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Fun Monday #15

I Spy.

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Julie, but I’m not really sure how it works now because we’ve gone to Mr Linky. Anyway, we’re supposed to post a picture taken with our spy cameras. While I do have a spy camera, this photo wasn’t taken with it. It was taken quite some time ago, but it was taken with a long lens that allowed me to spy on this guy.

I took this picture whilst on a photographic outing that I wrote about in this post. ET and I took a walk around San Jose snapping interesting buildings until the police told us to move on (this was long before 9/11), but before they chased us away I managed to get this…


It’s not so much that the picture is all that interesting, it’s just that I was amazed to see a guy with an actual thought bubble above his head. You just don’t see that very often!

So, I imagine some of my regular readers are a bit disappointed with this effort, expecting something a little more crass from the old Dingo, well guys, this one’s for you. That one was taken at an Anzac Day picnic in San Fransisco.


19 Responses

  1. What a job. (maybe he’s praying for a new one).

  2. what is he – a toll booth guy or something???

  3. That is a depressing picture. One time a friend of ours was telling us that he was carpooling to work with a co-worker and when they went through the toll booth the guy said, “hi” to the toll booth dude. After they passed the booth he said to our friend, “They like it when you say ‘hi'” like he was talking about a dog liking a scratch behind the ear. Dealing with people who think that way about you really would suck.
    Worse than a cubicle.

    How ’bout a tag for another Meme (at your leisure.)

  4. wow, can enidd get speech balloons fitted to the man? much more fun than subtitles.

  5. Ha ha like this; I can see your mind wasn’t on the food at that picnic!!!

  6. uh huh…. I spy…. 🙂

  7. How nice of you to post of picture of me! The question is, which one is me? Is it toll booth guy or the girl digging out her snuggy?

  8. I like the second photo better. Not as depressing!

  9. Trust you to snap the second photo!

  10. Come on now, did you have to take a picture of me as I was picking the wedgie out of my butt?

  11. you picked a good one…

  12. good spyness!

    Hey! Next week It’s my turn again. Posting a view from front door and back door. Spring time view.

  13. He looks like he’s praying. Or willing a hemorrhoid to just go back in already.

  14. hmmm where can i get one?

    now the other… to funny. I am assuming they never did catch on that you took the pic cause you still have it? LOL

  15. I have felt like this poor guy on occasion and am SO grateful nobody had a spy camera…at least I don’t think they did.

  16. The first – you have to feel for the guy. Its got to be one of the most boring jobs ever.

    The second – how long did you have to wait to get a pic of a grab and a tug in the same photo?

  17. Why would folks in San Francisco have an Anzac day picnic?

    Yes, that photo is about what I expected 😉

  18. Poor guy.

    I couldn’t get the second picute to down load, but from the other comments left I guess it’s just as well?


  19. No comment from me? But I saw this e.a.r.l.y. yesterday. (I’m hearing Twilight Zone music). Thing is, I think I looked at it in Bloglines and planned on coming back later…oopsie! Either that or you axed an amazing comment.

    I’m thinking it was the former, ’cause I can’t remember what my comment was or woulda been or whatever!

    At this point, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said, BUT, reading your comments does make me wonder, does anyone have a spy picture of ME??!! Yikes! at the thought!!!

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