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It’s official, I really am Perfect!

It’s no secret that I’m an anti-award kinda guy, but once in a blue moon an award comes along that co-ordinates so well with my template I just can’t turn it down. Such was the case today. My (adoptive) big sister Pamela, author of The Dust Will Wait and commenter extraordinaire has seen fit to nominate me for the Perfect Post Award for April. While I’m still not convinced this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke, I just can’t turn down that colour scheme, and in truth I think it looks rather nice (a little small maybe).

I’d like to thank everyone involved in making this happen. Firstly Beeper, without you there would have been no post, seeing as the was a post about you…


Next I’d like to thank Buddy and Bentley. Without their friendly, welcoming natures and their undaunted persistence, the above photos would not have been possible.


Here’s what I mean…


Just over three weeks ago when Beep entered our lives, she would hiss and snarl and generally carry on on like a complete pineapple whenever the dogs were around (she belonged to a little old lady who kept her indoors). But the boys eventually calmed her down to the point where she is now comfortable with them.

Finally I’d like to thank Buzz and Booey for being such a pair of ungrateful, unsociable pricks, that they make Beep seem like an even better cat than she already is…


I know I went overboard on the GPPs, but I promised Wolfbaby I’d put some up for her kids.

PS. Did anyone else notice that Fun Monday was kind of quiet yesterday, or was it just me? I got more comments the day before on a post about shopping bags!


23 Responses

  1. Congratulations, and love to the fuzzy babies!!!

    Yep. I’m back. Howdy, y’all!


    2) Which post was it for?? You need to revise this one and link to it! (or is it just early and I missed it…).

    3) Awwwww, Pamela’s you’re adoptive big sis. Does she know this?

    4) “..she would hiss and snarl and generally carry on on like a complete pineapple…”

    me likey that line :).

    5) Yep, FM was more quiet than normal… Was it Mr. Linky? Heck, that makes it easier for everyone! Maybe people who don’t read Vicki didn’t totally get the spy theme? Maybe it’s FM fatigue? Maybe lots of peeps are just burning it at both ends… In other words, whatdoIknow? 🙂

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot…

    6) That picture of Buzz and Booey makes me wonder how you sleep at night…THEY look like a prickly pair of pineapples!

    7) Jenny in KS will like this comment…it meets the minimum verbiage for excessiveness……

  4. Congratulations on the award glad you didn’t turn it down!!
    Buddy and Bently look like a couple of presiding sages!!

  5. ha ha … Such an amazingly gracious and beautiful thank you speech! Congratulations!!

  6. “carry on like a complete pineapple”

    Totally my new favorite phrase.

  7. I would like to award Robin with the Perfect Comment Award in the category of Excessive Verbiage. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to make any sidebar bling for you to add to your blog.

    I did think about participating in Fun Monday, but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Was it a photo taken with a point and shoot–what Julie calls a spy camera? Or was it a sneaky shot? I’m not very good at sneaking up on people, but I would have had plenty of opportunities to take a photo like the one Julie posted. I did enjoy the photos I saw, especially WT’s, Enid’s, and Julie’s. I loved whole conversation that went with Enid’s pic, too.

    Does this make up for not commenting yesterday?

  8. my whole bloglines was quiet yesterday. It must have been something in the cyber-air

    Yes.. that perfect post button was made for your blog. A pink or purple one would have to be closer to your banner to fit it.

  9. FM was quieter and it was one of my fave Monday themes!

    I love it when cats sun themselves. It’s too cute.

  10. ahh but it was monday and a hot one at that!!! many of us in the midwest were just sitting there waiting for spring and what happens ? we get blasted with summer. I had to pry cookie monsters nose away from the screen… she loves your critters… “ahhh mommy n imals” yeah that is animals in toddler talk.. do you know how hard it is to type with her nose in the screen? to cute!! she loves it thank you!!

  11. With that color scheme, the award was definately meant for you.

    Your thank you to Buzz and Booey made me laugh. You could trade them for my loving black lab, who had me out in a thunderstorm at 1am looking for him.

  12. Boy! You were right about the Perfect Post color scheme matching your template – NICE! You couldn’t turn that one down. Oh yeah…congratulations, too!

    P.S. What do you mean you can’t remember the last time I posted? I should get the sour grapes award for failure to blog. I think I’m experiencing blog burn-out :/

  13. Many congrats on your latest award.

    I was also thinking the same about Fun Monday.

  14. I totally intended to comment on Fun Monday but that last picture left me speechless. All I could think was “at least she used both hands…” because somehow that looks better to me than people picking their arse with just one… but writing that as a comment seemed rather crass somehow…

    Love this post, though, and congrats on all of your awards. You’re really racking them up! I think the pics of Beep are great and I love how the dogs pose sitting so close together.

  15. I don’t think there is such a thing as too many GPPs!! I love the sequence of Beep stretching!! muy excellente senor!

  16. Yes, Fun Monday was quiet – but methinks that MAYBE the weird LINKY thing was to blame….I only had time to go and re-check twice to see if anyone else linked on.

    I like it better when everyone’s name is up there at once.

    Love the sun pictures. Cats always know the best places to sleep (and I’m sure the dogs just followed suite)

  17. 1) Thank you, KS Jenny…I humbly accept the Perfect Comment Award in the category of “Excessive Verbiage”. And since I’m techie impaired, too, I forgive you for not making some razzlin’ dazzlin’ sidebar bling to show for it.

    2) Also to KS Jenny, DID YOU NOT SEE MY LATE ADDITION TO FUN MONDAY (why would you have? lol)? It’s the most spylicious pic of the day, and should win an award from Vicki, Spy Queen.

    3) To WT (oops, I forgot where I was), I HATE TYPOS! I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE A TYPO IN MY COMMENT TO YOU!!

    4) Can you imagine Susan actually posting your “Sour Grapes” award on her sidebar? You’d have to do a little work on it, me thinks…don’t want The Inquisitor or Golden Boy to pick up any new words…;)

  18. Jenny stole my comment. Also, that’s total cat porn. I wholeheartedly approve.

  19. Congratulations!

    I’m officially in love with Buddy & Bentley. (The cat’s are cool too).

  20. Stephanie!!!! You’re back. Glad to see you. I hope you are getting back to normal after your recent sad loss.

    Robin – 1. Thankyou
    2. I pointed the sidebar bling to the post, as that’s what will be in view longer.
    3. She offered ages ago.
    4. It’s yours.
    5. I think it was a combination of a particularly slow day, Mr Linky and not being able to sign up until the actual day.
    6. I sleep fine, because they choose to sleep outside.
    7. Technically it’s ‘Jenni in KS will like these comments…”

    ChrisB – Are you calling my dogs a pair of herbs?

    Katie – Of course it was an amazing thankyou speech! You don’t get these awards for nuttin’ you know! And bein’ able to speek reel good is importunt.

    Jenny – You may have to share it with Robin, because I just gave it to her.

    Jenni – No, nothing will ever make up for you not commenting yesterday. Oh Okay, all is forgiven. I just can’t hold a grudge.

    Pamela – It really was quiet yesterday wasn’t it?

    Nikki – I think that’s the sad part, it was one of my favourite themes too. I thought there’d be lots of people having fun.

    Wolfie – I imagine it’s about as hard as typing with a cat walking on the keyboard.

    Kila – Ok, I’ll trade for the Lab.

    Susan – You’ll just have to embarrass your kids more often. I agree, the whole burnout thing is a problem, but at least the CPA stuff will slow down now.

    Beccy – Thanks.

    Jen – You’d be surprised how many awards you can have if you award them to yourself like I do!

    Claudia – Gracias.

    Karmyn – I agree with you, I like all the names up in advance, but I guess that could be done with Mr Linky too.

    Melissa – Yep, nothing beats a good pussy pic.

    TLG – Those guys are real charmers.

  21. Monday was “One Day Blog Silence” in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. Maybe that’s one of the reasons it was quiet.

  22. Great pictures! I particularly like the Beeper stretching sequence. Just purrrrfect!!

    I can’t seem to get back with the Fun Monday gang. Maybe I’ll join in again this coming Monday.

  23. Those are great pics!!! Very funny!

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