your computer?

My cell phone, actually it’s a mobile phone where I come from, and the batteries are flat so it’s not much use to me now anyway.

4. Take the quiz: Are You a Computer Geek?

My computer geek score is greater than 79% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

How do you compare?

Seems I compare OK, I could have probably scored better, but while I’m fairly knowledgeable on computers (a Science degree in Computers has a tendency to cause that), I refused to answer the obviously Geek-based questions. "I am not an animal, err sorry, geek!"

By the way, that picture is of a PCB (or printed circuit board, in fact it’s a motherboard) in case you didn’t notice.

5. What things do you feel more addicted to than your computer?

Food, TV, Inactivity and Butt scratching.

6. If your computer has to go in for service and you’re without it for a week, and you have the chance to log on at a different computer, which are you most likely to do first: check news headlines, check email, or update your blog?

Check for porn in the cache, you have no idea how much fun it is to bust people!

Well wasn’t that fun?! Maybe not but it’s better than a blank page, again, maybe not.



26 Responses

  1. Just checking that this thing works!

  2. Dear willowtree. How is it you call a cell phone a ‘mobile’, but a bum a ‘butt’?

    PS I’m a total “wannabe” in that quiz… At least it wasn’t talking about fashion.

  3. Mac users seem a bit cultish if you ask me.

    Sorry Melissa, not you of course. I can tell by your shoes. Your clean.

  4. Willowtree – Looks like it’s working.

    LMM – Actually I call it an arse, but (excuse the pun) after living with an American for over a quarter of a century, and being a huge Simpson’s fan, I tend to use butt. I’ll never say cell phone though.

    Marnie – All of my Mac owning readers are exempted from my vitriol, it’s obvious that they are not elitist if they read this crap!

  5. I’m with you on the whole PC/MAC thing…but of course, what do I know. I just hit the big button that says “on”

  6. whose butt?

  7. Dear willowtree. You’re talking to yourself. Sign of quirkiness…

  8. That was fun but the comments more so!

    We used to have a mac so was I an elitist asshole now we have a pc does that mean I’ve joined the cool gang?

  9. Pamela – Does it really matter?

    LMM – Answering myself is what concerns me. (isn’t that right WT?)

    Beccy – Sorry to be the one to break this to you, but going from a Mac to a PC only means that you went from being an elitist arsehole to a stupid arsehole. Hanging out here is why you are one of the cool gang.

    No-one in Particular – You can tell my boredom level by the number of responses I do. Right now it’s in the red zone. Any more comments and TP will probably ban me from commenting on this blog!

  10. ha ha ! 🙂

    Have a fabulous day Peter!

  11. Funny as usual. I am all out of blogging post right now but not into a meme right now either. What’s wrong w/me?

  12. I am a computer geek wannabe (53), which kinda hurts a little. I thought I would at least be a *low-rank* computer geek. Guess I’d better brush up. Now I must go take many more nerd quizzes. They are calling to me…..mk

  13. I’m a wannabe too. 32. Pathetic.

  14. Wannabe/Mac Elitist. I am cool for many reasons, only one of which being I call it a cell phone.

  15. I am SO glad to know that inactivity and computer addiction are not the same thing. My husband seems to think they are.

  16. I went to take the computer geek quiz, but I ran out of patience. Sheesh! They ask so many questions! Who has time for that?

    Oh, wait.

  17. LOL…I am IT’s worst nightmare!! hahaha!!! that’s one of the reasons I do have a MAC!!!

  18. sure glad you exempted your readers! I gotta’ PowerBook. I got it after spending – literally – hours on hold waiting for Dell customer service that I paid extra for.

    I’m not computer-literate enough to suffer with PC’s any longer. Apple actually helps you when you have a problem or can’t figure something out.

    customer service, what a concept!

  19. I love how people make the Apple vs. Microsoft fight into a battle of good versus evil. People, they’re just 2 companies trying to make money by selling you shit. Wake up!

  20. Diesel – I totally agree, which is why my answers were so ridiculous. That and the fact that the meme was obviously written by a Mac devotee, a PC user doesn’t really care, it’s just an appliance. Who gives a rat’s arse?

    You were, however, right on the money when you referred to it as Apple vs. MSoft rather than Mac vs. PC. Asking if you prefer Mac or PC is like asking if you prefer Chevies or Cars (a concept that seems to escape most Mac users), Macs being a brand whereas PC is just a generic term.

  21. ehem…I find it quite insulting for you to compare Apple MACIntosh to Chevies… 😛

  22. Claudia – Well that’s where we differ, I consider it a compliment!

  23. PS. That’s because I like Chevies. (I just realised that without clarification, my last comment could have sounded even more insulting than the original one!)

  24. Ah, well, in that case, oK!! 🙂

  25. You really made this a funny post and I love everyone’s comments. As an ‘elitist arsehole’ which of course I’m not because I hang out here! I’m a mac user because it’s idiot proof or so my son-i-l says and I still have problems. Using blogger is not as easy from my mac as it is from Beccy’s PC so why the heck am I buying another mac – because I stick with what I know, can’t cope with change and as long as I can keep blogging I’m happy!

  26. I like Chevies ’cause I like NASCAR and I’m totally a fan of Dale Ernhardt, Jr.

    I use a Mac ’cause after trying to build my own PC and having great frustration over the course of about 2 years I decided HELL with that ’cause it sure felt like hell.

    But I’m cool because Typepad thinks I’m a Cylon. And Cylons are soooooo cool.

    Is that random enough?

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