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Pretty classy eh?

Ok gang, time’s up (truth is it would have been up a while ago, but I had to go and take the picture). Put down your pens and pay attention.

For all of you who said it was one of these…


You’d be wrong… This isn’t the best example of a cattle grid as it’s no longer in use, but it was within walking distance so this is the one I chose. I did look on the net, but I couldn’t find one made out of railway track like this one.

So what is it then? Ok I’ll put it in perspective for you….


Still don’t get it? Ok then, it’s a wool classing table. Once the sheep has been shorn, the fleece is thrown onto a table like this and a wool classer determines general condition, fibre size and cleanliness, and a bunch of other stuff that I should know (seeing as my cousin is a wool classer) but I don’t. I’ve looked and looked and this is about the best picture I could find, sorry.

On another matter, a lot of you probably think that dogs are smarter than cattle, and while for the most part you would be correct, but when it involves my dogs, you would be wrong! The whole point of cattle grids is to stop the cows from getting out without having to close gates all the time. Cows are smart enough to know they can’t walk across a grid, not so my dogs…



20 Responses

  1. Oh, your poor sweet pea! Hope he is okay! I don’t know that my pups could handle the cattle guard any better. . They’re also really fun to try to ride a bicycle over (hazards of cycling in Texas, by the way)

  2. Sometimes I feel like a reeeeeaaaal city girl. Like now. Never heard of either one of those before.

    Yep, educational blogging at its finest!

  3. Dear willowtree. Sunday too far away and click go the shears mate. I thought you were talking about the thing ON the table. And I’m still p*ssing myself laffing at the picture of the pooches.

  4. Thanks for kind comments on my Sorrow post. I also don’t understand some American’s views on automatic weapons (and weapons in general for that matter). We make strides forward in one administration then lose all that we’ve gained in the next administration.

    On a lighter note….love the picture of your dogs on the cattle guard (what we call them in Arkansas). Jasper does the same thing on cattle guards around here. It is amazing he doesn’t fall all the way through since he is so little!!

  5. “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” say the uber cute puppy dogs.

  6. lol… Peter! 🙂

    Congrats on the award by the way!

    Poor puppies!

    How’s Beep settling in?

  7. OMG! That is absolutely freaking hysterical. I hope it’s not supposed to be sad, because I’ll be smiling about that pic and the looks on their faces all day!

  8. I was actually thinking it was a surry carriage although I knew a sulky is used for harness racing


  9. Ha! I totally would have guessed cattle grid. But then, I’m a rural Texas kind of girl.

  10. awww…. I think I saw that sheep thing on DIRTY JOBS!!!!

  11. shame on you throwing those dogs in there for a picture!! (hehe)

    Why do you have the wool table in a hangar??

  12. Educational. If I ever write a novel set on a ranch, you’ll be my go-to guy.

  13. Oh, goodness! That picture is too funny and too cute! My cousins had to teach me how to walk across the cattle guard during a family reunion years ago. Fun times. Somehow, I tried to cross the thing by side-stepping and got my whole leg stuck in between the bars. I learned, though. Now I just breeze right on across- even if I do have to look and make sure my feet are at a right angle to the bars first… as if they’d be anywhere else.

    I think my dogs can stay cattle-guard illiterate, though.

  14. Are they takin a nap? cause it looks to me like at least one of them was layin down… they are so cute;)

  15. I think my dogs would have been the same way. 🙂 When we built our house and the foundation was poured but that was all, I took my dogs out to look around. Well, my girl got a little too close to the edge and fell right over, into the basement. She hung by her leash for a moment but then the collar slipped off her head and down she went. It was muddy below, so even though she fell nine feet or more she was fine. The vet said she was one lucky dog and I should buy a lottery ticket. 🙂

    Sorry to ramble. Just thought I’d let you know that your dogs aren’t the onyl silly ones.

  16. Dear willowtree. Back again after a bottle of ukrainian shampanskoye. MmmmMmmm. Preemtping the hangover tomorrow and commenting tonight (although there’s no new post). I just realised – see the wall to the right of the pooches? We had those walls all around our school and we used to have races to see who could scale them the quickest OR get the best scab on their knee. Ah memories. Have to go, stomach ache (probably related to the fact they make wine from powder here, not grapes).

  17. PS. I love allllll of youssse. No, seriously, I realllly love allll of yousse. I mean it. there’s nothing like lovvvinggg all of youuusee. And there’s nothing like powdered champagne.

  18. Around here they just have to paint lines on the road to trick the cattle. (we have really stupid cows).

    Poor Buddy – he looks worse for wear then Bentley

  19. Well something else I’ve learned today. Love the picture of B&B (I assume no dogs were hurt in taking this picture!)

  20. My mil has a cattle grid, I still love walking over it!

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