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So you want to think eh?

My bluddy* Jen pinged me with the Thinking Blogger Award…nannee,nannee,nannee, that’s about five times so far, and you bastards thought I was shallow! Well bum to to you!

So seeing as how I make you all think, how about thinking up a caption for this….


Too hard? boo hoo, try this one then…


Come on, don’t let me down, I went to great lengths to get these pics. Okay you got me, I just like pictures of trucks and I couldn’t figure out a way to make a post about it (even though it has been alleged that I can make a post out of thin air). But I did make an effort to get these pictures.

I noticed the truck as I was driving to Scone to buy supplies, and as I continued heading south I kept thinking that it would make a good post, what with those cars stacked on top of the squashed cars and all. So after about 5 miles, I decided to turn around and go back to get a picture. I assumed that as it was parked outside a truckstop that the driver was having something to eat, and if I didn’t go back then and there, I wouldn’t get another chance. So I went back and took the pictures and then continued with my journey South.

But sadly when I downloaded the pictures, it turned out to be just a truck parked on the side of the road. And to add time wasting insult to wasting petrol injury, it was still there when I came back a few hours later. But I’m nothing if not tenacious, so leave a damn caption! If someone does a really good one there will be a prize (maybe it will motivate me to finally send the prizes I already owe!)

Just so this post isn’t a total loss, here’s a GPP (gratuitous pet picture)…


OK, here’s another one…


Maybe just one more…


A few notes on the pet pictures:

First pic – It sends me crazy when he does this! He spends about 10 minutes arranging the pillows into a little mound before he finally settles down.

Second pic – Aww how cute, conjoined puppies. Notice the Hitler mustache that Bentley has? He gets that sometimes after he’s been on the trail of a wascally wabbit, he gets so intent on following the scent, he wears down the fur under his nose completely, sometimes it will even be bloody (there’s some tough grass around here)

Third pic – What is this cat doing? Actually he’s looking at the second picture, except he’s doing it in real time.

*(bluddy belongs to Robin who came up with it after Little Miss Moi got the ball rolling with blister and bliend)


28 Responses

  1. Captions are as follows:

    “The dis-evoloution of autos”


    “See? Totally biodegradable…sort of…”

    Seriously- I hate driving by trucks like that. Scares the crap out of me. I just know one of those cars is going to fall right on me someday.

    Love the pet pics. Glad you had fun with the post and the tagging!

  2. that truck looks like it’s coming to get you!! I like the pet pics best.

  3. Fuckwit Parking Lot.


    Dude. Where’s My Car?

    The GPP’s are brill. Love the first one once you explained his routine. My dog does that too, ‘cept he’s a border collie who’s about 5 times the size of that little guy. But he thinks he’s a lap dog.

  4. wanna go get smashed?

  5. oh wt.. that white car looks just like mine

  6. Hey Hey come back with my car.. i swear its not stolen

    cute pups dude they are funny

    kong.. our one and only little boy pup will spend hours scratchin at whatever he wants in what position..

  7. Hey Hey come back with my car.. i swear its not stolen

    cute pups dude they are funny

    kong.. our one and only little boy pup will spend hours scratchin at whatever he wants in what position..

  8. You’re making my brain hurt. How about gpp captions instead.

    1. “Ahh. Willowtree’s pillow. Delicious.”

    2. “C’mon, man. I said I was sorry about the pillow. Can you give us some privacy please? Bentley’s already got his costume on. Three minutes, tops.”

    3. “I’m totally pissing on their basket when they finish. Damn dogs.”

  9. Jen – Scares the scrap out of me too.

    Claudia – Yeah, scary truck pictures, oooh!

    TLG – The beagle does it too, in fact he’s even worse, many a time I’ve found all my blankets piled up in the middle of my bed after I gone to all the trouble of making it.

    Pamela – Thank you, at least someone is trying.

    Wolfie – it can drive you nuts but it’s funny.

    Melissa – you rock!

  10. Love pet pics, esp. # 1.

    Recently when I smack and fluff my pillow during the night Jake manages to leap on it before I can put my head back down. This is amazing since he’s the hardest sleeping dog I’ve ever known, usually has to be coaxed to wake up.

  11. (nope, don’t wanna’ think, I think thinking is over-rated)

  12. lol.. car – go

    love the pet pictures!!! 🙂

  13. Hah, I once again break my blog-reading hiatus (tis the last week of my working at my current job, was busy getting my new job which starts May 7) and I get treated to funny captions and gratuitous pet pictures. Awesome. I love stopping by this place 🙂

  14. enidd wishes stalin and fluffy would be half so sweet. do you have to bribe your dogs to get them to share a basket?

  15. Dear willowtree. How about this for the first picture.

    “Get off the highway you idiot, the turning circles on these articulated vehicles means you’re getting run over.”

    I refuse to comment on GPPs or GKPs, as I can’t resort to either myself.

    Oh and willowtree – love the fact that your blog is in the ‘blogs I read’ list on your sidebar! Did you just put that there so someone would notice and get a giggle? Cause I did.

  16. Those cars at the top of the pile make me think of cattle walking up to the slaughterhouse for some reason. . .
    Love your pups.
    So you have killer grass in Oz, too? Why am I not surprised. ..

  17. Hayden – I totally agree, what were you saying?

    Katie – You’re such a softie.

    James – If it weren’t for your weekly posts, I’d think you were abducted by aliens. Hang on a minute, it’s because of your weekly posts that I think you’ve been abducted by aliens. Good Luck at the new Salt Mine.

    Enidd – Willowtree wishes that Stalin was fluffy, then he would have been much sweeter. No, there’s no bribery involved, just a lack of adequate bedding.

    LMM – I have long since given up wondering if anyone would ever notice that! Well done!! Technically I do read it, because I always do a final proof after I’ve published.

    Sabrina – That’s probably because cattle trucks look remarkably similar to that truck, except cattle trucks are double-deckers. Normally there would be a cattle truck parked there, as they are the most common trucks around here.

  18. At last Mary-Jo found her car, she sighed thinking “next time I see that it will be a tuna can”.

  19. Parking Warden Brian just loves his job..

    (Great pics)

  20. Pictures of the cars

    “Looks like Money”

    We do that. We crush cars and take them to the scrap lot. Right now they are bringing 120 a ton. Money Money Money.

  21. I like the title ‘car – go’ by Katie. That made me laugh.

    I’m still not on the Fun Monday wist to da wight. *sniff sniff*

  22. Umm, you know I am not too clever on these things.

    Heavy Metal

  23. Dear willowtree. OK… bit pishy tonight, but no soviet champagne. Three 500mL, 50 cent beers in the park and some pork and *rosemary* (hey! it IS spring) and here I am feeling really proud because I elicited three exclamation marks from you in one comment. !!! that makes me feel warm an’ fuzzy inside (or maybe that’s the beer).

    But let’s get down to business…

    What would you do with a byelorusian who wants to ‘plant a tree’? In Byelorussia?

  24. :—)) (that’s a double chin from the big cheesy grin)

  25. “Evil Kinevil realises on his second attempt that he is better at motorbikes”

  26. I know it sounds stupid but all I can think is “Piggyback Centipede”.

  27. I have been back three times to think up a good caption but nothing witty comes to mind.
    Pet pictures are lovely doesn’t everyone make a nest before settling down!!
    I think you need an extra basket; I have one looking for a new home pity you’re so far away!!
    3rd pic kitty looks ready to pounce.

  28. I’ve just thought ‘hitching a ride is good for the environment’ I know lame isn’t it.

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