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A first attempt.

Ok, here my first attempt at posting a video (Mark, I didn’t say I couldn’t figure it out, I just said I hadn’t done it yet, I only got broadband yesterday arvo). I think the annoying clicking sound in the background is the autofocus, I’ve since disabled it. In case your interested, that’s an AFL game on the TV that you can hear. Also, it gets a little boring towards the end, but I couldn’t edit it as I don’t have Quicktime editing software installed yet. Anyway, by the time you finished reading this crap, the clip should be ready to go.

Well, what you you think?


Gratuitous Pet pics Pt 276

I’ve got a heap of pics and a few videos (that I’m trying to figure out how to upload) so here’s a couple to whet you appetites.


This photo looks static, but Belle is actually dragging Beau across the floor.


Belle doesn’t always look like Eyore when she’s eating.

What brought you here.

I was watching TV and had all but decided that I had nothing to say (and I can’t just keep posting puppie pics), so I would probably not post anything today. Then like a flash, I had an epiphany! Of course, why not use the refuge of the lazy blogger?

So without further meaningless prose whose sole purpose is to try to disguise this half-arsed, lazy post by adding paragraphs simply to make the post longer, let’s have a look at some of the searches that have found the Dingo over the last day or so.

It should come as no surprise , given the name of my blog, that there is a smattering of Barbie searches:

barbie bridge
"Barbie Woods"
Funny Barbie Stories –
Hey they’re all funny!
Barbie Bridges
put closes on barbies –
barbie fuck (cz) – 
Do you think he means the doll?
lest barbie (rus)
funny barbie stories
barbie guys –
I actually found a transsexual Barbie on the net a few days ago.

I don’t know who Barbie Bridge is, but there seems to be a few people looking for her. Perhaps I should have followed some of the links to find out…nah, I don’t really give a shit.

As usual there are a few looking for Dingoes (again due to the blog title) and other native animals:
what do dingos look like?Like dogs you moron.
bilby and how it got endangered
I need a time line of the dingo?Do you need it or not?
dingo got meMe too.

Then there’s normally a collection of esoteric stuff that I’m not sure how I got involved, but I’m sure there’s a reason:
sao biscuit vanilla slice recipe
Comet parts 3KV
pictures of cooperstown
black angus slang
so you think the world has troubles, eh?
you tube angel DAVID BOREANZ
shocking revelation

You can make up your own captions for those ones.

Occasionally you get a couple that you just have to say "WTF?":
mega burp erection
k-fed big penis pics

I have never done this where there hasn’t been at least a few searches for Pepe Le Peu. Ironically, the post that gets me into the search engine is about baseball (there’s a link in the sidebar if you’re interested, it’s called Play Ball):
pepe la peu
pepe la peu skunk

These next two are compliments of Mark, and I always get someone looking for doggie porn, in fact, I’ve included his comment as it formed part of the precis:
doggy porn (De)
www. canine porn .com…Yours are just too sweet-looking to be classified porn. Doggy porn…Puppy porn…canine porn…Hope those helps with the search engine. …

And finally, I’m so proud of these ones! As you can see I ranked number one in the search, and the first one had over a million results:
being Desperate for Love blogs (#1 of 1,370,000)
chicks with firm breasts (#1 0f 600,000)
spell plack (#1 of 5,500)

As I was typing this, the pup chewed through the speaker cables. I now have no sound until I join them back together tomorrow. Lucky it wasn’t the 240V cables.

Cute overload

Thought you might like to see how the newest members of the Willowtree family are getting on…



I’d write more, but Beep keeps walking across the keyboard, so I give up!

I really screwed up this time!

When it was my turn to host Fun Monday a couple of weeks ago (the Mug one), Heather left a comment saying she was in. Somehow with my computer problems at the time, I never added her to the list. She is obviously not a regular reader, as she didn’t post a comment whining and carrying on about being left out, like all of the regular readers would have.

So in an effort to make amends, could you please go and check out her post, it’s quite a good one.

My kind of football

It occurred to me recently that most of my readers aren’t from around here, and consequently may not be familiar with my kind of football. Oh wow, look at everyone saying "yeah, yeah we know all about your football", but you’re probably mistaken.

Maybe you’re thinking of this…


which is occasionally followed by this…


The first picture is a Scrum and the second picture is the celebration after scoring a Try. Both pictures are of Rugby League.

Or  you could be thinking of Rugby Union, where there’s a lot of this…


and even more of this…


The first picture is a Lineout and the second one is a Maul.

There are similarities between the two codes, both are a combination of Greco-Roman wrestling, Piggy in the middle and street fighting, and both are boring in the extreme. The most significant difference is that the belligerent, brain-dead buffoons in Rugby Union generally have University degrees, whereas the belligerent, brain-dead buffoons in Rugby League have criminal records. If you look closely at the photo of the Lineout, you’ll notice that the guy up in the air has actually been lifted up there by his team mates, using something similar to a reverse atomic wedgie.

All this is in stark contrast to the next series of photos. This sport used to be called  Australian Rules Football, but is now the Australian Football League (AFL), as it’s the only truly national code. In these pix, all of the guys have got in the air under their own steam, which makes for some thrilling footie…



Yes, you’re allowed to use the other guy to get up there, but coming down can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes…


They land on their heads more often than is good for them. So why do they do it? (aside from it being quite spectacular), if you catch it from a kick it’s called a Mark, and that means that you get a free kick where no-one can tackle you (like this guy is about to do)…


The guy in the red and white is on my team the Sydney Swans. Go Adam! So there you have it. If you are interested at all, and have the time, this is a very good link to explain the game.

Free samples..

Hey, look what they gave me at the Vet’s….


There was no photoshopping done here whatsoever, those are actually the colour of his eyes. He’s about five weeks old and was brought in by the ranger to be euthanased, but the vets asked me to take him (they know me). He’s so small he fits into the palm of my hand.


So Ferroll, looks like Africa is safe from kidnap for the time being.

Ok, I know everyone is saying "Are you crazy? You’ve already got too many damn pets!" Let me just say that I agree with you 100%. But…because Belle is so young, no-one wants to have anything to do with her (except me of course). Now she has a beau, which incidentally is what I’ve decided to call him…


So there ya go, Belle and Beau…


There is actually a method to my madness, now that I’ve had Beep up her for about 6 weeks, I know her personality pretty well. She is a solitary cat, and is happy to be curled up in her basket or in the sun all day. She still comes over for affection, but now that’s she’s feeling secure, it’s nowhere near as much as when she first got here. All of which makes her a perfect candidate for her original purpose i.e. to be MDW’s companion.

So I’ll be putting the moves on MDW when she comes up here in two weeks and try to get her to take Beep back with her. (I expect I’ll fail, but I’ll try anyway)