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Fun Monday orphan

I’m kinda out of the Fun Monday loop, having missed the last two on account of not having any interesting clothes, and now not knowing who is hosting it. I’ll catch up one day, but for now just I’ll show you what happens when your neighbour asks if his dad can put some stuff in your shed….


I’m happy do be able to help out, seeing as I rarely use that end of the shed anyway.


And as he just bought a property very close to me, I’m rapidly being outnumbered, so I better be neighbourly!

Now who knows what this is?….


There are no prizes for the correct answer, or for the incorrect answers either for that matter. Hell, I still haven’t even posted the last ones yet, and that was months ago (but I did go off the rails for a while, so I hope you forgive my tardiness).

Have a fun Monday. Did anyone notice my recent award?


24 Responses

  1. It’s one of those deals that do that thing on a farm. You know! That THING!

  2. lol..wasn’t sure what “it” was referring to… but I love the surrey!

    As far as I can tell it looks like a catwalk! lol

  3. It looks like a pokey, digging, cutting thing-a-ma-bob. And yes, that would be the technical name.

  4. Is it a radiator? A cattle guard to keep them from walking out of the fence? Absolutely no clue. Congrats on the award, by the way.

  5. Congrats on the award… my hubs would be all over your garage in two seconds flat.. i think that is his dream garage;) Have no clue what that last thing is…but for some reason I see it and think of rail road

  6. If you keep collecting awards at this rate you’ll need the shed cleared to hold them all!

  7. Do I see a small carriage in the first photo – that would be pulled by a horse? If so, that’s awesomely cool.

    And this Fun Monday was one of the easiest ever. Too bad you didn’t participate, b/c I was curious as to what your answers would be!

  8. some kind of a drying rack? too big for raisins I guess

  9. Dear willowtree. If you’re talking about the thing on the bottom, it looks like a cattle grid thingy. If you’re talking about the thing on the top, isn’t it a scythe? Aka the tool of the grim reaper? (By the way, if you want to watch a funny movie, you should watch Woody Allen’s SCOOP with Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson, and woody himself. The Grim Reaper also stars. my other fave grim reaper film is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey). OK enough babbling. Byeee!

  10. Hahaha props to beccy! I wonder if this second comment will make typepad thing I’m a robot trying to sell viagra and make you deposit money into my Nigerian account?

  11. Yep, it did. And no, I don’t have a Nigerian account. OK really leaving you alone now.

  12. Geeeez, that’s not a shed, Willow, that’s a freakin’ hangar!!

  13. a drying rack for grapes.

    I’m proud of you and your awards. =)

  14. That looks like the “shed” my grandfather used to park the grain truck and the combine in.

    I have no idea what that is. Is it an awards chest?

  15. I’m writing this before I read anyone elses comments. Embee and I think it might be one of those cattle grid things but we’re probably way off the mark !!

  16. Stephanie – technically you are correct, however…

    Katie – I didn’t ask you to name a county in the south east of England. BTW if you had left the out ‘e’ you would have been in Virginia.

    Nikki – not that thing-a-ma-bob, I meant the gizmo that’s under it.

    Sabrina – thank you.

    Wolfie – interesting you say that, cattle grids are normally made out of railway tracks. I’ll get a picture and post it for you.

    Beccy – Fortunately it’s a big shed, but even more fortunately, I’m the one awarding me the awards, so I can regulate their numbers.

    Tiff – there are actually two carriages in the picture, a sulky and a cart. (and yes, cart is the correct term, I’m not being silly).

    Pamela – close, but no cigar.

    LMM – do you have any Nigerian viagra?

    Claudia – It will hold a plane.

    Vicki – This is wine country, we don’t dry grapes here.

    Melissa – the shed was built for exactly that purpose ie. for a combine and a truck.

    ChrisB – You and embee need to go over and sit with the rest of the people who said cattle grid.

    Robin – Haven’t seen you for a while.

  17. It’s a bridge.

    Or a makeshift jail cell erected in the cold, dank basement of some raving lunatic.

  18. It’s something for harvesting or seperating crops, that’s as close as I can get.

    Or a really big washboard.

    Are they paying you rent, or some food-in-a-tube, or something?

    Love your new award! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  19. Is that last thing on wheels? I keep wanting to scroll up and down so I can see more!

    I noticed you changed your tag line. Nice. I really liked the other one, too.

  20. 1) I’ve been lying in a fetal position, thumb in mouth, recovering from the wicked 7-song music meme some sadist tagged me with…b/c I totally followed the rules and didn’t even mention extras in passing.

    2) I was just watching a new reality show, “24”, where some superhero agent guy is killed and resurrected over and over.

    3) …while giving myself a manicure, so now my nails are wet, so i’m typing
    v e r y slowly.

    4) Kitties shouldn’t do “that”! Shame on you!

    5) I saw a surrey, no fringe on the top…you must not be in Oklahoma.

    6) It looked like a fallen wall or gate to me.

    7) If I didn’t know better (and believe me, I do), I’d swear you missed me.

    8) I’m expecting you to return to Fun Monday next week with bells on. Or off. Just show up!

    9) Now that I’m on #9, I don’t wanna end on and odd number.

    10) Beep looks like she posed…she’s a calico kitty statue! At least her legs aren’t spread showing all her glory! She must be resisting Buddy’s instruction.

    11) Uh, oh, back on an odd #…if I had done these as individual comments, a) your comment count would be reaching new heights (ok, maybe not, but it would be a boatload) and b) TypePad woulda banned me for LIFE!

    12) Which I bet with this enumerated dissertation, you’re wishin’ for!

    Thank you and good night :).

  21. Robin – That’s more like it! I’m feelin’ the love.

    Gawilli – No it’s not on wheels, and no you can’t scroll, sorry.

    Kila – Actually, I said I didn’t want anything but they give me beef.

  22. Hmm, close on the rack but not quite there. It wouldn’t, by any chance, be the medieval torture kind of rack would it? The sort used to make people taller in an unpleasant sort of manner?

  23. Wow, can I move into your shed? It’s waaay bigger than my apartment. It could use some windows and a few Ikea throw rugs, but I could make it cozy.

    You do have Ikea, don’t you? I don’t know what I would do without the $1 breakfast.

  24. Dear willowtree. I could do. What’s it to you?

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