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Here’s your chance to ask WT.

Well, I’ve had quite a rude awakening today, and no, I don’t mean that a naked woman gave me a golden shower to get me out of bed. I mean I learned the folly of believing my own PR. According to my press release, I have an unlimited supply of perfectness, whereas the truth is much more mundane. As it  happens, I only seem to be perfect every now and then, and today it seems, is neither a now or a then.

So what do I do? Make up something funny? While that appears to be a viable solution, the problem is that I’m just not that creative, all my misadventures actually happen and I simply recount them. How about a picture of a dog or a cat, I don’t do that very often (snicker, snicker). Maybe I could write something profound?  Yeah I know, even I’m laughing at that!

So here it is. Here’s you chance to "Ask WillowTree." If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know, perhaps you have even asked before but have been ignored (I don’t normally answer questions) here’s your chance, but this offer is for a short time only because, while I’m fresh out of ideas now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.


18 Responses

  1. 1) What’s your shoe size?

    2) Out of all the countries you’ve lived, what’s your favorite and why?

    3) What’s your favorite U.S. State and why?

    4) What’s the most personal thing you’re willing to reveal to your blinions (blog minions)? Yeah, I KNOW you’ll tell us THAT…!

    5) Any life regrets?

    This has GOT to be the lamest list of questions I’ve ever seen…but at least it’s getting the ball rollin’……..

  2. why willowtree?

  3. I’d also like to know why you picked Willowtree. My kids would all like to know where you got that Barbie. Like, did you just happen to have a Barbie lying around or are you an avid Barbie collector or did you purposely go out and buy a Barbie for the picture? And while we’re on the subject of that picture, who’s the dog?

  4. Oh, and why are Barbie’s panties around her ankles?

  5. Boxers or briefs?

    How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

    “If train A was moving west at 60 miles an hour and train B………”

    Your most profound moment in life.

    What do you regret most?

  6. Do you have places you would like to visit/plan to visit??

    If you were granted three wishes what would they be…?

  7. Do you have places you would like to visit/plan to visit??

    If you were granted three wishes what would they be…?

  8. When did you first realize that you loved me?


    Ok real question…

    Out of all of your animals, who is your favorite?

    Come on, I know that’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite kid, but humour me.

  9. Where’d you go on your first date?

    Who was the girl?

    Are you and Marnie ever going to get back together? I can’t take the sadness of it all.

  10. I’m trying to think of something that I don’t already know….the entire YDW questions have been answered, reasons for a reclusiveness have been pretty well covered….

    okay – What is a moment in your life that you think “defined” you?

    How is that for deep?

  11. OH – and what’s your favorite meal?

  12. The reason there are no little WT’s or MDW’s????

    Who cooks when the two of you are together?

    When you are in town – do you eat out instead of cook? If so, what is your favorite restaurant.

    Why do you hate your brother?

    I’m much to inquisitive – so I gave you two easy ones in the middle so you could ignore the book ends.

  13. Oh, also. Can Buddy come live with me? Bentley too.

  14. Is this seriously all the questions? Jeez.

    What’s your favorite color?

    How many TV’s do you have?

    Milk: fresh, canned, or in a tube?

    Can a man with three cats be known as a “man with cats” or does this rule only apply to old ladies?

    Cake or pie?

    Canada: blight on the earth or acceptable because of Marnie’s existence?

    I can come back with more.

  15. How many fingers am I holding up?

  16. damn and i missed the opportunity to ask a WT unforgetable question..

    or is it that I am that unimaginative…

  17. ahh haaa

    name that most romantic moment?

  18. Wow. This is all starting to sound so soap opera-ish:
    –your simultaeous devotion to YDW, Marnie, and Beeper (a love quadrangle?);
    –your sad addiction to doggie porn;
    –and the recurrent nightmares you suffer after the dingo stole your Barbie. *shudder*

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