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Fun Monday #14

I finally caught up with the Fun Monday gang. This week it’s hosted by Robin, go there for the full list. It’s about bad hair days.


**Click it to reveal all its gruesome detail. (I’m pretty sure I made up Coiffury)

**Updated.. I just realised there may be a little confusion for those who haven’t been reading me for long. That Pastor guy isn’t the guy who married them, he’s my brother, as is the groom.


38 Responses


    JUST what I’m hoping for!!!

    Not gonna leave a long comment for now, I’ve got to post the Fun Monday links.

    Good gracious, I woulda NEVER started my “I am not a HO’ ” post if I knew I was going to be GONE after beginning it…

    Ok…I’m off to the races, it’s where I’ve been living lately…:/.

  2. I was going to say “love it love it love it” and then I saw Robin beat me to it.

    awwwww… you are on the far right. I think I matched you with about the same year on my post

    You look like a wild west guy… like wyatt earp or someone!!!!

  3. Great pic! Now which one are you? Mr. Cool? Are the three people on the left as freakishly tall as they look? Or are they wearing stilts?

  4. LOL at Pamela’s comment! I thought that one was you. You do look like a character from a Western, but I’m thinking more Wild Bill Hicock.

  5. wow…the bride looks like Helen Hunt!!

  6. Wow, a whole gang of folks with ah…unique hair styles, those were the days my friend.

  7. *muffled giggle* thats some serious hair..

  8. Gosh. Wow. That’s some really good stuff, WT! Whew! This is really, really good!!! Honestly, I’m speechless!

  9. WT, you really have embrace this challenge unlike some who have only posted nice pictures. Now I don’t feel so bad.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  10. Robin – Phew, I’m glad you decided against a long comment.

    Pamela and Jenni – Why thank ya ma’am.

    Jenni – They are tall, but not freakishly (all are over 6′), it just looks bad because my parents were freakishly short (mum was 5′ and I’m only 5’10”)

    Claudia – Hmmm, if you were describing her personality it would rhyme with that.

    MJD – Ah yes, the good old bad hair days.

    Wolfie – You think that hair is serious? Looks more like a joke to me!

    Sabrina – You need to stop sniffing the cleaning products.

    Beccy – Hey if you’re going to embarrass yourself, why be half arsed?

  11. Forgive me, but I thought I was looking at a family pic of the Bee Gees!

  12. Now that’s what I call a fun Monday! Bad hair pics. V. funny. Oh do I have some of those.

  13. Thanks for the clarification, I was unsure if you were Mr. Mushroom, the winner of this bad hair pic, or Mr. Cool. Of course, you were (are) Mr. Cool.

    Thanks , for the Jane Withers comment, you make me laugh.

  14. Well, everyone in the photo has really bad hair (‘cept Mr. Cool – he looks pretty good), so I’m really confused.

    Which one are you?

  15. Ahem, 5′ is not freakishly short. Anything over 6′ *is* freakishly tall. Yes, I am *just* under 5’4″, and yes, I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder.

  16. Hahahahahaahahah! Shoot, you could hide small animals in Mr. Mushrooms hair!

  17. Wow. I’m not even sure what to say.

  18. oooh, Willow, I am feelin’ the love there.. 😛 Family gatherings where people don’t like each other and have to smile pretty for the camera should be outlawed.

  19. I’ve got the giggle HARD today. oh my – that bride is FREAKING TALL!!! or else, your parents are REALLY Short.

    oh – and Buttercup’s hair – natural static

  20. Brilliant knew you would come up with the (goods) oops bads. Well actually not that bad there may be lots of it but it’s tidy looking. I see what they mean about looking like you came out of a Western.

  21. fantastic, willowtree. enidd would like to know how many toes you have…

  22. I think you’re the one on the far left right?

  23. That’s a might fine prehensile grip you got going there.

    I’ve joined in the Fun Monday. Have a look at mine. Maybe add me to your FM list, eh? Help a girl out?

  24. mightY fine.
    Shit, I can’t type for shit.

  25. The groom’s bad hair is similar to mine! And would your brother be horribly offended (the one on the far left) if he knew I thought he resembled David Koresh??

  26. I miss Fun Monday. I’ve had many bad hair days in my past… I’ll see if I can find something to post.

    Yes the hair is a travesty, but Mom (no offense) looks like she was hosed down with Pepto Bismol.

  27. Tiff – Offended? Definitely not, in fact he would be thrilled to be compared to Koresh, at least Koresh had some redeeming qualities.

    Marnie – Pepto Bismol, brilliant! (what’s pepto bismol?) Acutally I know what it is but the Aussies and Brits may not.

  28. I had to come back because I got hypnotized by the aliens on the wall paper.

  29. Your brother (the groom) looks like one of the Gibbs!

    Noice hair! I’m guessing 1974. Anywhere close?

    P.S. How much am I going to have to pay you to “forget” the REAL bad hair photo? Although, I know it was doctored…

  30. gmta…I’m thinking like Pamela (yet again). He does look like a one of the Gibbs brothers.

    Well, I guess it could be worse…couldn’t it?!? 😀

  31. Pamela – Isn’t that just the best wallpaper ever!

    Susan – Very close indeed, according to another photo that I found, it was 15th Sept 1973.
    PS. I wish I could forget that photo, sadly the image was seared into my brain.

  32. Now that is some BAD hair!!

  33. At first I guessed you were Mr. Mushroom, so I’m glad you clarified things. I totally dig your suit and long hair. Though, it almost appears that your vest is tucked into your pants.

  34. Those are great! I’ve been swinging through some of these bad hair day blogs and I think your’s is my fave so far, lol! And Mr. Cool looks like he could slip into a holster and onto a horse in the old west!

  35. Okay. You win the prize for bad hair blogger that looks most like one of my uncles.

    Do you need a sidebar button for that? I can get Marnie to whip one up for your awards section.

  36. I went back and looked, because Pajamela said the wallpaper looked like aliens. I’d just like to add: or vulvas. If someone is out there making vulva wallpaper, there’s a serious problem with Australian decorating.

    This is late enough that everyone will skip my comment right? Right.

  37. Dear willowtree. If you all sold your tresses, you’d have made quite a lot of money with those manes.

  38. So amusing! I love it!

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