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Looks like mass hysteria.

Warning: Rant Alert.
Opinion Expressed Alert.

Read at you own discretion, you have been forewarned.

(Don’t bother trying to click on the links, they are not links they are just underlined for readability.)

Let me start by saying congratulations to everyone nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award, but let me add that I still think they are full of shit. As well as a little presumptuous. As I wove my way through the Fun Monday posts, I came across a blog that had so much bling in the sidebars that I got tired of sitting and waiting for the picture of the bad hair to load. While it loaded I went and made breakfast (toast, eggs and coffee). Before you jump all over me and tell me it’s my fault because I can only get dialup here…I know that! This is not about all the garbage that people load their blogs with, its about this…

When I came back after eating breakfast (no shit!) the picture still hadn’t loaded so I started reading the previous post as it was text only and was already there. I was sort of amused to see this " [Redacted] has been nominated for the oh, so very prestigious and highly coveted Blogger’s Choice Awards.  It’s like the bloggy Pulitzer.  It’s that gold ring hanging out there that we all recognize as symbolizing greatness, but will always be out of reach for the likes of me". Exsqueeze me?! Are we talking about the same awards? Now If I had written that, you would know that it was hyperbole, but this was written in good faith.

Prestigious and coveted? How can they be, when they have only just been unleashed on a naive public for the first time this year?  Always out of the reach of the author? I doubt it. As far as ‘always’ goes, who knows if it will even be here next year? As for ‘being out of reach’, not so! All you have to do is nominate yourself then spend countless posts cajoling people to vote for you; just like all the blogs I found (while doing background for this post) were doing. Unless of course you were a catholic blog, then you rabidly harangued your readers with the threat that some heathen might win if you don’t vote (ah, brought back memories of when I used to go to church).

This whole award thing is getting out of hand, it’s fine if it’s just a simple show of appreciation, like the Thinking Blogger or the Perfect Post type awards. But this is just rampant commercialism and does no great service to the blogging community as a whole. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you look at what is written about it by supporting sites. I found these while looking for verification that this was the first time the awards have been held. I had to look further afield than I first thought, as Bloggers Choice had removed the reference to it being their first year from the ‘About’ page (which I had previously read), possibly in an effort to make them look prestigious and coveted.

From the Bloggers Choice itself: 
"This awards competition is sponsored by PayPerPost and our other advertisers."

From Quick Online tips:
We all love blog awards, and Blogger’s Choice Awards is another opportunity to showcase your blog to the world and get some free traffic and subscribers.
You can nominate your own blog or other favorite blogs in a range of popular categories, and also vote and comment on others blogs that have already been submitted. There are no restrictions to nominations, votes, or comments.
Make money online – Sign up for AdSense.

From Bloggers Blog:

PayPerPost has launched the Blogger’s Choice Awards
. Blogs can be nominated in dozens of categories including Best Blog of All Time, Best Animal Bloggers, Best Geek Blog…There’s also a bunch of badges available for nominated blogs.
We buy compelling stories, both original and reprints.

So please, spare me the bullshit about this crap being a reward for excellence.

Oh, and why am I taking this so personally and getting so steamed? Well because the second paragraph of the post in question said this:  "Which is why I really want [Redacted] to get it!  I think it’s time someone who doesn’t use profanity or go to extreme lengths to make other people look like complete idiots, someone who doesn’t intentionally set out to break every one of the ten commandments…every day…should win this thing.  It would be a message to the world that it doesn’t have to be vulgar or caustic for folks to find it funny."

Speaking as one who is both vulgar and caustic with a side order of profanity and commandment breaking, I naturally took offense (not at the author mind you, but at the sentiment). Take a look back through my archives, I have never spoken badly about what anyone believes or how they choose to live their lives (you may think I have, but you’ll be surprised to find that I don’t do that), so why do some people find it necessary validate themselves by attacking others.

And I never did get to see the photo.


29 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. I have broadband and the photos were taking forever to load so I left too. Bloggy pulitzer? I thought blogs were supposed to be the antithesis of pulitzer type stuff…

  2. WT I love your blunt speaking, honest, straight from the heart posts. In fact I think I just may go and nominate you for all sorts of awards right now!!! (Only joking).

    Btw, you did leave a comment just on the wrong post but don’t worry I knew which post it was for!

  3. WT, thanks for the rant and for reminding us what blogging is (should be!)all about!

  4. Hahaha! So very true! I hate blogs who have background music or too much pictures (that it takes 200 yrs for the damn page to load) — and especially those blogs that don’t use real English words or crapped-up spelling. Seriously, what’s the point if you can’t read the blog anyway???

  5. yeah, enidd agrees about the bling on the sides of blogs.

    but this best of blogs thing did look democratic (kind of, you have to register) – which is better than someone just deciding which is the best blog, cos it’s all just personal taste, isn’t it… ho hum, a serious enidd, that will never do. and one who isn’t working when she should be, better get back to it…

  6. Tellin’ it like it is.
    I love it!
    (now at least have a peek at my fun monday and tell me whatcha think).

  7. I’m with you WT!

  8. He,he, WT you are funny even when you are angry. Ah…I am sorry that you were nominated for this prestigious and coveted award.

    Seriously though, you made valid points. Hear, hear.

  9. I thought I knew where this came from, but when I went back to check just now, I didn’t find it. That means she either 1) saw this post of yours and removed it, or 2) I was simply mistaken. I did see the post mentioned, but since I saw roughly 12,000 posts, I can’t be certain.

    That being said….I h e a r ya; I’m familiar with your “position” on these things. I guess many bloggers, whether they realize it or not, are filling a void by blogging in the first place. Maybe it’s the first time in their lives they’ve found a community; perhaps it’s a writing outlet that provides them an interactive forum; or maybe blogging gives them a sense of accomplishment or leads them to feel that they’ve made a difference in somebody’s, anybody’s life.

    I know blogging feeds some kind of “appetite” I have; sometimes I’m very “hungry”, other times I’m quite “full” when I come to the table. In other words, sometimes I need validation or encouragement or friendly affirmation, other times, none of that matters and I’m writing to either remember something (because yes, my memory STINKS!) or to think through or process something, or strictly to entertain or rant. That last thing is the exhibitionist in me :).

    Anyway, obviously, I can’t speak for anyone else. But my thought when I read a post like that is the writer needs blogging at that moment; for w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r. reason, it affirms them. Sometimes it DOES seem like “spicier” blogs win everything (that sounds like such a whining child, sorry, lol, but it was the most concise way to say it, and now I’ve added this parenthetical, so it’s not concise at all), so for someone who’s a professing Christian or who doesn’t use any sarcasm, cynacism or profanity in their writing, it’s nice for them to be recognized.

    Okay, oops! I DID just remember where that came from; a writer, not talking about herself, one promoting a friend of hers…okay…lemme think. (I’m sorry, this is getting longer than you’d care to see…).

    She’s an on-line f.r.i.e.n.d. of mine. She uses hyperbole OFTEN to make a point. I have NEVER found her as mean-spirited, and even this post was written tongue-in-cheek. I see how you read her the way you did, took offense, but I’m confident if you read her regularly and interacted with her, you’d find her to be quite different than you do now.

    I’m not suggesting you become a bluddy (blog buddy) of hers…I’m not trying to change your mind. I am trying to paint a bit of a different picture for someone who I enjoy reading. It’s unfortunate that “this” is all you’ve seen :(.

    It’s a GREAT reminder that sometimes all you get is “one shot”…someone might pop in on your blog ONE day, for one post, and what is it that you’re going to come away with? Somehow that cultivates a sense of responsibility in me…and another reminder NOT to take other peeps’ ONE post and make complete assumptions about them.

    Ok…Peter, if this is too inappropriate to be left in your comments, please remove it (and forgive the intrusion)…I haven’t intended to co-opt your blog to defend anyone, rather I’m offering some thoughts that might not otherwise be expressed…I’m probably the only person who’s in relationship with her, I appreciate her, but what I’ve said doesn’t just have to do with one person–it’s my general thinking….

  10. I love it! Now I know I am not the only one who leaves long-ass (what does that mean?) comments on other people’s blogs. Thank you, Robin. I feel so much better.

    WT, I love vulgar and caustic with a side order of profanity. If this were a drive-thru, I’d be ordering the #2 special. Serve it up hot and steaming. We want to have it *your* way. (Oh I crack myself up!)

  11. I don’t care about the awards of any sort. I blog because I’m feeling chatty and want to express something, share something. If Peeps do not enjoy my blogs they do not have to visit. So what they think of me is never my concern.

    But, don’t you feel better for expressing yourself? 🙂

  12. I’m sorry, what was your point again?

  13. dang.

    I was having a hard time this morning dealing with Sheryl Crow’s announcement that we be limited to one square of TP per toilet visit, and now this?

  14. This is why my largest award is the coveted wild squirrel award. Because it means something, dammit.

  15. oh hell…I have cable and some pages still take time to load up! aggravates the piss out of me! however, I would love to see the coveted wild squirrel award on your site…

  16. Gee, who shat in your cornflakes today?

  17. Take a Midol and get over it woman.

    I refuse to clutter my sidebar with stuff… I only advertise Swampy’s fabulous-ness and the upcoming, and oh-so-prestigious, BlogEveryoneElse, which you are invited to, but only if you bring a BIG bottle of super-extra-strength Midol.

    I couldn’t bring myself to display the Thinking Stinking Blogger Award, because I have never made anyone think. I pride myself on my soul-sucking, completely mindless posts…

  18. I know where you’re coming from and even with broadband (basic level only) some blogs take forever to download and they have been known to crash safari. And I still go back for more!!

    pamela the loo paper restriction made our news as well – and where was I when I heard this on the radio!!!!!!

  19. I know not of whom you speak, but there was one website yesterday that would NEVER load pictures – so I never left a comment. Hmmm….

    Awards, Schmards – whatever. I’m just hoping to win some prizes.

  20. OH – and by the way – the Sheryl Crow thing – I think the Chemo went to her brain….

    Seriously – does she not menstruate? Oh – that’s right, she’s never given BIRTH so doesn’t know what happens AFTERWARDS. One sheet of TP – get bent, Sheryl. I used to like you (sorry WT – too much info. I should have just posted this instead. Maybe I will tomorrow)

  21. I know what you mean. I got “nominated”. When I get bored enough to comply with the nomination I’m going to blantantly start with “The Thinking Blogger Award- Oh, it’s another damn meme and there’s tagging involved…”

  22. Feel better now?

    I ditto Jenni’s “We want to have it *your* way.”

  23. Geez louise! Okay, I agree with you WT.
    Robin, WOW! Nice novel! 🙂
    Marnie, you have made me think. Promise ya!
    And I am with Karmyn, I never know who you are referring to. I feel out of the loop. Darn it!

  24. Damn

    I think i pissed myself…

    as if WT’s post wasn’t funny nough.. sorry WT… i know it was supposed to be a rant…

    it goes into TP and that time…

    ROLF.. dude
    you should post a warning…


    i busted a gut right as they picked up the phone. Not good..

    but really funny;)

  25. Well that’s just like you guys!! Take a well written, informative piece of blogging and turn it into a discussion about economical butt wiping and menstruation. You make me so proud!

  26. On that note…

    Willowtree, have a happy period.

  27. Must de-lurk to say thanks for this post! I was really wondering about those blogger choice awards I see EVERYWHERE right now. I didn’t research any where near as thoroughly as you did, but it did seem a little fishy that people were putting such stock in something that apparently anyone can be nominated for.
    I am one who is not all that interested in doing this as a blogging beauty contest and thought that I’d left that “vote for me so I feel popular” mentality in years behind. That’s not to say I don’t love strokes when I get ’em. But do I NEED to be awarded something randomly to be happy in this blogging world? Nah.

  28. Good gracious…THAT was a novel!

    Do I win a prize?

  29. Just a word of thanks. Your rant woke me up. I thought BCA was just a bit of fun, but I am a little wiser now. Thank you.

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