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I’m doing my bit.

A while back, Robin and Swampy started this recycling thing, it had sidebar bling and everything! Well I didn’t sign up for it, but that’s not to say that I don’t recycle. In fact I’ve been an avid recycler for years (and not just my underwear either). On the Coast we have had separate bins for about 15 years and up here there’s a recycling facility about 10 minutes from here.

About every two or three weeks here is where I take all my paper, plastic and glass…


And as for plastic shopping bags, I don’t use them. I’ve had my own shopping bags for over three years now…


Those blue ones are insulated, which is a good thing, seeing as I have a 50 minute drive home from the shops and my car doesn’t have air conditioning.

Boy this sure was a lame post!


24 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. Might be lame, but you still managed to squeeze in a GPP. Which is very cute by the way.

  2. Love how the dawg is seemingly perched atop the bag.

    I too have my own shopping bags, and I almost always find myself in the shop with out them. *mutter mutter*
    I’ll get into the habit of remembering to take them in with me someday.

  3. oohhh love those shopping bags! Do they come in all colours?

  4. lol@ lame post.. I thought it was an interesting tidbit!

    I recycle!

  5. Buddy is King of the homegrown shopping bags!

    So you put crap on your side bar defaming cats AND glamorizing the Three Stooges (neither of which I thought possible) and DON’T put up the uber-cool recycling logo? Hmph >:(.

    Actually, I lost the logo during one of those times I re-loaded my old template and never recovered it. Maybe that’s why I’m not doing ALL the stuff I planned to do back in January :/. Dang it.

    btw, impressed with your bags…sincerely. That’s a simple step that, if many would try it, would be one more thing to steward the earth better.

  6. I’m impressed with the bags, too. I try to reuse the plastic and paper grocery bags as trash bags or bring the plastic bags to Walmart to be recycled, but there are just so many of them! All my bag-holder boxes are full, and the plastic bags creep out of the pantry and threaten to take over the kitchen. Plus, the folks at Dillon’s and Walmart use twice as many bags as necessary when sacking the groceries. It’s like they are afraid the bags, too, and concerned about the possibility they will take over the store. I liked it better when there was an Aldi nearby and I could pick up empty boxes and load my own groceries into them. Now I guess I’ll have to get some nifty totes. I haven’t seen good cloth bags around here, though.

    I took the recycling in yesterday. We finally have a recycling center in the tiny town nearby, so I don’t have to wait until I’m in Wichita to take it in. Recycling isn’t that popular in this part of the country yet and you can’t recycle as many things as you should be able to. If you ask where a recycling facility is, you’d better be prepared to have 9 out of 10 people look at you like you’re out of your mind.

    Hey, looky there! I wrote a whole post in your comment section. Now I don’t need to write one on my blog!

  7. I use those bags too. I hate when I forget them. And I thought when I looked at your post that the dog was driving. Which would, of course, be a whole new post on its own so silly me.

  8. I like those bags… My oldest is sitting next to me and really likes your kitty cat.. she keeps pointing at the picture sayin kitty cat right mom.. outside with the kitty cat.. LOL BTW my daughter loves it when i visit your site.. she loves all the pics and all the critters LOL

  9. So of course I had to scroll down for her to look at the pups;P

  10. not lame. I’ve had some of the resuable shopping bags and need to get some more. They do eventually wear out. (at least i think thats what happened to them)
    Our newspaper just announced that the city has not renewed it’s contract with the recycle company- I guess they wanted more $ like Rosie did, and instead is going to do it’s own. First we get annexed into the city, get a month of recycling, and now all the rules are changing. No more glass. We’ll have to separate that I’m just ticked.

  11. Dedication! Pure dedication.

  12. now I feel REALLY guilty about not using my own bags. I’ve got to start doing that. Yes. must.

  13. Is Buddy always king of the car? Or is he like, into yoga? I love Buddy. Buddy, I’m sending you vibes. I know you want to come to California.

  14. LMM – It’s not really my fault, it’s nearly impossible for me to get a picture without the dogs sticking their heads in!

    TLG – That’s an issue that takes a while to overcome. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit.

    Katie – Yes, I’ve got a few different colours, and thanks for the support, but it doesn’t make the post any less lame.

    Robin – Well that’s what you get for recycling your template.

    Jenni – Hey you better watch it, Robin might get jealous, she’s the queen of the encylopaedic comment.

    You raise a very good point – most packers use way too many plastic bags because they are scared of them breaking and dropping crap everywhere, then having to deal with irate shoppers. A fear that is well fonded given the poor quality of bag manufacturing.

    I can put eight 1.25lt coke bottles in one bag, the packers won’t put more than two in a plastic bag. Damn! now you’ve got me writing long comments!

    ToBear – What? Are you crazy? Bentley drive my car, no way! He lost his licence months ago.

    Wolfie – next week I’ll do a post just for your kids, nothing but cute critters.

    Pamela – Mine have lasted three years so far. As for the rules changing, exactly the same thing happened to me. I kid you not! about 6 months after I bought this place were were annexed into a different local council, then six months after that all the rules changed! Dumping my garbage used to be free, now I have to pay. Recycling is free though.

  15. Claudia – Yes you’re right, it was dedication at first, but like any habit, once it’s formed, it’s really not hard at all.

    Karmyn – Yes you must!

    Melissa – Buddy like to think he’s king of everything. He’s the Walter Mitty of the dogs world.

  16. Your life is different than mine, so it’s still interesting 😉

    Here we set our recycles out in a large bin once a week, and they are picked up by the “Waste Management” truck. We recycle at least as much as we throw away.

    I like your shopping bags. Folks around here just don’t do that yet. The plastic bags I get at the store I use as garbage can bags at home.

  17. I like those shopping bags. We recycle the plastic bags here, but I still want to get canvas bags and start using them.

  18. In Ireland you have to pay for plastic bags and all the money collected goes to an environmental fund. Therefore nearly everybody uses proper shopping bags and the clothes shop give out free paper bags which can then be recycled. We also have a green bin for paper, card, plastics, and tins and the bottle bank is a two minute drive away!

  19. I have done a couple of post on recycling and I use my own shopping bags. The trouble with our system is it’s a bit hit and miss. Some is collected from out home (cardboard and garden waste), plastic bottles have to go to a bank but other plastic containers cannot be recycled which I think is a terrible waste. Then they tell us they the consumers are not meeting EU targets. I wonder why!!!

  20. Your bags are great. Recycling here is relatively easy. The scavenger (garbage collectors) service provides us with a special bin. On Mondays,we set out the bin by the street with recycled goods such as cans, newspapers, and plastic bottles. During the day , the scavenger service empties the bin and hauls away the recyclables.

  21. Boy this is a lame comment.

  22. Jenny in KS, I’m not JEALOUS of the encyclopedic comment, I celebrate them! You go girl;)…my turn next!

  23. We have just begun to use our own bags since we recycle just about everything but the plastic grocery bags with a curbside service. Our next goal is to work on the compost side.

  24. Last year a neighbor moved away. He had a magnificent compost pile, and asked me if I wanted it. I demurred, a bit of back problems, climbing up his slope, packing out compost and packing it onto my place and down a slope was more than I was up to. He offered, I accepted.

    I’d heard tales of composting wars between him and another neighbor; trying to best each other on what they could bury. My friend composted old jeans and socks, but claimed my neighbor had also composted his underwear. Found thin strings of elastic and sifted them out.

    As he carted it in and poured it out I purred: “what all do you put in your compost?” He paused a bit and considered, then looked directly at me without flinching “doesn’t bear thinking about, but the plants grow well.”

    And they did. But I confined it to the ornamentals.

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