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Now with home delivery.

I’ve mentioned before how both Bentley and Buddy (mostly Ben) have a fondness for cat shit. We call them kitty links (as in link sausages), or sometimes kitty pizzas depending on what the cats have been eating to produce them. By now you should realise that if we’ve come up with euphemisms for them it must be a fairly regular regular event. Well it used to be, but as Buzz and Booey are outdoor cats the boys have had to work for their treats, and quite often they have to go without because the cats poop outside the dog fence.

Anyway, all that changed with the arrival of Beep. Now the dogs are in seventh heaven as far a protein treats go. As Beep is an in door cat, there is now a constant supply of their favourite treat; home delivered fresh daily. But despite my best efforts to get rid of it as soon as practicable (no way do I go near freshly laid crap, that’s stuff is radioactive!), and my constant berating the dogs for pilfering the poo, it’s a losing battle!

Here are a few pics to give you an idea. First we have the two dogs claiming to be completely innocent, but while they swear they didn’t do it, their expressions give them away….

While Buddy’s chin has always been white, that greying on his jowls isn’t a sign of aging, it’s kitty litter dust.


Actually Bentley, you did a good pretty job of cleaning yourself up, but I think you may have missed a bit on your nose.

And Finally….

Check out the graphic I used to cover his scat (for those of you that may be having breakfast)…Uranus! Ha I kill me!!

Note** That picture of Bentley is actually from when Buzz and Booey were kittens and didn’t poop outside yet, his face is nearly all white now.  I haven’t been able to get the poop on him so far, but it’s only a matter of time….


21 Responses

  1. Wow, you made something completely gross really funny. I will spare your readers the incidents we’ve had with poop consumption, but I know this is a challenge to deal with!!!
    Gosh, your boys are SO cute!!!

  2. Dear willowtree. Well, here’s another award for you. It’s the LMM Millionth Page Load for the Day award (you’ll have to make your own graphic). Firstly, I checked up to remind myself what I wrote last night. Then I read your post. Then I made comments. Then I read the post a million more times because it cracked me up. And I just came here to read it again and lo and behold! Another whole new funny post. Uranus! Heehehehe! (Does Uranus have really have rings?)

    We kill you, you kill you! You kill me with laffing too. It’s been fun reading you today, willow’m’boy.

  3. Ew. If Uranus has rings then you aren’t scrubbing hard enough.

  4. In spite of the uber-disgusting content of this post (I knew I was in trouble with the first sentence :/), THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST PICTURE OF BUDDY I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

    You really shoulda had a “caption the photo” for this one…not a “we’re full of $#!+” tribute.

    Jenny’s vile today. Funny, but vile :).

  5. I knew I shouldn’t have read this so soon after lunch; but I’m still managing to laugh while supressing the desire to vomit. However, it has made me recall how when we had our dog the tortoises often used to dine on the poo piles if I didn’t get it cleared quickly enough!!

  6. Glad I wasn’t eating when I read that. I think all dogs have an affection for cat shit. It’s when they try to lick your face afterwards that gets kind of gross.

  7. DANG – I don’t think I ever got a picture of my dog’s with the litter on their nose. You know, Black labs have a much harder time hiding the fact that they’ve been “snooping” into the kitty litter. Grey just shows up so much better on black.

  8. Two nights ago that was an answer on Jeopardy. What is Uranus. I bet those writers struggled hard to come up with that one.

    I hate it when dogs eat cat poop. And then lick me.


  9. hmmm…so, you don’t have to clean kitty litter, but you do have dogs with catshit breath? conundrum…

  10. Uranus. Silly Silly Man.

  11. My husband figured that with our dog’s fondness for cat shit, we could save money on dog food. YUCK!

    I never can figure out why cats have to throw their litter out of their boxes when they are covering up their poop. I hate cleaning up that mess!

  12. ughh.. muph.. ewwww..muph

    we had some dogs and some cats when I was growing up and all for of the dogs would go after the cat shit everytime. Never had to clean the litter box out because of it. They had this sixth sense about when the cats were goin i swear they did, I never let them near my face with there mouths!!!

    pups are cute as always.. but can I say again..


  13. Uh, disgusting. Well done.

  14. Looks like Beep took some redecorating tips from Leo. Don’t call me if she starts unstuffing your sofa.

  15. I’m not sure what was worse. Reading this post while eating breakfast, or reading the comments afterwards, which I have to tell you were far more sick inducing.

  16. First of all, I can’t stop laughing at Jenny’s comment!!!!!!

    Second…GROSS. BLECH!

  17. can’t…..stop…… laughing……..

  18. My cat box has a roof.
    Looks like a little swiss chalet. ha ha

  19. Omg, I can’t stop reading and laughing.

    This reminds me of that old joke:

    What do the battlestar galactica and star wars have in common?

    They circle uranus searching for klingons.

    I’ve gotta stop reading for a while and go pee..or I’ll piss myself laughing.

  20. Dude, I’ve blogrolled you. Glad I found you via ree and simplyjenn.

  21. Oh my heck! This post is just too funny! I immediately noticed Uranus!! HA! Talk about funny comments! Oh geezz!

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