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Hey wait a minute!

The Australian Dept. of Immigration yesterday refused entry to Soop Dogg because he was deemed to be ‘not of good character’. Okay fine, we all know he’s a bonehead, but within the last three months both Condi Rice and Dick Cheney have been here, so how about showing some consistency eh?!

Since I have neither cable television nor a life, I’ve taken to buying DVDs of old crap. My collection includes Dragnet, the Cisco Kid, the Beverly Hillbillies and Bonanza, among many other TV shows as well as movies. Which brings me to my point; the other day I was watching Jack and the Beanstalk with Abbott and Costello** and was amazed at how real it was.

It’s starts out in real life and then somehow ends up as a fairytale, but I’m not sure how because I went and made a sandwich. Anyway, the real life bit was even more bizarre than the fairytale. It starts off with this guy who comes to take his girlfriend out, but the girlfriend couldn’t get a babysitter for, I think, her brother. So the guy says "Screw this, call the employment agency, we’ve got to get to the movie".

So she picks up the phone and the scene changes to the dimwits (aka Abbott and Costello) pulling up outside the employment agency with the skinny one telling the fat one he needs to get a job. As they walk inside the receptionist is on the phone and they overhear her saying "Sorry, we don’t have any babysitters". Now the skinny one (I’ve never bothered to find out which one is which because I’ve always hated them) says to her "Hey, my friend here is an experienced babysitter!" The receptionist tells the woman on the phone that all is saved, she has someone and she’ll send them around straight away. She then hangs up and asks them to fill out a form.

In case you got bored (like I did while watching it) and missed some of the plot, let me paraphrase it for you. Two guys in their mid forties walk into an employment office late at night and the receptionist, who has never seen them before, gives them the address of a kid who has been left on his own in Los Angeles and sends them around to ‘look after him’ .

Ah for the good old days where you could just leave your kid with any pair of old queers who just happened to show up.

** for those unfamiliar with Australian politics, the deputy leader of the Liberal party (our present government) is a guy called Peter Costello. This guy will most likely succeed John Howard as leader, thus making it feasible that he will one day be Prime Minister. Now his close ally from University days, and a senior member of the Liberal party is a guy called Tony Abbott. So yes, there is a very likely possibility that Australia could, in the near future, be run by Abbott and Costello. You can’t make this shit up!


15 Responses

  1. hahahahahaha – coincidence? I think not.

  2. Seriously? You guys can do that? Please come over here and kick some people out.

    I love that old t.v. shows are on dvd. I can never get enough of Bewitched and still watch it faithfully when I find it is on. Weekend mornings have been rerunning hours and hours of I Love Lucy

    My next plans for dvd box sets include Popular, DogWhisperer and The Young Riders.
    Oh for those golden days back when Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin were young, goofy, funny and non-famous celebs…

    I still have my Due South seasons to get through…

  3. Jen – Popular is one of my all time favourite shows! Due South is also another favourite. More recently I like Corner Gas. Also high up there are Scrubs and Arrested Development.

  4. To funny for words.. my hubs has that movie, put it in and I promptly fell asleep..

  5. Oh, classic. Such good material for the next Texafornada attack.

  6. Gosh, I can’t even imagine such a world (paragraph five).

    Your last paragraph made me laugh!

    My boys love watching Leave It To Beaver. Do you have that over there?

  7. Wait, what’s this personal time to watch movies you are talking about? You’re saying Dora and Diego (fucking rescue pack) are not in every tv show?

  8. well that’s better than larry, mo or curly, no?

  9. Funny Funny Man.

    I read to the end. =)

  10. I’m behind in just about everything you can be behind in. Apparently, I’ve lost my ability to construct a sensible sentence, too. Thought you might’ve been missing my obsequious comments, but it looks like you’ve had p l e n t y in my absence.

    I’m off to clean a toilet before I blog anymore….the Cheryl Crow comments elsewhere reminded me I’m behind on that kinda stuff, too :/.

  11. Abbott and Costello, that is similar to who runs things in the US…you know the two, Bush and Cheney, and their good friend Condi Rice.

  12. Robin – Was that meant to be ‘Ubiquitous’ rather than ‘Obsequious’?

    Kila – Haven’t seen any Beaver here for quite some time.

  13. Don’t mind me, I’m just checking someting

  14. 1) Both words fit, I’m stickin’ with the original;).

    2) I meant to say last time, “Isn’t it SNOOP????”.

    3) Can’t believe you were artificially inflating your comment count by “checking something”.

  15. Abbott and Costello, ha! That is great! (Last paragraph)

    Not really a lame post. Sometimes we need to read something we don’t have to think about too much. Oh, or is that just me?

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